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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • John Herndon, b 1565, m Colita Knisinton - Bob [suthernborn AT]
    • John Herndon, b 1596, m Mary McGregor
      • William Herndon, b 1620, m Ann Bishop
  • John Herndon b. 1565 County Kent, England m. Colita Kinsinton-Brian Herndon [bherndon At]
    • John Herndon b. 1596 England m. Mary McGregor
      • William Herndon b. 1620 m. Ann Bishop
        • William Herndon b. 1649 m. Catherine Digges
          • Edward Herndon b. 1678 VA, USA m. Mary Elizabeth Waller
            • James C Herndon b. 1716 VA, USA m. Valentine Haley
              • Lewis Herndon b. 1738 VA, USA m. Frances “Fanny” Thompson
                • Elijah Herndon b. 1774 VA, USA m. Catherine
                  • James Herndon b. 1801 KY, USA m. Mary Elizabeth Tarvin
                    • Elisha P. Herndon b. 1834 KY, USA m. Martha Jane Colvin
                      • William Hayman Herndon b. 1857 KY, USA m. Eva Lee Paden
                        • Irwin Minor Herndon b. 1889 KY, USA m. Louise F Tilghman B207244
  • William Herndon, arrived in America 1639, m Catherine Diggs - Carol01 [cwolfe AT]
    • Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Herndon, b.1747 or 1749 Fredericksburg, VA, m Sarah Pines
      • Frances Herndon, b.1776, m Daniel McKie
        • Nathaniel Green McKie, b. 1805, m Mary Smith
          • Sarah McKie, b.1850, m Edward H. Pressley
            • Edward W. Pressley, b.1869, m Burmah Messer
              • Burmah Elizabeth Pressley, m Hubert H. Cartwright, MD
  • William Herndon, b.1649 Tenterdon, Eng, m Catherine Digges - Jerry Herndon [jerryherndon AT]
    • Edward Herndon,  b.1678 New Kent Co. VA. m Mary Elizabeth Waller
      • William Herndon, b.1706 King & Queen Co. VA m.Ann Drysdale
        • Joseph Herndon,  b.1739 Caroline Co., VA  m Polly Elliott
          • Reuben Herndon, b.1765 Goochland Co., VA m Hannah Long
            • Jesse Herndon,  b.1796 Pittsylvania Co., VA m Nancy Shelton
              • Doctor Aaron Herndon, b.1847 Washington Co., VA  m Sarah Catherine Fields
                • Joseph Edward Herndon b.1903 Washington Co., VA m Leona Coretta Crane  N11361
  • Joseph Herndon, m Susannah Haislip - Kenneth Edward Guard []
    • James H. Herndon, b c1801 Fluvannah, VA, m Frances S. Haislip 
      • Mary W. Herndon b c1831
      • Lucy W. Herndon b c1832
      • Susan C. Haislip b c1833 or possibly as early as 1825
      • John M. Herndon b c1834
      • Ann J. Herndon aka Ann H. J. Herndon, b c1835,unverified exact date of birth 08/14/1835
      • Eviline J. herndon b c1835
      • Sarah F. Herndon b c1838
  • William Randolf Herndon b.1880 d.1923 KY m.Hattie Mae Saunders - Michelle [mikey4fingers AT]
    • Thomas Herndon, b 2 Mar 1902 Dallas TX d 7 May 1981 m Leontine Elnor Pelton

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