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Gleason/Gleeson/Glezen/Glisson/Glysson - update 2/28/2018

As of September 2012, participation in the Gleason Family DNA Project is now a requirement for pedigree listing on this page. Family members who have been Y-DNA tested are indicated by their ID code in red at the end of their line. When multiple wives are shown, the plus sign (+) after the name of a wife identifies her as the mother of the continuing lineage. The contact person for each family is given on the first line in black. Siblings of the direct line males are no longer shown. An archived version of the original Gleason Patriarch Page, which included some siblings and several nonmembers, is available at:


Lineage I

Thomas Gleson d 1610 Cockfield, Suffolk, England; m Anne Armesby [source: NEHGS Register, Jan 2014.]

1 Thomas Gleson/Gleason b 1609 Cockfield, Suffolk; d c1686 Cambridge, MA; m Susanna Page - Judith Gleason Claassen [JGC.genealogy AT]

2 Thomas Gleson/Gleason b 1638 Cockfield, Suffolk; d 1705 Framingham, MA; m Sarah ___

3 Thomas Gleason b c1670 Sherborn, MA; d 1732 Oxford, MA; m (1) Mary Mellen+ (2) Mercy Hovey

4 Thomas Gleason b 1697 Sherborn, MA; d after 1775 Oxford, MA; m Susanna Haven

5 Elijah Gleason b 1739 Oxford, MA; d 1776 Ward, MA; m Elizabeth Wyman

6 Elijah Gleason b 1769 Oxford, MA; d 1852 Oakland, ME; m Relief Young

7 Bryant Freemont Gleason b 1794 Oakland, ME; d 1873 Canaan, ME; m Betsey Corson

8 Moses C Gleason b 1821 Canaan, ME; d Somerset County, ME; m Lydia Fowler

9 Milton O Gleason b 1850 Canaan, ME; d 1924 Hamilton Co, TX; m Sophia H Benn

10 Benn Gleason b1884 Hamilton Co, TX; d 1953 Hico, TX; m Aurora V Alford G-48

8 Benjamin Franklin Gleason b 1828 Canaan, ME; d 1911 Oakland, ME; m Caroline V McIntire

9 Charles Sherman Gleason b 1865 Oakland, ME; d 1927 Bath, ME; m Eleanor Zacharias G-50

4 Simon Gleason b 1713 Framingham, MA; d 1793 Oxford, MA; m Charity Bellows

5 Phinehas Gleason b 1751 Oxford, MA; m Phoebe Johnson

6 Phinehas Gleason b 1790 West Springfield, MA; d after 1870; m (1) Sarah Pomeroy+ (2) Catherine DeWolfe

7 Phineas Pomeroy Gleason b 1812 Tolland, CT; d 1852 Pike Co, OH; m Charlotte Harrington

8 Salem Gleason b 1844 Westfield Twp, OH; d 1916 Gleason, Lincoln Co, WI; m Sarah Jane Hunt

9 James Egbert Gleason b 1878 Stockbridge, WI; d 1954 Gleason, WI; m Maude B Rynders

10 Gerald Jesse Gleason b 1905 Lincoln Co, WI; d 1995 Cocoa Bch, FL; m Cara DiGrappo G-20

6 Hiram Gleason, Dr. b c1800 Tolland CT; d 30 Dec 1847 Springfield, MA; m Mary Whiting

7 Lucius P Gleason b 1840 MA; d 20 Feb 1894 Wethersfield, Henry County IL; m Ella Johnson

8 William Gleason b Nov 1870 Illinois; d1935 Chicago, IL; m Frances ÒFannyÓ Brothers

9 William Gleason b 26 Aug 1901 Chicago, IL; d 31 Dec 1937; m Florence Matilda Cook

10 William Gleason b 2 Oct 1926 Chicago, IL; d 4 May 1993; M Judith Sargent Illsley G-100

4 Aaron Gleason b 1720 Framingham, MA; d 1796 Rowe, MA; m Eunice Kenney

5 Jonas Gleason b 1748 Oxford, MA; d 1815 Rowe, MA; m Lucy Harwood

6 Nathaniel Gleason b 1774 Rowe, MA; d 1832 Palmyra, MI; m Matilda Brown

7 Orrin W Gleason b 1800 Rueport, VT; d 1831; m Sarah Marie Wilcox

8 Orrin W Gleason Jr b 1828 NY; d 1897 Hudson, MI; m (2) Jane Nagus

9 Leonard Warren Gleason b 1869 Hillsdale, MI

10 Oren Leonard Gleason b1897 Ypsilanti, MI; d 1991; m Agnes Anderson G-15

6 Jonas Gleason b 1776 Rowe, MA; d 1824 Preston, NY; m Roxy Foster

7 John Robinson Gleason b 1814 Preston, NY; d 1869 Oxford, NY; m Susan Sophia Hough

8 Clark Hough Gleason b 1847 Pitcher, NY; d 1927 Grand Rapids, MI; m Mary Louisa Robinson

9 Clark Hough Gleason b 1906 Grand Rapids, MI; d 1996; m Dorothy B Chamberlain G-17

2 Joseph Gleson/Gleason b 1640 Cockfield, Suffolk, England; d 1715 Sudbury, MA; m (1) Martha Russell+ (2) Abigail Garfield

