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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Jakob Krehbiel/Grebil (Jacob Graybill) b. c. 1700 Weierhof, Palatinate, Germany-Lillie Ann Flora [bla3pkj8fs5 At]
    • Christian Graybill b. c. 1719 Weierhof, Germany, m. Mary Maria Landis, d. 1/16/1787 Lancaster Co., PA
  • John Graybill b. 1745 Lancaster Co., PA, m. Hannah Borntraeger, d. 8/22/1818 Botetourt Co., VA
    • Solomon Graybill b. 1/6/1774 Lancaster Co., PA, m. Catherine (Katy Kline) Klein, d. 12/19/1849 Botetourt Co., VA
      • Henry Graybill b. 1/9/1802 Botetourt Co., VA, m. Sarah Crumpacker, d. 12/31/1852 Botetourt Co., VA
        • Jonas Graybill b. 11/18/1834 Botetourt Co., VA, m. Catherine Ann Snider (Synder), d. 5/2/1925 Botetourt Co., VA
          • Lydia Alice Graybill b. 11/1/1866 Botetourt Co., VA, m. David Newton Eller, d. 8/4/1959 Chicago, IL
  • Christian Grebil b. 1719 Switzerland, m Maria Landis -Gary Eugene Graybeal [ggraybea AT]
    • John Graybill b. 1745 Lancaster Co, PA, m. Hannah Borntraeger
      • John Graybill II b. 1785 probably Botetourt Co, VA, m (1W) Polly Obenchain
        • Andrew Graybill / Graybeal b. Aug 9, 1808 Botetourt Co, VA, m Mary Graybill
          • John M Graybeal b. Mar 27, 1845 Huntsville, Washington Township, Logan Co, OH, m Isabella Collins
            • John Burrell Graybeal b. Feb 1874 Rosamond Township, Christian Co, IL, m (2W) Doretta Julson 174666
  • "Old" Peter Grabel  b. c 1730, Palatinate, Germany, m Mary unknown - Gary Eugene Graybeal [ggraybea AT]
    • Peter Graybill  b. c 1753, Palatinate, Germany, m Christena Wampler
      • Henry Graybeal b. c 1776-1777 VA, m Celia Henson
        • Andrew Graybeal b. Jan 17, 1808 Big Laurel, Ashe Co, NC, m (2W) Catherine Fry
          • Wiley Thomas Graybeal b. Feb 22, 1873 Rich Hill, Ashe Co, NC, m Ella Amanda Osborne
            • Tivis Henry Graybeal b. May 22, 1904 Rich Hill, Ashe Co, NC, m Dollie Myrtle Pittman 174677
      • David Graybeal b. 1791 Wilkes Co, NC, m Barbara Burkett
        • Joseph Graybeal b. Oct 26, 1819 Ashe Co, NC, m Clarissa Faw
          • David Melvin Graybeal b. Jul 26, 1852, m Mary Ann Jones
            • Joseph Arthur Graybeal b. Dec 15, 1879 Ashe Co, NC, m Ida Jane Thompson
              • Kyle Vernon Graybeal b. Dec 19, 1909 Ashe Co, NC Alice Tuggle 119989

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