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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Matthias/Matthew Greenfield b bef 1755 d c1806 Buncombe Co., NC m Mary (Polly) Smith - Daryl Greenfield [greenfield1871 AT]
    • William B. Greenfield b c1781-1790 VA or NC d c1855 White Co., TN m1 Mary (Polly) Quarles m2 Elizabeth (Betsy) Blackburn
      • John Greenfield b 24 May 1809 TN d 4 Mar 1872 Todd Co., KY m1 Jane N. Sears m2 Eliza Jane Wilkins
        • James Harvey Greenfield b 1 Dec 1841 Todd Co., KY d 17 Feb 1905 Todd Co., KY m1 Martha L. Phipps m2 Millie Ann Higgins Holsenbake
          • Robert Malone Greenfield b 12 Oct 1876 Todd Co., KY d 28 Oct 1953 Christian Co., KY m Analiza (Lida) Holsenbake 158057
  • James b c1824 m Mary Ann Mortimer d c1857 Islington, London, UK - John Greenwood [john AT]
    • Charles Samuel b 1856, Islington London UK m Annie Louise Deller
      • Albert Henry b 1883, Islington London UK d 1939 m Maud Sophia Elizabeth Nicoud
        • George William b 1913, Islington London UK d 1987 Buckinghamshire UK m Dorothy Melinda Fernee   H1100 
  • Adolphus Boisvert/Greenwood b. 1848 Canada (Quebec?), m. Sophia - Lorie Greenwood []
    • Newell (Noel) b. 1854 Mass.
      • Adolphus C. Greenwood b. 1875, m. Mary Jane Paradis
        • Clarence O. Greenwood b. 1902, m. Gladys Forsythe 121434

Boisvert--Information provided by Michel Boisvert [boisvertclair AT] 251625
  • Étienne de Nevers, m Agnès Luosbisec,  France
    • Étienne de Nevers dit Brantigni, m Anne Hayot Oct 28, 1652 Sillery, Quebec.
      • During the period 1720-1750, all Denevers in Canada changed their surname to Boisvert. there are Denevers in the US; they are descendants of Lorenzo de Nevers, a famous painter, and his brother Edmond de Nevers, lawyer. They changed their name Boisvert back to de Nevers in the 1870's . I know there are ''Nevers'' in the US, ( without the ''de'') but I don't know how they relate to Denevers. I recommend to include the surname Denevers in the project.
  • Benigne Joubin. m Jeanne Rivos, France
    • Jean Joubin , m Françoise Élizabeth Renaud May 2nd, 1694, at Grondines, Quebec. Not all Joubin switched to Boisvert.
Étienne de Nevers and Jean Joubin are not related to each other.


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