3 Joseph Gleason b 1671 Sudbury, MA; d 1711 Sudbury, MA; m Hannah Moore

4 Phinehas Gleason b 1710 Sudbury, MA; d 1735 Sudbury, MA; m Rebecca Allen

5 Phinehas Gleason** b 1732 Sudbury, MA; d 1799 E. Sudbury, MA; m Lois Robbins

6 Phinehas Gleason b 1757 Sudbury, MA; d 1840 MA; m Hannah Rowell

7 Phinehas Gleason b 1797 NH; d 1874 Stark, IL; m Sarah Pratt Smith

8 Charles C Gleason b 1833 Keene, NH d 1895 Stark, IL; m Mary Snell

9 Phineas Lincoln Gleason b 1865 Stark, IL; d 1952 Liberty Center, IA; m Amanda Walling

10 Roy Walling Gleason b1902 IA; d 1972 Kewanee, IL; m Dorothy M P Heuer G-41

5 Phineas Gleason** b 1732 Sudbury, MA; d 1808 Westborough, MA; m (1) Azubah Rice (2) Persis Newton Gregory+

6 Elijah Gleason b 1775 Westborough, MA; d 1850; m Lucy Fay

7 Zebina Montague Gleason b 1810; d 1868; m Caroline Buckminster Clarke

8 Leslie Carroll Gleason b 1867; d 1927; m Georgia Clifton Conary

9 Carroll Clarke Gleason b 1889; d 1947; m Beatrice Faythe Wray

10 Carroll Clarke Gleason b1919; d 1986 Waldoboro, ME; m Grace M Rae G-31

** Note: These two lines both claim descent from Phinehas/Phineas Gleason, born Sudbury, MA 1710 and Rebecca (Allen)

Gleason. This matter is being investigated in hopes of finding evidence to resolve the dispute.

