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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.Ê We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page. We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

  • Henry Halstead b bef 1564 England - vahalstead [jhalst4 AT]
    • Nathan Halstead b bef 1585 England
      • Henry Halstead b c1626 England
        • Simon Halstead b c1656 VA
          • Drew Halstead b 1692 VA
            • John Halstead b c1725 NC
              • Andrew "Drew" Halstead b 1770 NC
                • Lattimore Halstead b 1805 NC
                  • Samuel Jennings Halstead b 11 Sep 1831 NC
                    • William Bartholomew Halstead b 10 Jun 1860 NC
                      • Gaston Arthur Halstead b 25 Aug 1902 NC H-5 
  • Jonas Halstead b 2/23/1611 Yorkshire, England - romero89 [romero89 AT]
    • Timothy A. Halstead b 1633, Northowram, England
      • Joseph Halstead b 9/12/1665, Long Island, NY
        • Richard Halstead b 1700, Long Island, NY
          • Isiah Halstead b 3/11/1738 Pittston, PA
            • Samuel Halstead b 12/7/1762 Orange Co., NY
              • Elemuel Halstead b 1/19/1783 Orange, NY
                • Samuel L. Halstead/Hallstead b 10/18/1809 Luzerne, PA
                  • John Francis (Frank) Hallstead/Halstead b 1834 Susquehanna, PA
                    • Theodore Chester Hallstead b 12/18/1867 Mitchell Co. IA
                      • Donald Harry Hallstead Sr. b 6/15/1889 West Union, IA H-1 
  • Samuel Halstead b c1705 (son of Joseph b 1665) - Eleanor Halstead [egh00111 AT] HA-1
    • Thomas Halstead b 1735
      • Jacob Halstead b c1770/1776 Pittstown, NY
        • Thomas Halstead b 1834 Colchester, Essex, Ontario, Canada
          • Levi "Lee" Halstead b1886 Little Rock, AR 
  • Andrew Jackson Holstead b c1820 m2 Elizabeth Giddens - Raymond D Holstead [rholstead AT]
    • Andrew Thomas Holstead b 6-7-1859, GA m Paulina Jane Hearn
      • Dayton Raymond Holstead b 10-30-1898 m Mary Commeller Chandler H-2  
  • Abraham Halsted, Sr., b c1570 prob Lancshire, England m Susan (Sarah) Whitley - Benjamin Donald Halsted [BenWaggi AT]
    • Jonas Halsted b c1613 m Sara Susan Butterfield
      • Timoithy Halsted Sr. m Hannah Williams
        • Timothy Halsted b c1658 Hempstead, Long Island, NY m Abigail Carmen
          • Caleb Halsted Sr. b c1689 Hempstead, Long Island, NY m Jean Pearsall
            • Caleb Halsted Jr. b 8 July 1721, Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ m Rebecca Ogden
              • Jonathan Halsted b 21 December 1769, Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ m Isabella Neil
                • Benjamin Hawkins Halsted b c1834 Fort Wilkinson, Midgeville, GA m Elizabeth W. Hodges
                  • Benjamin Robert (Bob) Halsted b c1834 Conecuh Co., AL m Cinderella C. Atkins
                    • Robert Gray Halsted b 22 July 1862 Coryuell Co., TX m Mary C. (Molly) Head H-3 
  • Lemuel Holsted Sr. b c1775 NC/VA d c1850 St. Francois Co., MO m Nancy Burnham - Judy Holsted Oldziewski [harness75 AT
    • Lemuel Holsted Jr. b 31 Mar 1818 St. Francois Co., MD d 1865 Searcy Co., AR m Maranda Adams
      • Robert Benjamin Holsted b. 27 Apr 1849 Searcy Co., AR d 1939 Searcy Co., AR m Mary Frances Counts
        • Toby Lonzo Holsted b 9 Feb 1886 Searcy Co., AR d 1983 Carnegie, OK m Mary Ellen Harness  
  • Jonas Halstead c1673-after 1726 removed to Rye, NY - M. Halstead [mhalstead AT]
    • James Halstead c1700-after 1736 of Rye
      • James Halstead 1729-c1786 m.(2) Elizabeth Teed of Halfmoon, NY
        • William Halstead 1776-between 1840 and 1849 of Delaware Co., NY
          • Joel Halstead c1805-1854 m Elizabeth Allger Dubois of Brooklyn, NY
            • John Halstead 1840-1918 m Marietta Ayres of Bridgeport, CT
              • John Marsden Halstead 1870-1934 m Ellen Curry  
  • Abraham Halstead, Sr. b c1570 Lancashire, England m Susan (Sarah) Whitley - Joseph Ellis Halstead [joehalstead AT]
    • Jonas Halstead b c1613 m Sara Susan Butterfield
      • Timoithy Halstead Senior m Hannah Williams
        • Timothy Halstead b c1658 Hempstead, Long Island, NY m Abigail Carmen
          • Caleb Halstead Sr. b c1689, Hempstead, Long Isalnd, NY m Jean Pearsall
            • Caleb Halstead Jr. b 8 Jul 1721 Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ m Rebecca Ogden
              • Jonathan Halstead b 21 Dec 1769 Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ m  Isabella Neil
                • Daniel Neil Halstead b Mar 16, 1795, Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ m Harriet Tyler
                  • John Calhoun Halstead b Dec 1830 Dale Co., AL m Catherine Beasley
                    • Ashley J. Halstead b 11 Jun 1869 AL d 1922 AL m Sally S. H-6
                      • Joseph J. Halstead b 22 Oct 1891 AL m Velma Lee Newton
                        • Comer Ellis Halstead b 11 Aug 1909 AL d 1997 FL 
  • Christopher Halstead c1765 probably near Burnley, Lancashire - Andrew Alston [andrewalston AT]
    • Robert Halstead 1791 Cuerden, Lancashire
      • Robert Alstead 1825, Cuerden, Lancashire
        • Christopher Austin Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire 1865
          • Walter Robert Alston Chorley, Lancashire 1902
  • Theodore Hallstead b 14 Sep 1833 Fall River, Bristol Co., MA m Emma Burgess - Maylene [mhamaha AT]
    • Arthur Edward Hallstead b 8 Jul 1884 Osakis, Clotho, Todd Co., MN m Maybell Diehl

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