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Welcome to the Höckert DNA Project

Surname Y-DNA testing and "Family Finder Test" are the newest tools available to genealogists!

  1. Surname Y-DNA tests allow genealogists to verify their father's father's...father's paternal ancestry. Surname DNA information can be very powerful when combined with traditional paper trails.
  2. The Family Finder test is designed to trace all of your ancestral lines (5 generations and beyond) using your autosomal DNA (Non Gender DNA passed on to you by both parents) in order to confidently identify relationships for five generations. This is different from mtDNA and Y–chromosome DNA tests, which are intended to clearly trace exclusively the direct maternal or paternal lines.

The following Hockert surname variations are all welcome in this project. There are also many Hockert male descendants that subscribed to patrilineal naming traditions.  Any descendants of these people will be helpful to fill out Lineages, Prove/disprove Lineages or link lost family Branches in the Y-DNA Project.

Other known surnames in this line are:

Wåhlstrand/Vårdstrand, Höckert/Hockert, Andersson, Jonsson/Jonasson


Sven Jonsson Höckert

The earliest known ancestor of our only member is Sven Jonsson Höckert who was born March 9, 1785 in Tyllinge, Dalhem. He joined the Swedish army in 1808 and became Livgrenadjör (Grenadier) at the Kungliga Första Livgrenadjärregementet in the Kinda Municipality. Soldattorp called Kåven. He died January 3, 1859 in Höckersborg, Höckhults estate, Horn from chest fever. He was married on January 4, 1810 to Elisabeth Charlotta Andersdotter who was born June 30, 1788 in Horn and died April 29, 1854 in Höckersborg, Höckhults estate, Horn.

Sven was the son of Jonas Wåhlstrand who was the Bailiff (Befallningsman or Betjänt) of Tyllinge for the Baron Sven Johan Duvall (born 1746). The Baron was also godfather to Sven.

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