2 John Gleason b c1645; d 1689 Sudbury, MA; m Mary Ross

3 Thomas Gleason b c1686 Sudbury, MA; d 1771 Worcester, MA; m Priscilla Miller

4 Isaac Gleason b 1724 Shrewsbury, MA; d 1776 Worcester, MA; m Eunice Smith

5 Jonathan/John Gleason b 1745 Worcester, MA; d 1827 Worcester MA; m (1) Lucretia Moore (2) May Fiske+

6 Jonathan Gleason b 1772 Worcester, MA; d 1838 Worcester, MA; m Esther Smith

7 Benjamin Franklin Gleason b 1816 Worcester, MA; m Mary Ann Ford

8 Walter Ford Gleason b 1855 Worcester, MA; d 1923 Worcester, MA

9 Walter Tolman Gleason b 1886 Worcester, MA; G-12

4 Phinehas Gleason b 1726 Worcester, MA; d c1760 Worcester, MA; m Eunice Chadwick

5 David Gleason b 1759 Worcester, MA; d 1823 Ouachita Parish, LA; m Barbara DeMoss

6 Phineas Gleason b c1805 Ouachita Par, LA; d 188? Dallas Co, TX; m (1) Marcellite Hamilton+ (2) Mary Adams

7 Phineas Gleason Jr b 1835 LA; d 1890 Webster Par, LA; m Nancy Cason

8 Michael D Gleason b 1861 Claiborne Par, LA; d 1910 Webster Par, LA; m Stella A Harrison

9 Benjamin D Gleason b 1897 Webster Par, LA; d 1986 LA; m Thelma G Clement G-8

8 William Thomas Gleason b 1868 Claiborne Par, LA; d 1947 Minden, LA; m (1) Ida C Lunsford

9 Raleigh R Gleason b 1903 Cotton Valley, LA; d 1964; m Zelma Goodwin G-7, 37

6 Isaac Gleason b 1813 Ouachita Par, LA; d 1887 Homer, LA; m Louannie R Reaves

7 John D Gleason b 1856 Claiborne Par, LA; d 1937 Plain Dealing, LA; m Mary M Barnett Harris

8 Claudy Gleason b 1890 Plain Dealing, LA; d 1953, LA; m Lena Cochran G-11

9 Curtis B Gleason b 1917 Plain Dealing, LA; d 1997 Shreveport, LA; m Dorothy Miller G-10

2 William Gleason b c1648; d 1690/91 Cambridge Farms (now Lexington), MA; m Abiah __­­_

3 William Gleason b 1679 Cambridge, MA; d Brookline, MA 1741; m Thankful Trowbridge

                                4 Charles Gleason, Rev. b 1718 Brookline, MA; d 1790 Dudley, MA; m Bethiah Scarborough

5 William Baxter Gleason/Glysson b 1750 Dudley, MA; d 1793; m Mary Kidder

6 William Gleason Campbell Glysson b c1768 prob MA

7 Rufus Glysson b 1807 VT; d 1864 VT

8 Charles Walter Glysson b c 1835 VT

9 George Edward Glysson b 1874 IL

10 Charles James Glysson b 1901 MI G-19

3 John Gleason b c1683 Cambridge, MA; m Hannah Woolworth

4 John Gleason b 1706 Enfield, CT; m Sarah Robins

5 John Gleason b 1727 Enfield, CT

6 Joel Gleason b 1761 Granville, MA; m Kesiah Smith

7 Enoch S. Gleason b 1803 Tolland, MA; m Ester Mariah Smith

8 James Madison Gleason b 1839 Lenox, OH; m Roxy Maria Chapin

9 Cassius Myrtle Gleason b 1861 Lenox, OH; m Cora Belle Gillis

10 Harold Allen Gleason b 1892 Lenox, OH; m Marion Hammond Norris G-16

5 Ephraim Gleason b 1733 Enfield, CT; d 1819; m Hannah Kent

6 Luther Gleason b 1761 Suffield, Hartford, CT; d 1819 Chenango County, NY; m Mary Knapp

7 Isaac Gleason b 1790 New York; d after 1860 Cherry Grove, Goodhue, Minnesota; m Lucy Sabin

8 Isaac Newton Gleason b c1827 NY; d 1869 Cherry Grove, MN; m Hannah Kuhns

9 Levi Nelson Gleason b 1858 Cherry Grove, MN; d 1923 Hubbard, MN; m Mathilda Westling

10 Wayne D Gleason b 1904 Akeley, MN; d 1989 Westwood, CA; m Ethel Haas G-69

5 Ariel Gleason b 1743 Enfield, CT

6 Elijah Gleason b 1780 CT; d 1863 Warrensville, OH; m (1) Cynthia Gunn+ (2) Samantha Johnson

7 Hiram A Gleason b 1804 Little Barrington, MA; d 1885 Chagrin Falls, OH; m Hannah Maria Hubbell

8 Orion A Gleason b 1842 Warrensville, OH; d 1915 Chagrin falls, OH; m Ellen Ford

9 Turner H Gleason b c1872 Chagrin Falls, OH; d 1964 Oregon City, OR; m Flora L Baker

10 Orion B Gleason b 1914 OR City, OR; d 1973 Albany, OR; m Blanche L Judd G-58

2 Philip Gleason b c1651 prob Watertown, MA; believed died c1690 Framingham, MA; m ___

3 Philip Gleason b Cambridge Farms, MA; d before 1757 Framingham, MA; m Martha Brown

                                                4 Jonathan Gleason/Glezen bp 1721 Framingham, MA; d 1812 Marlborough, MA; m (1) Ruth Eaton+ (2) Lois Flagg

5 Jonathan (2nd) Gleason/Glezen b 1750 Worcester, MA; d 1819 Worcester, MA; m (1) Martha ___ + (2) Silence Bigelow

6 James Glezen b 1778 Worcester, MA; d 1840 Pike County, IN; m Susannah Hammond

7 Edward Augustus Glezen b 1824 Wayne County, PA; d 1901 Daviess County, IN; m Mary Dillin

8 Samuel Augustus Glezen b 1869 Ireland, IN; d 1959 Oblong, IL; m Eva Amelia Anderson

9 Ward Anderson Glezen b1897 Ireland, IN; d1986 Oblong, IL; m Mary E. Brown G-34, 40

7 Charles O Glezen b 1830 Wayne County, PA; d 1881 Madison Township, IN; m Frances June Palmer

8 Thomas Hamilton Glezen b 1858 Dubois Co, IN; d1938 Gilmer, Upsur, TX; m (2) Lillian Ellen Corn

9 Raymond Lewis Glezen b 1908 Dubois Co, IN; d 1983 Gilmer, TX; m Sybil Wallace G-30

2 Isaac Gleason b c1654 Watertown, MA; d 1698 Enfield, CT; m Hester Eggleston

