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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • James Gamble, b before 1755 - Jeff Gamble [jgambl02 AT]
    • George Gamble, b c1775-1784 Laurens Co SC,  m Margaret
      • John Howerton Gamble, b c1815 Laurens Co SC, m Charity Starling
        • Harvis Gamble, b 15 Oct 1848 Henry Co AL, m Mary Woolf
          • Jeff Farmer Gamble, b 27 Sep 1902 Henry Co AL, m Jesse Ritchie
  • John Gambles, Gentleman Commercial Traveller, m Elizabeth Berridge -John Cordell Gambles [jgambles At]
    • John Gambles, b 9 Nov 1849, York Yorkshire, m Sarah Elizabeth Metcalfe
      • Charles William Gambles, b 2 Sep 1879, York Yorkshire, m Mary Elizabeth Plows
        • John William Gambles, b 12 Sep 1904, York East Yorkshire, m Anne Cordell B200324

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