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  • G15 Thomas Grant b.c.1605 Ballynabouly, Iverk, Kilkenny, Ireland  - David Grant [david AT]
    • James Grant b.c.1645 Toem, Tipperary, Ireland
      • John Grant b.c.1675. Moyaliffe, Tipperary, Ireland
        • James Grant b.c.1710 Moyaliffe, Tipperary, Ireland
          • Stephen Grant b.c.1740. Moyaliffe, Tipperary, Ireland
            • John Grant b.c.1770. Moyaliffe, Tipperary, Ireland m Elizabeth Thompson
              • Stephen Grant b1810 Shinrone, Offaly, Ireland m MaryAnn Piper
                • Thomas Grant b1851, Tipperary, Ireland
                  • Charles Grant b1881, Dublin, Ireland
                  • Alan Grant b1918 Dublin, Ireland
  • G16 William Francis Bruce b.1831 place m. Cassie Lucettie Isbell
    • Oscar Francis Bruce b1874 Itawamba County Mississippi. M. Margaret Virginia Cobb
      • Virgil Thomas Bruce b1897 Sabine Parish Louisiana, m. Anna Willard
        • Vonnie Jackson Bruce b1924 Sabine Parish m. Nellie Faye Jordan
          • William Jackson Bruce born 1951 Sabine Parish Louisiana.
  • G31 George Grant b.c.1730 Dublin, Ireland m. Prudence Hobart. - Rebecca Grant [ bgrant AT]
    • Samuel Grant b 1760 to USA, m. Ann "Nancy" Nichols.
      • William Grant, m Hannah White. USA
        • Ichabod Grant m. Mary Hoyt, USA
  • G91 John Grant b1870 Kilmacow, Kilkenny. m. Catherine Burnes
    • James Grant b1890 Kilmacow, Kilkenny m. Kathleen Ryan
      • Patrick Grant b1924 Kilmacow, Kilkenny m.Phyllis Wood
        • James Grant b1952 Glossop, Derbyshire
  • G92 John Grant b1713, Moyne, Tipperary
    • Patrick Grant b@ 1750, Moyne, Tipperary m E.Dwyer
      • John Grant b1792, Moyne, Tipperary m.Jane O'Brien. Sent as convict to Australia


  • G98 Mark Grantham - Mark Grantham [M.Grantham AT]



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