3 Isaac Gleason b 1687 Enfield, CT; d 1761 Enfield, CT; m Mary Prior

4 Joseph Gleason b 1721 Enfield, CT; m Hannah Colton

5 Solomon Gleason b 1759 Enfield, CT; d 1818 Enfield, CT; m Eleanor Belknap

6 Solomon Gleason b 1791 Enfield, CT; d 1849 Bath, Steuben, NY; m Hannah Bullen                             

                7 Solomon Gleason b 1820 Bath, NY; d 1886 Knoxville, Tioga, PA; m (1) Elizabeth Burley+

8 Warren Gleason b 1848 Bath, NY; d 1916 Troupsburg, Steuben, NY; m Marcia P Reynolds

9 Lloyd A Gleason b 1886 Troupsburg, NY; d 1952 Troupsburg, NY; m Grace Bates G-63

4 Job Gleason b 1731 Enfield, CT; d 1796 Grafton, VT; m Hannah Pease

5 Job Gleason b 1754 Enfield, CT; d 1832 Fairfax, VT; m Hannah Clemens

6 Levi Gleason b 1800 Chester, VT; d bef 1857 Jay, VT; m Anna Brown

7 Sherburn Gleason b 1831 Danville, VT; d 1889 Lisbon, NH; m Juliette A Howland

8 Bert Sherman Gleason b 1877 Lisbon, NH; d 1950 Laconia, NH; m Maud Ethel Spofford

9 Archibald Sherburn Gleason b 1897 Lakeport, NH; d 1949 Keene, Cheshire, NH G-27

3 Thomas Gleason b 29 Jul 1690 Enfield, CT; d 8 May 1745 Simsbury, CT; m 1716 Elizabeth Deming

4 Thomas Gleason b 9 Aug 1717 Simsbury, CT; d 1779 Farmington, CT; m 1742 Hannah Buel

5 David Gleason b 1750 Simsbury, CT; d 4 Apr 1815, Avon, CT; m (2) 1779 Abigail Alford

6 Peter Buel Gleason b 26 mar 1780, Avon, CT; d 12 Jul 1869 Hartford, CT; m 1803 Anna North                                   

                7 Henry Buel Gleason b 27 Jun 1804 Hartford, CT; m (2) 1830 Charleston, SC, Elizabeth Paul Milnor

8 Henry Gleason Ward b 1836 Charleston, SC; d 1912 Savannah, GA; m (2) 1865 Georgia Ann Jones

                                        9 Willie E Ward b 1871 Savannah, GA; d 1907 Fernandina, FL; m 1900 Wilhelmina Catherine Cassidy

                                                                                                                                        10 Frank Gleason Ward b 1903 Savannah, GA; d 1966 FL; m 1926 Grace Ernestine Johnson G-23

Incomplete Lineage I

2 _____ Gleason                                                                                                                                                                                     

3 _____Gleason

4 Joseph Gleason d 1747 Upton, Worcester, MA; m 28 Feb 1739/40 Hannah Ha[y]ward

5 Joseph Gleason b 20 Dec 1740 Upton, MA; m 1762 Sarah Eddy

6 Caleb Gleason b 1764/5 Sandisfield, Berkshire, MA ; d 1837 Richford, Tioga, NY; m (1) Lois Childs (3) Barbara ____         

                7 Absalom Gleason b c1804 Richford, Tioga Co. NY; m Abigail Pepoon Gleason

                            8 Sanford Gleason b 1849 Tioga Co. NY; d c1915 Corning, NY; m 1898 Lucinda (Lucy) Rickey

9 Cecil Gleason b 15 Mar 1902 Corning, NY; d 1985, Penn Yan, N Y; m Florence Clancy G-67

                7 Alvah Chiles Gleason b 1814 Berkshire, Tioga, NY; d 1893 Threes Rivers, Michigan; m Laura A Green

                            8 Henry Caleb Gleason b 1842 Allegany County, NY; d 1915Three Rivers, Michigan; m Mary Cornelia Burrow

9 Harry Otis Gleason b 1873 Three Rivers, Michigan; d 1950 Three Rivers, MI; m Lucy May Champion G103







Lineage II



Matthew Clesson b c1651 Ireland; d 1716 Deerfield, Massachusetts; m (1) 1670 Mary Phelps+ (2) 1701 Susannah Hodge– [rick AT]

2 Capt. Joseph Clesson b 1674 Northampton, MA; d 1753 Lake George, New York; m abt 1704 Hannah Arms

3 Lt. Matthew Clesson b 1713 Deerfield, MA; d1756 Deerfield, MA; m 1743 Abigail Hoyt

4 Joseph Clesson b 1756 Deerfield, MA; d1816 Deerfield, MA; m 1783 Abigail Seekins

5 Joseph Clesson b 1791 Deerfield, MA; d aft 1850 Peoria, Illinois; m 1814 Mehitable Stebbins

6 Jarvis S Clesson b 1820 Shelbourne, MA; d 1876 Shelbyville, IL; m before 1855 Sarah Eckles           

                7 George Frederick Clesson b 1863 Beecher City , IL; d 1934 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; m 1892 Sallie Ann Pearson

                            8 Willard Ray Clesson b 1893 Matthewson, OK; d 1989 Tacoma, Washington; m 1914 Mary Olivine Giguere G-115


John Gleeson b Ireland; Blacksmith; m Catherine Brennan in Ireland– [briangle AT]

2 Edward Gleeson b c1785 lived at Gowran, Kilkenny, Ireland 1815-52; d 1879 Anakie, Victoria, Australia; m Mary Lyons

3 Martin Gleeson b 25 Mar 1825 Gowran, Kilkenny; d 1903 Kiora, Victoria, Australia; m 15 Feb1855 Margaret Butler

4 James Gleeson b 1872 Kiora, Victoria; d 11 Feb1912 Kiora, Victoria; m 8 Aug 1900 Mary Long

5 James Leo Gleeson b 15 Aug 1902 Willaura, Victoria; d 13 Apr 1967 Caulfield, Victoria; m1931 Margret Teresa Ryan G-81


James Gleason b 1772; d 1805 Dorchester, Massachusetts; m Drusilla Wight – [pettymare AT gmail dot com]

