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Project Results:

April 15, 2008




Thank you all for participating in our Surname Project.  I am going to try to keep more update information on these pages so that you will be able to see just how much we are progressing.   I have started with reports taken from the marker matches on Family Tree DNA.  Each of our groups will be featured with explanations as to who is the closest match to whom and a little bit about each of our testers and their lines. 


Hopefully, those of  you in each group will be able to understand the way DNA has worked to provide us with information about our lines.  The names are divided into the groups they match.  There is a group of four men who are all descendants of Thomas “The Immigrant” Hagans of Charles Co., Maryland.  These men have traced their line back to Thomas and their DNA has matched close enough to each other to confirm that The Immigrant is indeed their ancestor.


Another group is from Kentucky.  Most of these men seem to go back to John Higgins and Elizabeth Campbell and various branches of their tree.  Some have established a completed line back to John & Elizabeth.  Others are searching this line for their ancestor due to the fact that their DNA matches  very closely to those who HAVE established their line back to these two.


There is a small group who are finding they are related to the Hagan who was part of Daniel Boone’s friends and relatives.  The spelling of their names are different, however, their DNA has matched very closely.


Still another large group (I am still working on this group) is from Bulloch Co., Georgia.  This is a very tight knit group and many have been tested.  Their DNA is almost a perfect match on every one.  


The fewer mis-matched markers, the closer the Most Recent Common Ancestor.  The count in markers tested goes from 12, 25, 37 to 67.  In 12 markers there will be the most matched people, each larger group culls out more and more of those tested to finally show by 37 markers a more true picture of true kin.  If a 67 marker test is needed, it is only to really prove a close relationship that might otherwise be in question. 


If any of you have any questions about your line, or anything that is posted on here, please feel free to ask me about it.

My email is:




12 Markers, all 5 men match each other 12/12


25 Markers  (50% match @ 3 gen) – (90% match @ 10 gen) – 95% match @ 13 gen)

     Very Tightly Related. A perfect match means you share a common male ancestor with           

     a person who shares your surname)


                     Exact match: Richard, Fred, & Daniel


37 Markers (50% match @ 6 gen) (90% match @ 12 gen) – (95% match @ 14 gen)


1 off:  Tightly related. You share the same surname with another male.  Very few people     

            achieve this close level of a match.


             Richard is 1 off from Daniel

             Fred is 1 off from Daniel

             Daniel is 1 off from Richard & Fred


2 off:   Related. If you matched exactly on previous tests you share the same surname

            With another male and most likely mismatch at the same markers.


            Fred & Richard are 2 markers from each other




The above statistics were compiled by me to show the closeness of relationships (by markers) from each of the  five men shown.  The results are based on information from Family Tree DNA.  Below is a brief paragraph, compiled for this report, by Fred Hagan, giving a little genealogy information on each of the men.



 Richard Ronald Hagan is a confirmed direct descendant of Thomas the Immigrant Hagan. Richard’s family line originated in Maryland but migrated to Kentucky and eventually settled Texas.

Stephen Hagan is also a confirmed descendant of Thomas the Immigrant Hagan. Stephen’s family line settled in Daviess County, Kentucky.

Daniel Joseph Hagan (1940-2008) is a direct descdant of Thomas the Immigrant Hagan based on DNA data.  However there is a missing link betwee 1820's and the 1790's.  Daniel's great, great grand father, James Logan Hagan,  was b. in 1826 in either Nelson Co.,  Washington Co or Marion Co. Ky.  His mother, Prucilia Langley Hagan b.1798 Nelson Co.Ky, was m. either first or 2nd marriage (abt. 1815) in Nelson a Basil or Henry Jr. or James Hagan.   It is speculated he died abt. 1831.  Prucilia then m. a James Leander Thralls abt. 1832 and migrated to Vigo Co. Indiana in 1840.  In addition to my Great Grand Father James Logan Hagan there were two sisters, Sarah,  Christina Susan and a half-brother Will, who proably was a son of James Leander Thralls, and Prucillia.

