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 By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Andrew Hester b 1538 Germany d 1558 Juddonham, Suffolk, England - Teresa Barfield [cinnamonandsage AT]
    • John Hester Sr. b 1552 Juddonham, Suffolk, England d 1592 Juddonham, Suffolk, England m Emma Taylor
      • John Hester Jr. b 1578 Juddonham, Suffolk, England d 1625 Juddonham, Suffolk, England m Ann Beale
        • William Hester b Oxon, England d 1688 Oxon, England m Joyce
          • Francis Hester b 23 Nov 1664 Oxfordshire, England d 1720 Louisa, VA m Elizabeth Garland
            • Thomas Hester Sr. b 1715 London, England d 1785 Bladen Co., NC m Sarah
              • Jasper Hester Sr. b 1760 Bladen Co., NC d 1830 Bladen Co., NC m Nancy Redding
                • Stephen Braxton Hester Sr. b c1784 NC - John R. Drew II [trawickmd AT] H-13 142341
                  • Stephen Broxton Hester Jr. b 11 Apr 1811 Laurens Co., GA m2 Charlotte Stewart - Samuel B. Hester Jr. [welch1231 AT]
                    • Eli Stephen Hester b 10 Oct 1854 Laurens Co., GA m2 Rachel Elizabeth Spivey H-12 142342
                • Jasper Hester Jr. b 3 Mar 1785 Bladen Co., NC d 5 Jan 1854 Bladen Co., NC m Keziah Singletary
                  • David Hester b 1808 Bladen Co., NC d 1896 Bladen Co., NC m1 Mary Edith Brisson m2 Rachael Pait
                    • David Asberry Hester b c1855 Bladen Co., NC d 2 May 1933 Cumberland Co. NC m Amantha (Martha) Taylor
                      • Lonnie Hester b 1879 Bladen Co., NC d 1955 Cumberland Co., NC m Delphia Jane
                        • Charlie Edison Hester b 14 Nov 1901 d 1996 m Lillian Maude Champion
  • Andrew Hester, 1538, Germany, m. Mary Andrews -Tim [workmantg AT]
    • John Hester, 1552, Juddonham, Suffolk, England, m. Emma Taylor
      • John Hester, 1576, Juddonham, Suffolk, England m., Ann Beal
        • William Hester, 1598, Oxfordshire, England, m. Joyce Garland
          • Francis Hester, 1664, Oxfordshire, England, m. Garland
            • Robert Hester, 1686, VA, m. Rachel McAllister
              • William Hester, 1716, NC, m. Mary Wicker or Mayfield or Sarah North
                • Robert Hester, 1741, NC, m. Elizabeth Norman (Normand)
                  • Francis Hester, 1767, NC, m. Hodgeson
                    • William Hester, 1811, OH, m. Underwood
                      • Charles Hester, 1831, IL,  m.Seamans
                        • William Hector Hester, 1856, IN, m. Ella Ruth Caldwell
                          • Charles C. Hester, 1889, IA, m. Markum B173352
  • A. Hester Granville Co., NC - CarolineReid [sorell AT]
    • John Hester b. 1780 d.? m. Mary I. Whitfield
      • Benjamin Buxton Hester b 1811 d. 1892, m. Charity Lawrence
        • William Stephen Hester b. 1831 Granville Co. NC, m. Melissa Frances Crews
          • Leonora M. Hester b.1859 d. 1918 Granville Co NC m.Rufus Judson Aiken
            • Lucile Aiken b.1885, d. 1970, Durham NC, m Joseph Penn Breedlove 120125
  • John/James/Jacob Hester b 1729/30 London d PA m Abigail Wright - Bill Hester [dr.william.hester AT]
    • John Hester b 11 Jun 1765 PA m Margaret Gilbert
      • Henry Hester b 28 Feb 1797 Fleming Co., KY d 8 Sep 1854 m Sarah Griffith
        • John Kenton Hester b 26 Aug 1821 Fleming Co., KY d 28 Jan 1895 Robertson Co., KY m Susan Jane Mitchell
  • John Christian Hester b 1738 d 1785 Co Hanover Germany - John Hester [johnmhester AT]
    • Matthias Hester b 7-04-1766 d 11-22-1823 m Susannah Huckleberry
      • Uriah AV Hester b 9-1816 d 9-20-1893 H-7 N44338
  • Robert Hester b. about 1739 in Berkshire (Ithink) m. Mary Price -Anne Harse [anneharse1 At]
    • Thomas Hester b. 1763 in  Berkswell
      • Thomas Hester b.1789 in London
        • Edward Hester b.1820 in St Pierre Calais France
          • Godfrey Hester b. 1857 in Western Australia
            • Reginald Hester b1900  Western Australia  496432
  • Robert Hester, b.  about 1750   North Carolina - Sherry Hester Patterson [gmp51 AT]
    • William H. Hester, b. 27 January 1780 NC, m Amy Malone
      • William H. Hester, Jr., b 25 March 1818 Franklin County, AL, m Malissa Lindsey
        • William Pinkney Hester, b  20 June 1843 Franklin County, AL, m Juda Waites
          • Noble H. Hester, b 20 March 1875 Franklin County, AL, m Elizabeth Permelia Hovater
            • Eugene McKinley Hester, b 26 July 1900 Franklin County, AL, m Dora Annie Hester B6532
  • Elijah Hester b 1787 Granville Co., NC d 1872 Madison Co., MS - C.D. Hester [dhester AT] H-2 29308
  • Randolph Hester b 1790 Granville Co., NC d 1851 Union Parish, LA H-1 29299
  • Henry Hesters b c1820 GA m1 Leah m2 Zaney Rebecca Thomas - Hester46 [mspat46 AT]
    • William H. Hesters b 1848
    • Henry A. Hesters b c1849 GA m Delilah
    • Margaret E. Hesters b 1852 GA
    • Mary Ann Zaney Hesters b 1871 GA
    • Hazel Alexander Hesters b 1873 GA
    • James Monroe Hesters b 1877 d 1934 GA m Estelle Ellis
    • Leah Hesters b 1878 GA
    • Cynthia Hesters b 1881 GA
  • Richard Hester, b before 1840, m Margaret Finnley - thester [thester AT]
    • Richard Ernest Hester, b 1858, m Mary Magdaline Davidson
      • Saley L. Hester, b c1872
      • John Hester, b c1873 H-3 40568
  • John Franklin Hester b 20 Aug 1876 AL d 24 Sept 1925 m Cora Lee Flanagan - JUDYHESTER [johnhester AT]
    • Esker Pinkney b 1903 Lafayette Co., MS
    • John William b 11 Feb 1905 Lafayette Co., MS
    • Charles Cleveland b 17 Jan 1907
    • Elmer Lee b 12 Sept 1913 Winters, TX 88864
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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