2 James Glover Gleason b 1795 Dorchester, MA; d 1853; m Asenath Paty

3 Herbert Gleason b 1830 Plymouth, MA; d 1893 Malden, MA; m Elizabeth Upton

4 Sumner Gleason b 1860 Malden, MA; d 1944 Abington, Pennsylvania; m Edith Gertrude Crawford

5 Herbert Lester Gleason b 1891 Denver, CO; d 1942 Salt Lake City, Utah; m Mabel Vivian Larsen G-55


Thomas Gleeson b c1780 ?Tipperary; d bef 1827 Thurles, Templetouhy, Tipperary; m 2 Apr 1808 Catherine Craddock/Crodick - [gleeson999 AT]

            2 Darby (Jeremiah) Gleeson b 26 Oct 1827; bp Parish Thurles, Tipperary ; d 19 Aug1911 Providence, Rhode Island; m Jane Mathewson

                        3 Francis P Gleeson b 10 Oct 1863 Dracut, Massachusetts; d 2 Jun 1934 Providence, RI; m 7 Sep 1909 Alice Regina Collins

                                                4 Paul D Gleeson b 1 Jun 1910 Providence, RI; d Providence, RI; m Charlotte Manchester G108


John Gleeson b 1781; d 1864; m Honora Hennessy

2 William Gleeson b 1810; d 1889; m Mary (Kitty) Purcell

3 William (Black Will) Gleeson b c1858; d 1925; m Mary Ann Ryan

4 John Joe Gleeson b 1899 Moher, Gortkelly, Tipperary; d 1965; m Winnie Dwyer G-98


Michael Gleeson b 1785 Curraghaneddy, Tipperary; d 1819 Curraghaneddy; m Eleanor (Mc)Cawley

2 John Gleeson b 1812 Currraghaneddy; d 1887 Old Turnpike, Nenagh; m Mary Anne Flannery

3 Michael Gleeson b 1854; d 1932; m Julia Mary Boland G-91


James Gleeson b c1789 Garryard, Silvermines, Tipperary; d 1869 Nenagh, Tipperary; m Mary Ryan - [LJCrofton AT]

            2 Martin Gleeson b c1829 near Nenagh, Tipperary; d 22 May 1911 Illinois; m Bridget Begley

                        3 James J Gleeson b 24 Jun 1882 Illinois; d 10 Sep 1949 Illinois; m Thresa Domek G-71


Thomas Gleeson b 1790 Tipperary, Ireland; d 1839 London, Ontario, Canada; m Ellen Dagg – [treatgleason AT]

            2 James Dagg Gleeson b 1822 London, Ontario, Canada; m Margaret Dobie b 1826 New Brunswick, Canada

                        3 William H Gleason b c1848 Canada; m Emma Treat b c1853 Laingsburg, Shiawassee, Michigan

4 Frederick Treat Gleason b 1873 Laingsburg, Shiawassee, MI; d 6 Mar 1934 Reno Nevada; m Gwendolyn Carlsson-Eckmann

                            5 Fred Treat Gleason b 1920 Beaver, Utah; d 1998 Quantico, Virginia; m Gloria Maria Aguiluz-Berlioz (Kirkpatrick) G-39, 51


James Gleeson b 1795 Tinerana, Tipperary; d 1872 Tinerana

            2 John Gleeson b 1824 Tinerana; d 1903 Tinerana; m Mary Tierney

                        3 Michael Gleeson b 1887 G-99


Michael Gleeson m c1825-1829 Norah McKeogh/McCoagh

2 John Gleeson b 1829 Cappadine, Kilnarath, Tipperary; d 1906 Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada; m c1851-1853 Ann Nolan in Ontario, Canada

                      3 Michael J Gleeson b 1855 Markham, York, Ontario; d 1936 Uxbridge, Ontario; m (1) 1883 Agnes Hopper (2) 1903 Mary Ester Dunsheath+

                4 Michael Samuel Theodore Gleeson b 1905 Uxbridge, Ontario; d 1974 Siloam, Uxbridge, Ontario; m 1934 Verna Flumerfelt G-106


James Gleeson b c1802; d c1874; m 1841 Mary Gleeson probably in Garryard, Tipperary

            2 James Gleeson b 1846 West Garryard, Tipperary; d 1906 West Garryard; m Ellen Herbert

                        3 James J Gleeson b 1888 Garryard; d 1948 San Francisco, California; m Mary Ellen Lee G-22


Thomas Gleeson b c1805 prob. Galbertstown, Holycross, Tipperary; m Ellen Breen

            2 Thomas Gleeson b 1840 Galbertstown; d 1911 Galbertstoen; m Catherine Caesar

                        3 Timothy Gleeson b 1893 Galbertstown; d 1975; m Josephine G-92


John Gleeson b c1805 Ireland; d c1843 Ireland; m 3 Mar 1835 Margaret Quinlan Aghnameadle, Toomevara Par, Tipperary - [philipjames At]