Raymond Donald Hagan is a direct descendant of John Hagan and Margaret Riney John and Margaret lived in Hardin and Mead Countys of Kentucky in the early 1800s. Some descendants of this line moved west to Missouri. DNA tests show Raymond Donald is also a descendant of Thomas the Immigrant but he cannot document the line back farther than John Hagan.

Fred Hagan (1934-2008)is a direct descendant of Francis Hagan and Margaret Ramsower of Frederick County, Maryland. Francis first appears in the records of the Reformed Church of Frederick, Maryland when he married Margaret in 1788. However, his place of birth has never been identified. DNA tests show he is a relative of Thomas the Immigrant but not a descendant. Francis, Margaret and three of their four sons lived and died in Frederick County, Maryland and there lives are well documented,. Francis was in law inforcement serving as a Constiable and a Deputy Sheriff of the county as well as a Judge of Election of the Sugar Loaf District. Several of his grandsons migrated to Tennessee, North Carolina and Georga where they raised families. Fred matches 35 of 37 DNA markers with Richard Ronald Hagan; 12 of 12 DNA markers with Stephen Hagan; 36 of 37 DNA markers with Daniel Joseph Hagan and 12 of 12 DNA markers with Raymond Donald Hagan.





12 Markers,  all 7 men match each other 12/12


25 Markers,   (50% match @ 3 gen)  (90% match @ 10 gen)  (95% match @ 13 gen)

     A perfect match means you share a common male ancestor with a person who shares

     your surname.                  

                        Exact match:  Phillip, Tom, Garrett  & Frank

                        Exact match:  Marc, Bill & Aubrey


37 Markers      (50%match @ 6 gen)  (90% match @12 gen)  (95% match @ 14 gen)


2 off: You are closely related with any mutations on same markers                      

                         Phillip is 2 off from ---   Marc

                         Marc is 2 off from -----  Aubrey, Phillip, Bill, Jean K. (pronounced Gene)

                         Bill is 2 off from -------  Aubrey, Marc, & Jean

                         Aubrey is 2 off from --- Bill, Marc & Jean


3 off: You are related with same mutations on same markers.

                         Phillip is 3 off from -------  Frank & Tom

                         Marc is 3 off from --------- Tom & Frank

                         Tom is 3 off from ---------- Marc, Phillip & Garrett

                         Aubrey is 3 off from ------- Frank

                         Garrett is 3 off from -------- Tom

                         Frank is 3 off from ---------  Aubrey, Marc & Phillip


4 off:  If  several or many generations have passed it is likely that these two lines are     related through other family members. Additional testing needed to find mutation person, without finding this person the possibility of a match exists but need further evidence.

                         Tom is 4 off from ----------- Frank

                         Bill is 4 off from ------------ Phillip

                         Garrett is 4 off from -------- Marc & Phillip

                         Frank is 4 off from --------- Tom


 67 Markers      (50% match @ 6 gen) (90% match @ 12 gen)  (95% match @ 14 gen)


 1-2 off:  Tightly Related.  Very few people achieve this close level of a match.


      closest         Phillip is 2 off from ------- Marc

     match          Marc is 2 off from --------- Phillip & Bill

                          Bill is 2 off from ----------- Marc


 3-4 off:  Related.  Your common ancestor is probably not extremely recent.


                          Phillip is 3 off from -------- Tom

                          Marc is 3 off from ---------- Tom

                          Garrett is 3 off from -------- Tom

                          Tom is 3 off from ----------- Marc, Phillip & Garrett


                          Phillip is 4 off from -------- Bill & Garrett

                          Marc is 4 off from ---------- Garrett

                          Bill is 4 off from ------------ Phillip

                          Garrett is 4 off from -------- Marc & Phillip

The above statistics were compiled by me to show the closeness of relationships (by markers) from each of the seven men shown.  The results are based on information from Family Tree DNA.  Below is a brief paragraph giving a little genealogy information on each of the men.


