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 By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Henry Harland b 1522 England - William Frank Harlin Jr. [alison.dinardo AT]
    • Robert Harland b 1546 England m Beatrice Ireland
      • James Harland b 1580 England m Maude Ireland
        • William Harland b 1594 England m Deborah Seamon
          • James Harland b 1625 England m Rebecca Kirke
            • George Harland b 1650 Durham, England m Elizabeth Duck
              • Aaron Harland b 24 Oct 1685 Donnahlong, Down, Ireland m Sarah Heald
                • Samuel Harland b 1722 Kennett Township, Chester, PA m Elizabeth Hollingsworth
                  • George Harlan b 1755 Chatham, NC m Rebecca Bogan
                    • Samuel Harlan b 31 May 1778 Union Dist., SC m Nancy Fitzpatrick
                      • John Curtis Harlin b 14 Jul 1816 Gamaliel, Monroe, KY m Mary P. Meador
                        • Varney Silas Harlin b 11 Nov 1854 Macon, TN m Sarah E. Stringer
                          • Oliver Ewing Harlin b 22 Nov 1879 Hillsboro, Hill, TX m Nora Frank James
                            • William Frank Harlin b 6 Feb 1904 Temple, Cotton, OK m Winifred Ruth Abbott H-7  73471
              • James Harlan b Aug 19, 1692 County Down, Ulster, Ireland
                • ​George Harlan b Feb 22, 1719 Kennett, Chester County, PA
                  • ​James Harlan b Sept 8, 1755 Berkeley, James County, VA
                    • ​Elijah Harlan b Apr 5, 1792 Mercer Co. KY
                      • ​James L. Harlan, b Dec 26, 1828 Danville Boyle Co. KY
                        • ​Joseph M. Harlan b Oct 3, 1865 Boyle Co. KY
                          • ​Joseph W. Harlan b Feb 23, 1896 Tarkio, Atchison Co. MO H-10  104974
  • William Harland (from tradition)
    • James Harland, b c1625, Bishoprick, England
      • Thomas, b nigh Durham, England, m 1680, Katherine Bulloch & Alice Foster (m both in Armagh)
        • Annianas
        • James
        • Thomas
      • George Harlan, chr 11 Jan 1650, Bishoprick, nigh Durham, England, m Elizabeth Duck  - John Harlan H-1 35186
        • Ezekiel
        • Moses
        •  Aaron, b 24 Oct 1685, Parish of Donnahlong, Co Down, Ulster, Ireland, m Sarah Heald
          • Aaron, b c1724, Kennet Twp, Chester PA, m Sarah Hollingsworth
            • Aaron, b c1752, Kennet Twp, Chester PA, m Elizabeth Stuart
              • Joseph, b 18 Feb 1796, Laurens Dist SC, m Delilah Burke
                •  Alpheus, b 1 Aug 1830, Laurens Dist SC, m Margaret H Powell
                  • Mary Jane, b 1866, Milam Co TX, m JJ Barton - Terry Barton [terry AT worldfamilies .net]
        • James
        • Joshua
      • Michael, b c 1660, nigh Durham, England, m Dinah Dixon
        • George
        • Thomas
        • Stephen
        • Michael
        • Solomon
        • James
  • Albert Robert Harland, b c1836, England, m Elizabeth Jane Williams - Joe Harland [joe_harland AT]
    • John William [Joseph] Harland, b 07 AUG 1868, Boston, MA, m Margaret Marie Foley
      • Elizabeth Marie Harland, b 06 JAN 1892, Boston, MA, m Vincent Stephen Cahill
      • Albert Leo Harland, b 18 AUG 1894, Boston, MA, m Gertrude McGlinchy
      • Raymond Francis Harland, b. 19 JAN 1897, Boston, MA, m1 Kathleen F. Cronin, m2 Gladys Louella Gibbs
    • Albert James Harland, b 25 AUG 1870, Boston, MA, d 05 MAY 1881 H-2 N14509
---------------- Pedigrees with no yDNA Test ----------------
  • Betsy Harland, m. Thomas Crooks - David Carr [artdcuk AT]
  • Sarah Crooks  b. 1833 Driffield E. Yorkshire m. Francis Carr
  • Jeremiah Harland m Isabella Robinson Aycliffe Durham - Glenys [gellwood73 AT]
    • Ambrose Sylvester Harland b Willington Durham
      • Thomas Valentine Florian harland b Willington Durham d WW1 POW 1914 m Loisa BrownsonCrook Durham
        • Oliver John Davison harland b Willington Durham m Hilda Winefred Jones Born truddyn North Wales


Dennis Harland b c1900 d 1968 Birtley Tyne & Wear m Elizabeth - Doreen 


John Harlin b Stockholm, Sweden d NJ or NY m Louise Bernadotte Anderson - Linda Lea Christ [llchrist AT] 




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