            2 Roger (Rhody) Gleeson b 1835 Knockane, Co. Tipperary; d 6 Mar 1914 Coomealla Cassilis, NSW, Australia; m19 Jan 1861 Bridget Lennox, NSW

                        3 John Thomas Gleeson b 28 Dec 1864 Barragan, Wollar, NSW; d 11 Jul 1935 Tambar Springs, NSW; m 1895 Catherine Anne Lane, NSW

                4 Thomas Patrick Gleeson b 28 May 1895 Wollar, NSW; d 25 Nov 1975 Umina, NSW; m 17 Mar 1925 Bridget Margaret Kennedy G-97


John Gleeson b 1805 County Galway; d 1868 Leigh, Lancashire; m Mary Burke - [petegleeson1 AT]

            2 Patrick Gleeson b 1842 Kellougher, County Galway; d 1905 Reddish, Stockport, Lancashire; m 1869 Emma Sykes, Leigh, Lancashire

3 Bernard Gleeson b 1889 Salford, Lancashire; d 1940 Stockport, Lancashire; m 1916 Ellen Bracken, Levenshulme, Manchester G-104


Matthew Gleeson b c1808; d c1890 Tipperary?; m 22 Feb1835 Bridget Rahilly in Killaloe, County Clare – [soulpurpose AT]

2 Thomas Gleeson b c1836 County Clare; d 8 Aug1918 Illowa, Victoria, Australia; m 16 Aug 1866 Mary Ann Lane in Victoria, Australia

3 Matthew Michael Gleeson b 1869 Yangery (Woodford), Victoria; d 23 Aug 1955 Warrnambool, Victoria; m 1895 Hannah Frances Conheady

4 John Joseph Gleeson b 1899 Warnambool, Victoria; d 1975 Illowa, Victoria; m 1932 Eileen Margaret Blomeley in Geelong, Victoria G-113


Michael Gleeson b Ireland m Mary UNKNOWN – [ssnstn AT]

2 George Gleeson b c1840 New Quay, Galway, Ireland; d 1878 Ireland; m Mary Connley

3 Michael (Patrick) Gleeson b 14 Mar 1866 Ennis, Ireland; d 20 Aug 1932 Camden County, New Jersey; m Margaret Elizabeth Waters

4 Edward Joseph Gleeson b 23 Jul 1908 Haddonfield, New Jersey; d 20 Mar 1996 Omaha, Nebraska; m Fannie Dietrich Emmerich G-89


Daniel Gleeson b c1810 Upperchurch/Drombane, Co. Tipperary ; m 7 Feb 1842 Mary Purcell Upperchurch/Drombane – [gerry261054 AT]

2 John Gleeson b Dec 1848 Upperchurch/Drumbane; d 1927; m 26 Feb 1895 Drombane RC Church Margaret Kennedy

3 Martin Gleeson b 15 Jan 1900 Upperchurch/Drombane; d 10 Jun 1969 Warwick, England; m 1928 Catherine Mary Wall G-94


John Gleeson b c1815 Lisgoriff?, Tipperary, Ireland; d after 1862; m 2 Jan 1839 Margaret OÔMeara Templederry RC Parish- [bettyg AT]

2 William Gleeson b 1 Jul 1862 Lisgoriff?, Tipperary; d c1912 Kilriffith, Tipperary; m 6 Jun 1900 Joanna Behan (Aughbee) Killoscully RC Parish

3 Michael Gleeson b 1905 Ballynaclogh, Tipperary G-70


William (Wiley) Glisson b 1816 Georgia; d 3 Nov 1887 Decatur Co, Georgia; m Tersa Ann Yates – Charles Glisson [f150cj AT]

2 Alexander L Glisson b 10 Aug 1863 Gadsden Co, Florida; d 8 Feb 1927 Bainbridge, Decatur, GA; m Mary Ellen Pitts

3 Charles Jefferson Glisson b 21 Jul 1891 Sneads, Jackson, FL; d 16 June 1946 GA; m Callie Josephine Herring G-68


Matthew Gleeson b c1818 ?Lisbunny; County Tipperary; d1914 Ballydrinan, County Tipperary, Ireland – [mgglee AT]

2 Michael Gleeson b c 1863 Ballydrinan; d 1931 Ballydrinan

3 Edward Gleeson b 1916 Ballydrinan; d 1993 Kilcolman, County Tipperary G-65


Martin Gleeson b 1822 Curraghaneddy, Tipperary; d 1892 Curraghaneddy; m Anna Woods