Phillip Gordan Hagan – Ala.--  Phillip’s (this is my line (Judy) also) ancestors were believed to have come from Georgia via N/South Carolina.  New research causes speculation on the old line info.  DNA results shown above, indicates that this line also probably comes from the John Hagan/Elizabeth Campbell  line which is a well documented line. They came from Ireland-Scotland and into Chester, PA in the mid 1700’s before moving on into the Carolinas. I still believe some member of the Hagan/Campbell line did move into S/No Carolina because there is a distant match between Phillip, Tom & Garrett. More research is being done to prove this line.


Thomas Edison Hagan, Jr. – Ala & Ga -- Tom’s oldest known ancestor was a Hagan born c1755, probably in one of the Carolinas.  His gggrandfather was Charles Hagan, son of Edward Hagan & Hannah ?  Charles was a half brother to Edward, James & Daniel Hagans, sons of Edward and his 1st wife, Elizabeth.  We know that Charles & Daniel came to NE Ala around 1830, immediately after the Creek Indians were driven off the land. There are many land records showing that Charles and his son Edward bought land in Coosa Co., Al, in those early years.


Garrett Hagan, Jr. – Ala --  Garrett’s heritage also comes from the Coosa Co., Al area.  His gggrandfather was Sherrod Porch Hagan, one of 12 children of Edward Hagan & Hearty Porch.

Edward/Hearty came from the Wrightsboro, Ga, area.  Hearty’s family had moved to Georgia from No. Carolina. 


NOTE:  All three of the above men, were believed to have been from the same family group.  I have always believed that mine (Phillip) & Garrett’s line came from brothers (two of Edward/Hearty’s 12 children).  Tom has always believed that his gggrandfather Edward and my gggrandfather Edward were the same men.  When we had these 3 lines tested, the DNA results confirmed that Tom’s Edward and my Edward were not the same men, with 3 markers apart.  I asked Garrett to be tested, since I had supposed that our gggrandfathers were brothers. Again DNA proved this was not so.  They were 4 off at the 67 marker level.   I, now have no idea of who my Edward might be ----- until Marc and Bill were tested. Now, I believe that it’s very likely that someone from the John Hagan family in Pennsylvania (a brother??)  came down to the Carolinas and then moved into the Georgia area. 


Marc William Hagan, -- KY – Marc’s pedigree shows that his ancestry is from one of the Kentucky Hagans.  His DNA match is the closest to Phillip, Bill (Wm Lon) and Aubrey, being only 2 off out of 67 markers.  Phillip’s DNA matches these three, however, we have not found Phillip’s direct line back to Ky, yet!  Marc, Bill and Aubrey can all trace their lines back to various children of John Hagans & Elizabeth Campbell.  John & Elizabeth came from Chester, Pennsylvania. They had 10 children. They moved from PA to one of the Carolinas (N/S Carolina land was in dispute during that time).They lived there for a while and then moved on to Barren Co, Kentucky.  Marc’s line goes back to John/Elizabeth’s son John, who married Piety Strait.


William Lon (Bill) Hagan – TN – Bill’s line also goes back to John/Elizabeth through another of their sons, Hugh Hagans,, line.  Bill’s line goes back to John/Elizabeth’s son Hugh, who married Jean Hamilton.  Bill works really hard doing his research.  He has sent me many, many papers and pictures of Hagans.  Thanks Bill for all your help.  Bill’s DNA is only 2 markers off from Marc, but 4 markers off from Phillip. Aubrey has not been tested for 67 markers so far.


Robert Aubrey Hagan – Aubrey (Rob) goes back to James Allen Hagan 1811 KY, who was the grandson of John/Elizabeth.  This seems to be verified by his DNA results, since he also matches
 Marc, Bill with 2 off at the 37 marker.  However, he is 4 markers off from Phillip at that same level.


NOTE:  Marc, Bill and Aubrey all go back to the same family.  The DNA confirms that they are all three closely related.  Phillip DNA fits in with this group also, but we are still looking for a Most Common Ancestor to tie Phillip into that family. 


