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The Herring DNA Project


This DNA Project is open to those in a direct paternal line to the surname Herring or its many variants -- Herron, Herran, Herren, Herrin, Hairun, Hairron, Heiron, Heroun, Hearon, Haring, Hering, Herringe, Harring, Heuring,Hern, Herne, Hearn, Hearne, etc.

The Herring DNA Project is for all who wish to work together to find their common heritage through DNA testing and sharing of information.  All variant spellings are welcome. Our individual members hope to make contact with others who are related in order to expand their family genealogies. Besides identifying the connections between the Herring family groups we also want to differentiate the British, Irish and Germanic families. We especially encourage documented descendants of the Herring line as listed in the “Herring Highlights” series of books (ancestors of John Herring who migrated to Virginia in 1642) to be y-DNA tested to help verify “suspected” family members. In addition, we want to be open-minded and recognize and explore any other possibilities as they present themselves in our ongoing project.  Please contact the Group Administrator in order to join the project stating your connection to a Herring family lineage.

In short, we'd like to welcome all interested Herring family members to join the project.

Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists.  These tests help genealogists verify their ancestry in a quick and easy way.  The DNA tests that are used in this project are cutting edge and new, proven tests are added as they become available.  For more information, please click the block below for ordering a test.

By joining the project, you will receive special pricing for any dna tests you order using Family Tree DNA labs.

This Family Project was started to:

1. Help researchers of common or related families work together to find their common heritage  (See the Patriarch Page)

2. Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile them and their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches

Feel free to post anything that pertains to Herring genealogy, Herring DNA research, or to a specific Herring family. By going to the "Forum" section and registering, you can post your family and we will add it to the Patriarchs list. If your Surname spelling is missing, we can add it. Just follow the directions listed there.  If you encounter a problem; please contact the Project Administrator listed below or if you desire more information.

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For more information on the relationship between DNA testing and traditional genealogy, visit World Families Network.


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