2 John Gleeson (Crimlin) b 1860 Curraghneddy; d 1919 Duncan, Tipperary; m Sarah Madden

3 Dan Gleeson b 1899; d 1977 Crumlin, Tipperary; m Bridget G-75


Thomas Gleeson b c1822 County Tipperary, Ireland; d 23 Feb 1887 Boherlahan, Kilemakill; m 1858 Mary Farrell - [shivauntijou AT]

2 John (Jack) Gleeson b Mar 1876 Urard, Tipperary; d 27 Mar 1963 Thurles, Tipperary; m 1906 Catherine (Kate) Lonergan

3 Michael Joseph Gleeson b 16 Jun 1910 Manseltown, Moyne, Tipperary G-66


John Gleeson b c1832 Lackagh, Tipperary, Ireland; d 1885 Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland; m Anne Gleeson - [mauricegleeson AT]

2 Martin M Gleeson b 3 Jul 1866 Shallee, Silvermines, Tipperary; d 13 Jan 1940 Stratford-on-Slaney, Wicklow, Ireland; m Mary Nora Walshe

3 Jack Gleeson b 18 Jun 1898 Stratford-on-Slaney, Wicklow; d 10 Apr 1959 Dublin, Ireland; m Lily O'Carroll G-21


Daniel Gleeson b 1833 ?Ballycahill, Tipperary; d 1911 Ballykahill; m Margaret Boyle

            2 Terence Gleeson b 1867 Ballycahill; d 1945 Dublin; m Anne Moloney

                        3 Daniel Gleeson b 1898 Ballycahill; d 1940 Nenagh, Tipperary; m Eileen Mary OÔKeefe G-95


Martin Gleason b c1836 Ennistimon, Clare, Ireland; d 22 Mar 1918 Chester County, Pennsylvania; m Anna Hickey - [rgleason47 AT]

2 Joseph Thomas Gleason b c 1887; d 13 Mar 1980 PA; m Elizabeth "Bessie" Flanagan G-5


Thomas Gleeson b c1834/40 Nenagh, Tipperary, Ireland; d 24 Sep 1916 Auckland, New Zealand; m Catherine Jackson - [deirdre.dale AT]

2 James Thomas Gleeson b 8 Mar 1877 Thames, New Zealand; d 17 Jun 1961 Auckland, NZ; m Margaret Parker

3 Roland Patrick Gleeson b 9 Oct 1914 Paparoa, North Auckland, NZ; d 25 Jan 1984 Hamilton NZ; m Myrtle Burgess G-54


Patrick Gleeson

            2 John Gleeson b 1840 Kilmore, Silvermines; m Catherine Quigley

                        3 Denis Gleeson b1870 Silvermines; d Queens, New York; m Mary A Kiley

                4 Vincent E Gleason b 1908, New York; d 1949; m Mary K Dolan G-84


Peter Gleeson b c1840 Rockhill & Buree, Co. Limerick, Ireland; d 11 Jan 1901 Chicago, IL, USA; m 1861 Nora Gorman [sean.gleason88 AT]

2 Patrick Gleason b 27 Apr 1872 Gortroe, Co. Limerick; d 8 Dec 1948, Chicago, IL; m 1896 Mary Kelly

3 Francis Gleason b 21 Feb 1908 Chicago, IL; d 3 Jun 1994 Midlothian, IL; m 1941 Ann Watson G-77


Denis Gleeson b c1844 Silvermines, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; d 14 May 1875 Bendigo VIC, Australia; m 1866 Ann Grace [ AT]

2 Jeremiah Gleeson b 7 Feb 1870 Preston Vale, VIC, Australia; d 2 Dec 1929 Mayfield NSW, Australia, m 1899 Alice Ada Bennett

3 Gordon Charles Gleeson b 19 Mar 1902 Merewether NSW, Australia; d 1968 Mayfield NSW; m 1932 Daisy Bramley G-78


Matthew Gleason m Johanna Ryan d 19 Aug 1883 – Jennifer Thornton-Davis [decoprincess AT]

2 Michael Gleason b Tipperary (?), Ireland; d 9 Dec 1921 Gladstone, Michigan; m Mary Wallace

3 Matthew Edworth Gleason b 26 Nov 1865 Vermont; d 3 July 1948; m Josephine McDermott

4 Michael H Gleason b 20 Aug 1896 Marinette, Wisconsin; d 7 Jan 1988 San Diego, California G-2


John Tyler Gleason b 12 Dec 1848 Van Buren, Iowa; d 21 Jun 1919; m Mary Virginia Parker

2 Ora Parker Gleason b 4 Jan 1884 Kansas; d 4 Sep 1922; m Sarah Elza Wyatt

3 Harold Parker Gleason b 11 May 1919 Dillon, Missouri; d 18 Jun 1976 Columbia, Missouri; m Margaret Spradling G-18






Lineage III


Cornelius Gleeson b c1812 Coore or Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; m Mary Meade – [WJGleeson AT]

