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The Gleason/Gleeson DNA Project is open to all families with the surnames listed at the top of the page, but the list is not meant to be complete, and no one surname is more important than another.  Just as DNA mutates over time, family surnames mutate as well, leading to an array of possible variations. The project name is based on the two surname spellings most frequent among the membership. The "Gleason" spelling is the one used predominantly in the United States, while "Gleeson" is of Irish origin and is found throughout the U.K. and Australia.
A Surname DNA Project is a group of genealogy researchers who share a surname, or a genetic link to the surname, and who join together to use yDNA testing, in combination with historical evidence, to identify common ancestors. Testing of our members is done through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). The discovery process begins for a participant when the lab analysis of his yDNA test identifies another participant whose test results are a "match" with his. Often these "matches" can help the participant with the paper trail that leads further back up the family tree. When the DNA information is combined with family pedigrees and other relevant information, the full power of Genetic Genealogy is utilized.
One of the goals of the project is to discover common characteristics among the yDNA test results of the members and to group the members into "lineages" defined by a set of distinguishing mutations of the DNA. Then, by combining information from the individual members of a lineage, it may be possible to identify a patriarch (or founding father) for the lineage. The lineage information is used in many ways—for one, it provides direction to members who have no knowledge of their ancestry.  Other discoveries are possible through involvement in the project, and each member may have his own unique set of goals. It is the job of the project administrators to assist the participant in finding the path that will lead to the realization of his personal goals. 
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