By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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Our Hocutt family came from Lichfield,England.Hocutt is a "frontier American" adaptation of the Howcott surname.

1.Edward Howcott b. abt. 1645 in Lichfield,England m. Mary
2.Edward Howcott b. abt. 1688 emigrated to America with his older brother,John Howcott
3.Edward Hocutt
4.Benjamin Hocutt m. Cynthia Richardson
5.Bryan Hocutt b. 1814 m. Nancy Wilder
6.Eliza Hocutt m. Joseph Wall
7.Mary Wall m. John Calvin Brackenridge Hocutt
8.Elmira Hocutt m. Joshua Edgar Corbett
9. Edgar Corbett Jr. m. Barbara Anne Bartels
10.Gary Stephen Corbett (Admin Note:lacking a Hocutt Y chromosome disqualifies me from being a donor for this project)

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.