2 John Gleeson b 1842 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1901-1910; m Catherine Sexton

3 John (Jack) Gleeson b 1886 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; m Anne Dillon

4 Patrick Gleeson b 1922 Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1978 Hammersmith, UK; m Susan Reidy G-36


Michael Gleeson b c1825 Coore or Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; m Margaret McCarthy – [WJGleeson AT]

2 Patrick Gleeson b 1849 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d 1914 East Haddam, Connecticut

3 James F Gleason b 1882 East Haddam, CT; d 1942 East Haddam, CT; m Anna Schroeder

4 Eugene F Gleason b 1912 Brooklyn, New York; d 1992 CT; m Gertrude Bonsaing G-33


Matthew Gleeson b c1830 prob Coore or Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; m Sarah (Sally) Walsh – [WJGleeson AT]

2 Cornelius Gleeson b 1866 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d 1938 Coore, Co Clare, Ireland; m Margaret Sexton

3 Matthew Gleeson b 1898 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; d 1978 Coore, County Clare, Ireland; m Bridget Cleary G-35


Michael Gleeson b c1831 Coore or Connolly, County Clare, Ireland; d 1896 Corbally (Kilkee), Ireland; m Bridget Moloney – [WJGleeson AT]

2 Matthew Gleeson b 1879 Mountscott, County Clare, Ireland; d 1955 Kansas City, Missouri; m Elizabeth Moran

3 James Gleeson b 1912 Kansas City, MO; d 1996 Kansas Ciity, MO; m (1) Margaret Sullivan G-43 (2) Julia Drago G-32




Unknown Lineage


David Gleeson b 1806 Cork; d 1846 Gurteen, Cork; m Kathryn Purcell (1805-1887) – [srg47 AT]

2 Thomas Purcell Gleeson b 1837 Cork; d 1888 Wakefield, Massachusetts; m 1866 Margaret Lehane

3 Timothy Gleeson b 1868 Clonmoyle, Cork; d 1949 Wakefield, MA; m 1907 Catherine mary Ingerton

                4 Thomas William Gleeson b 1915 Wakefield, MA; m 1940 Louise Sidney Robertson G112


Thomas Gleeson b c1818; d 16 Aug 1896 Skehanaugh, County Kerry, Ireland; m Ellen Byme - Richard J Gleason [RichardGleason AT]

2 Richard Gleeson b 1858; d 1943 Derreensillagh; m Gobnait (Abbie) Shea

3 Patrick Gleeson b 13 Jan1900; d 4 May 1972 New York; m Mary Kearns G-1


William Silas Gleason b 1823 Butler County, Ohio; d 1916 Ladora, Iowa; m Lydia Margaret McAninch - [stevejgleason AT]

2 Phineas Fletcher Gleason b 1879 Crawfordsville, Indiana; d 1917 Chouteau County, Montana; m Hattie M Gates

3 Mervin K Gleason b 1909 Humbolt County, Iowa; d 1969 Portland, Oregon; m Adela C Ophus G-44, 49


Thomas E Gleason b 1840 Canada; d 27 May 1907 Washington, DC; m Mary A. - [davidgleason AT]

2 Joseph Cummings Gleason b 21 Apr 1869 Baltimore County, Maryland; m Elizabeth M Poffenberger

3 John Howard Gleason b 28 Aug 1918 Washington, DC; d 6 Mar 2004 Columbia, Maryland; m Mabel Francis Shipe G121


Edward A Glysson b c1843 Vermont; d 1921 Vermont; m Frances A. Wiggins - [Jglysson AT]

2 Eugene C Glysson b 1868 VT; d 1940 VT; m Emma C Churchill

3 Edward C Glysson b 1898 VT; d 1978 VT; m Helen Day G-13


Patrick Gleason b 1851 Ireland; lived in Ontario, Canada and in New York USA; m Margaret Gallagher [pmgleason AT]

2 Henry Morris (Harry Harold) Gleason b 9 Nov 1895 Cardinal, Ontario; d 21 Jan 1979 Rochester, New York; m 1918 Rose Ellen (Rosell) Robertson

3 Joseph Harold Gleason b St. Catherines, Lincoln, Ontario; d Rochester, New York; m Margaret Mary OÔHalloran G101


Arthur Merrial Gleason b c1854 New York City; d after 1905; m Hattie May Kennedy - [lgleason AT]

2 Arthur Merrial Gleason b 29 Apr 1893 New York City; d 12 Jan 1947 St. Louis, Missouri; m Gertrude Christine Herman G-62


Edward Nicholas Gleason b Co. Tipperary, Ireland; lived New York City; m Anna Starke - nickg [4gleason AT]

2 Nicholas Edward Gleason b 6 Apr 1906 NYC; d 2 Jan 1969 Demarest, NJ; m Catherine Ruzbacky G-25


John (Joseph) J Gleason b c1878 Pennsylvania, USA; m c1902 Helen or Ella Tucker – [gleason.shovelhead AT]

2 Horace Earl Gleason b 2 Dec 1907 Oakland, California, USA; m Genevieve Buchanan G102




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