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Last Updated: 29 June 2015

We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


5/14/15: Group 2 has another descendant of Samuel Godwin Sr tested via his grandson Jordan Godwin who is also a match to a descendant of Harris Renfroe who was probably the son of Samuel Godwin Jr and Mary Polly Duck that was born after Samuel died and was raised by Mary's 2nd husband, Josiah Renfroe.

6/17/14: The Group 4 Godwins are now matched with the Daniel, Herrington, and Collins surname

3/21/13: The patriarchs page was reorganized so that the Goodwins and the Godwins are separate. Each surname is then separated by haplogroup which is further divided by group number or labeled as "ungrouped" if they are not matched to others.

G-67 and G-91 were placed into a new Haplogroup R Group No. 11 - Goodwin-Goodin, common ancestor still unknown.

1/3/14: Another line from Ireland added to Group 9. Started off as a Goodwin, changed name in America to McGoodwin.

2/21/14: The only Godwin descendant to come back as a match to Haplogroup J has been moved to the SCOTT Surname Project.




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Haplogroup R - Goodwins:


R1b1a2 - Goodwin - Group 1:

R1b1a2 - Goodwin - Group 5:


R1b1a2 - Goodwin - Group 6:

R1b1a2 - Goodwin - Group 7:

R1b1a2 - Goodwin - Group 9:

R - Goodwin - Goodin Group 11:


R - Goodwin - Ungrouped:











Haplogroup I - Goodwins:



I1 - Goodwin - Group 10 :


I2b1 - Goodwin - Group 3:




(Martha King gave the children she had with Kendrick Goodwin the surname of her deceased first husband, Wm Hurst)



Haplogroup E - Goodwins:


E - Goodwin - Ungrouped:






Haplogroup R - Godwins:


R1b1a2 - Godwin - Group 2:

Group 2 consists of descendants of Godwins from North Carolina. This is the biggest group in the project.

The following Godwins could have been brothers, all born about 1740: David, Samuel, and Thomas:

Descendants of Samuel Godwin, b. c 1742, d. 1807 Johnston Co., NC (md. Mary Unknown):


The following Renfrow / Renfroe line is a Y-DNA match to Jordan Godwin, son of Samuel Godwin, Jr (1774-1809). It is possible that this Harris Renfrow was also a son of Samuel Godwin and Mary Polly Duck. If this is true, then his date of birth is probably more like 1809 instead of 1813 and he was probably born after Samuel Godwin, Jr died. Samuel's widow, Mary, remarried to Josiah Renfrow who is believed to have raised one or two of Mary's young (Godwin) children as his own Renfrow children. 


Descendants of Thomas Godwin, b. c 1750, d. 1807 Johnston Co., NC (md. Elizabeth Peace):

The relationship of Jonathan to David, Samuel, and Thomas is still unclear. He could have been a brother or a cousin. More descendants are needed to test.

The Wilson Ulysses Godwin below was probably a son of Nathan Godwin (1774-1833) above:


The Jonathan Godden below was probably the son or grandson of Enoch Godden/Godwin who was possibly the son of Jonathan Godwin and Rachel Bullard above.

The rest of the Group 2 Godwins have not been placed yet:



R1b1a2 - Godwin - Group 4:

Group 4 Consists of 1 Current Resident of England who matches to Descendant of Thomas Godwin I (b. England d. 1676 Nansemond Co., VA); and several possible Non-Paternal Events (NPE) of Herrington, Daniel, and Collins families.

NPE of Herrington Family from Creek Territory of Georgia:

NPE of Collins Family from South Carolina to Louisiana:

NPE of Daniel Family from South Carolina to Georgia:


R1b1a2 - Godwin - Group 8:

Group 8 consists of the descendants of James Godwin bc 1743 and d. 1801 in Sampson Co., North Carolina. Descendants from four of his sons have been tested for Y-DNA testing so far.

A second non-Godwin surname family descended from Miles Barefoot (b. 1811 SC) is also connected to this line (tested in 2013). Miles could be descended from the Noah Barefoot family of Johnston Co., NC.

Children of James Godwin (c1743-1801):

  1. Milley Godwin
  2. Rachel Godwin
  3. Silvey Godwin
  4. Rhody Godwin
  5. Elias Godwin - Need to find descendants to test
  6. Aaron Godwin - Need to find descendants to test
  7. Wiley Godwin - Need to find descendants to test
  8. William Godwin - Y-DNA tested G-79
  9. Allen Godwin - Y-DNA tested G-28 & G-86
  10. James Godwin, Jr - Y-DNA tested G-36 & G-37
  11. Silas Godwin - Y-DNA tested G-46

I. Descendants of James Godwin Jr (1775-1851):

II. Descendants of Allen Godwin (1788-1872):

III. Descendants of Silas Godwin:

IV. Descendants of William Godwin (1774-1845):

V. Descendants of Miles Barefoot (1811-1860):


R - Godwin - Ungrouped:

Goodin and Godwin descendants who do not match anyone else closely



Haplogroup J - Godwins:


J2 - Godwin - Ungrouped:

Godwin descendants with the J2 Haplogroup who do not match anyone else - Update 2/21/14: He has been moved to the SCOTT Surname project. The Godwin-Scott connection could be a Non-Paternal Event (NPE) via a name change, illegitimacy, or adoption.


Haplogroup I - Ungrouped:

Includes Godwin, Goodwin, Goodin(g), McGugan/McGoogan, Godden, Goddin







Not yet Assigned:


Miscellaneous Goodwin & Godwin Trees Submitted:

No DNA Results or Family Finder only (ie, No Y-DNA)






The following is descended from a Godwin male who was given his mother's name. His father was actually a WILLIAMS according to the Y-DNA:



* Reference Sample is from England

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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