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Je(h)an Gaudet (b. 1574-1575, (Martaize, Poitou)?, France; d. 1671-1678, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?)
Denis Gaudet (b. 1624-1625, France?; d. ca. 11 Oct 1709, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?; m. Martine Gauthier)
Pierre "l'Aine" Gaudet (b. 1650-1652, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?; d. after 1714, (Beaubassin, Acadia)?; m. Anne Blanchard)
Claude Gaudet (b. 1676-1678, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?; d. after 1755; m. Marguerite B(e)lou)
Charles Gaudet (b. 1716, (Beaubassin, Acadia)?; d. 1787|1794, (Becancour, Nicolet Co., PQ)?; m. Marie Cormier)
Francois Gaudet dit Mar(a)in (b. 1743, Beaubassin, Acadia; d. 1810, (St-Gregoire, Nicolet Co., PQ)?; m. Marie Francoise Poisson)
Francois Gaudet (b. 1781, Becancour, Nicolet Co., PQ; d. 1855, (St-Gregoire, Nicolet Co., PQ)?; m. Marie Didase Beaudet)
Alexis Gaudet (b. 1809, St-Gregoire, Nicolet Co., PQ; d. 1893, (St-Gregoire, Nicolet Co., PQ)?; m. Marie Seraphine Richard)
Gedeon Gaudette (b. 1849, St-Gregoire, Nicolet Co., PQ; d. 1925, Crookston, Polk Co., MN; m. Philomene Toupin)
Joseph F. Gaudette (b. 1878, Schoolcraft Twp., Houghton Co., MI; d. 1961, Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co., WA; m. Ida Beaudry)
Francis Wilfred Joseph "Bill" Gaudette (b. 22 Dec 1899, (Cass Co.)?, MN; d. 1988, Spokane, Spokane Co., WA; m. Helen Gertrude Watson (FTDNA 167212)
Augustin Gaudet (b. ca. 1686, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?; d. after 1755; m. Agnes Chiasson)
Michel Gaudet (b. ca. 1724; d. 1789, (St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, Vercheres Co., PQ)?; m. Marie Josephte Girouard)
Joseph Gaudet (b. ca. 1748, (Beaubassin, Acadia)?; d. 1824, (Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, St-Hyacinthe Co., PQ)?; m. Theotiste Henry)
Joseph Gaudet (b. 1776, St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, Vercheres Co., PQ; m. Marie Josephte Quay dit Dragon)
Joseph Gaudet (b. 1804, Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, St-Hyacinthe Co., PQ; d. 1832, Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, St-Hyacinthe Co., PQ; m. Marie Martine Boisvert)
Joseph Gaudette (b. 1827, Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, St-Hyacinthe Co., PQ; d. after 1910, (Franklin Co., VT)?; m. Celina Desmarias)
Joseph Gaudette (b. 1859, Notre-Dame, Granby, Shefford Co., PQ; d. 1920-1930, (Franklin Co., VT)?; m. Marie Angelique Lacroix)
Alias Josaphat "Harley" Gaudette (b. 1894, Notre-Dame, Granby, Shefford Co., PQ; d. 1963, VT; m. Mary Elizabeth Murray) (FTDNA 118173)
Francois Gaudet dit Michaux (b. 1764, (Ste-Anne-de-la-Perade, Champlain Co., PQ; d. 1834, (Contrecoeur, Vercheres Co., PQ)?; m. Pelagie Migneault)
Francois Xavier Gaudet dit Michaux (b. 1805, Contrecoeur, Vercheres Co., PQ; d. 1863, Contrecoeur, Vercheres Co., PQ; m. Rose Dausois)
Charles Napoleon Gaudette (b. 1841, Contrecoeur, Vercheres Co., PQ; d. 1892, Grafton, Worcester Co., MA; m. Delia Allaire)
Napoleon F. Gaudette (b. 1871, Worcester, Worcester Co., MA; d. 1932, Grafton, Worcester Co., MA; m. Mary Eugenie Elizabeth Harper) (FTDNA 226214)
Louis Gaudet (b. 1727-1728; d. 1798-1801, ([Lafourche P.], Louisiana)?; m. Marie Hebert)
Francois Louis Gaudet (b. 1772, (St-Malo, Bretagne, France)?; d. 1831, (Lafourche P., LA)?; m. Marcelline Falgout)
Louis Gaudet (b. 1801, ([Assumption P.], LA)?; d. ca. 1846-1860, (Lafourche P., LA)?; m. Clemence Falgout)
Louis Gaudet (b. 1824, (Lafourche P.)?, LA; d. 1860-1870; m. Eliza Adele Guillot)
Leon Gaudet (b. 1851, (Lafourche P.)?, LA; m. Laura Emilie Bang)
Elmer Leon Gaudet (b. 1888, Lafourche P., LA; d. 1920-1930, (Acadia P., LA)?; m. Sadie Menzis (FTDNA 526425)
Leon F. Gaudet (b. 1823, (Lafourche P.)?, LA; d. 1891, Thibodaux, Lafourche P., LA; m. Emily Cantrelle)
Francois Ernest Gaudet (b. 1851, (Lafourche P.)?, LA; d. 1925, Lafourche P., LA; m. Adele Letitia Cantrelle)
Philip J. Gaudet (b. 1884; d. 1968; m. Laura "Sara" Babin) (FTDNA 211164)
Pierre "le Jeune" Gaudet (b. 1653-1654, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?; d. after 1721, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?; m. Marie Blanchard)
Guillaume Gaudet (b. 1682-1684, (Port-Royal, Acadia)?; d. 1735-1741, (Beaubassin, Acadia)?; m. Marie Boudrot)
Charles Gaudet (b. 1712, Port-Royal, Acadia; d. before 1767; m. Anne Richard)
Joseph Gaudet (b. ?; d. 1785-1809, (Cheticamp, Inverness Co., NS)?; m. Marie Anne Richard)
Henry Marie "Louis" Gaudet (b. 1768, Louisbourg, Nova Scotia; m. Marie Bourg)
Amand Gaudet (b. 1797-1798, Cheticamp, Inverness Co., NS; m. Anastasie Bourgeois)
Elie Gaudet (b. 1836-1839, (Inverness Co.)?, NS; d. 1891-1901, (Inverness Co., NS)?; m. Sophique -----)
Guillaume Gaudet (b. 1865, (Inverness Co.)?, NS; m. Marie Chiasson)
Denis Gaudet (b. 1893, St-Joseph, Inverness Co., NS; d. 1980, (Middlesex Co., MA)?; m. Victoria -----) (NGP 1)
Jean Gaudet (b. Acadia?; d. before 1766; m. Marie Breau) (probably a great-grandson of Je(h)an Gaudet)
Charles Gaudet (b. 1728-1733, Acadia?; d. before 1810, m. Cecile Breau)
Michel Gaudet (b. 1772-1773, (Cabanoce [St. James Parish], LA)?; m. Victorine Bergeron)
Drauzin Gaudet (b. 1810, (Ascension P.)?, Louisiana; d. 1850-1860, (St. James P., Louisiana)?; m. Melanie Gourdain)
Michel Oscar Gaudet (b. 1838; St. James P., Louisiana; m. Aurora Angelique Webre)
Henry Oscar Gaudet (b. 1868, (St. James P.)?, Louisiana; d. ca. 1907-1910, (St. James P., Louisiana)?; m. Marie Celima Kroll) (FTDNA N12125 & 129804, 273979)
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