A Few Other Names in this DNA Group:


Frank Stuart Hagan – Ga – I have listed Frank here because, although his DNA matches these names above. His pedigree indicates that he is from another part of PA.  We have not found a specific tie-in to the John Hagan/Elizabeth Campbell line.  Frank’s family lore has always said they are from a **German branch of the Hagan’s.  He is searching diligently to find his proof of this, or proof that he fits another place.  There could have been a tie-in with John as he came into Penn from Scotland, one we haven’t found yet.


Jean K.  – His name isn’t the same, but his DNA is a close match to us.  One of his relatives married a Hagan woman and it is possible that some circumstance caused her to take in one of her Hagan relative’s children and raise him with her married last name. She could have also, been married first to a Hagan and had a son by him and married Jean’s line 2nd.


James Richard Hagan – James is of particular interest in that he also matches our group.

He is a dual citizen of both Ireland and the US.  His grandparents and extended family are still in Ireland.  He has not tested as many markers as some, but matches enough to be of interest to us.

He doesn’t know how he ties in, yet! Apparently, (and this is my speculation) his ancestors might have been relatives of John Hagan’s Irish relatives.  John came here in the late 1700’s, leaving his family in Ireland.  James’s ancestor stayed in Ireland and it has taken over 150 yrs for the James’ line to reach the States.  We don’t know, but the scenario is very interesting!!


** “The first settlers (in Pennsylvania) were mainly English, but in the 1720’s a flood of Scotch-Irish and Germans began to arrive.  A half-century later they totaled in the hundreds of thousands.  In 1755 the ratio of English, Scotch-Irish, German was 1,2,2.  The Scotch-Irish, also knows as Ulster-Scots, were natives of Scotland who lived in Ireland for a number of years before coming to Pennsylvania.”


At first the Scotch-Irish settled in what became Lancaster County in 1729, but by the 1730’s they had reached the Cumberland Valley, with centers at Carlisle, Shippensburg, and Chambersburg.  It has been estimated that in 1751 there were about 5,000 people in the Cumberland Valley, of which all but about fifty families were Scottish or Scotch-Irish.






This is about the men in the pink group on the website. --- Boone/Hagan/Wilcoxson


(Still working on marker report)

Gary Carl Hagan (1938-2007) - a confirmed direct descendant of Thomas Hagans and Sarah Wilcoxson. Thomas Hagans was on the 1768 tax list in North Carolina in what is now Davie County. The family remained in NC until the last daughter was born in 1783. In 1784 and 1785 Thomas was a chain carrier for his wife’s uncle, Daniel Boone, in Kentucky. The family settled in what is now Clark County, KY, before moving on to Missouri.

Gary Carl Hagan matched 36 of 37 DNA markers with Hubert Edmond Higgins, a living direct descendant of John Higgins and Fannie Baugess who lived in Wilkes County, North Carolina by 1787. John Higgins is believed to be one of the two John Hagins on the 1778 tax list with Thomas Hagans in what is now Davie County, NC.

Descendants of this Hagan DNA subset are looking for a direct descendant of William Hagins and Polly Linville. William served in the Revolutionary War for a neighbor of Thomas Hagans in Davie Co., NC. In Kentucky William’s children married the children of John Higgins’ neighbors from Wilkes Co., NC.

Paul Douglas Higgins a supposed living descendant of William Hagins does not match Gary Hagan and Hubert Higgins, however, he matched 12 of 12 markers with a family that lived in Wilkes Co., NC, near John Higgins, and whose descendants married children of William Hagins.

Thanks to Pat Frunzi for compiling this information for us.




This is the group in Blue on the website:   Bullock Co/Appling Co., Georgia


There are two groups within this one group who match each other. 


Group #1


DNA Markers for the 12 and 25 markers for the six men in this group:


At 25 markers   there is the possibility of  a 50% match @ 3 generations ---- 90% match @ 10 generations --- and 95% match @ 13 generations.  A perfect match means you share a common male ancestor with a person who shares you surname.


All these men match exactly at 12 markers;

     Roger Dale Hagan, Marion Wesley Hagan, Daniel Douglas Hagan, Mack D. Hagan,

     Richard Thomas Hagan, and James E. Hagan.


These three men are one off from the others (above) at 12 markers:  H. D. Hagan, Dexton Zach Hagin & Henry Waymon Hagan


37 Markers     (50% match @ 6 gen)  (90% match @ 12 gen) (95% match @ 14 gen)


Marion W matches exactly -------------- Daniel Douglas, Mack D & Richard Thomas

                   is 1 off from  -------------- James E

                   is 2 off from --------------- H D and Dexton Z


James E  matches exactly ---------------- Marion W; Daniel D, Mack D, Richard T and

                                                                 Roger Dale

                    is 1 off from --------------  H D; D Z & Harry Waymon


Mack D  matches exactly ---------------- Marion, Daniel, Richard

                    is 1 off from -------------- James E

                    is 2 off from --------------H D and Dexton


Richard T  matches exactly -------------- Marion, Daniel & Mack

                    is 1 off from  -------------- James

                    is 2 off from --------------- H D & Dexton


Group #2                                                       


H D matches no one exactly at 37 markers but is:

                        Is 1 off from ---------------- James E

                        Is 2 off from ---------------- Marion, Daniel, Mack, Dexton & Richard




Dexton matches no one exactly at 37 markers but is:

                         Is 1 off from---------------- James E

                         Is 2 off from---------------- Marion, HD, Daniel, Mack & Richard



These men seem to have descended from Edward Hagan of York Co., PA Mt Pleasant Township.  This Edward had 7 sons: Henery, John, Patrick, Edward, James, David and Peter and one daughter Elizabeth.


(Many seem to think this is the Edward Hagan 1720 from Charles Co., MD, however they are not the same.  Edward from Charles Co., MD is the son of Thomas “The Immigrant” Hagan and their DNA is totally different from this line.  The Immigrant’s line of Hagan’s is the Green group on our website.)


Edward’s 7 sons grew up and left home, moving into various parts of NC, SC & GA.

Henery bc 1740 removed to Pitt Co., NC btw 1762-64


John bc 1741 removed to Granville Co., NC 1769 – Bertie Co., NC 1786, Buncombe Co. NC 1800 d 1820 Camden Co., GA


Edward bc 1748 removed to Tyro Co., NC 1776, Wilkes Co. Ga 1785, Rutherford Co., NC 1790


Patrick bc 1755 removed to Lincoln Co., NC 1790,York Co., SC 1800


James B 1756 removed to Orange Co., NC 1779, Northhampton Co. NC 1800, Edgecomb Co NC 1810


David b 1762 removed to St Thomas Cherows Dist, SC 1790


Peter b 1767 removed to Surry Co., NC 1790 – Buncombe Co NC 1800 – SC Appling, Baldwin, Pulaski Co., Ga died 1818 


Known information about our tested men and this line is as follows:


John’s Descendants are:  Marion W, H D, Daniel Douglas, Mack D, Dexton Z and Richard T.  Most descended from Absalom who was John’s son.


James’s  descendants are: Roger Dale Hagan, Debbie Alberts and a few others not on our charts.


A very unique thing about this line is their Haplotype Group Q.  This group all have the same Haplotype which assures their kinship even more.  They are our only group who has this particular Haplotype. 


Haplotypes are groups of people who have all come from a certain area of the world  over a period of thousands of years. Family Tree DNA explains the Hapl Q is a lineage that links Asia with the Americans.  The lineage is found in North and Central Asian populations as well as Native Americans.  Among European Populations, Hap Q is found most frequently in Easter Europe and Scandanavia.


This lineage is believed to have originated in Central Asia and migrated across the Bearing Strait into Alaska and on into No America approximately 15,000-20,000 years ago.


If you will check Google’s Wikipedia, you find that this haplotype is believed to have arisen in Siberia and is believed to have been the ancestors of many Siberians.  (There is much more on this unique Haplotype in and on the Wikipedia online) 




There are several more names on our list who have not been matched with anyone tested so far.  Some are close, but not close enough.  They are all waiting for the day someone who has been tested will match their line and help them find more information about their line.   





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