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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Gallagher / Golliher
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  • Maurice Gallagher b c 1720, settled in Kildorrery, Cork - [janfortado2007 AT]
    • Thomas Gallagher b c 1755 Ballynoulty, Kildorrery, Cork m. Drake? Hayes?
      • Thomas Gallagher b c 1786 Kilcruaig, Kilflyn, Limerick m. Ellen Treacy/Tracy
        • John Gallagher b c 1829 Houndscourt, Kilflyn, Limerick m Ellen Roche
          • William Gallagher b. 1869 Castleterry, Ballindangan, Mitchelstown, Cork; m Elizabeth
            • Joseph  Gallagher b. 1896 Hyde Park, MA m Rose Minton
              • Henry Gallagher b. Lowell, MA 1923 m Margaret Kuster 143745
  • John Gallaher b. c1735 m Nancy - Timothy Paul Gallagher [spqr753 AT]
    • Hugh Gallaher b. c1765 d. 16 Dec 1831 m Ann Wilson
      • George Washington Gallaher b. 02/02/ 1796 m Margaret Douglass
        • Hugh Gallaher b.  01 Jul 1824 m Mary Emily Elder
          • William Wilferd Gallaher b. 09 Jun 1859 m Mary A. Smith
            • Elmer Francis Gallagher b. 25 Apr 1889 m Bertha Mae Schroyer G-15 89220
  • Maxfield Gallaher b c1775 m Hannah Ullem - Jerold Gallagher [jcg0151 AT]
    • Clark Gallagher b 2 Mar 1820 Pike, OH m Mary Jones Houchins
      • Alfred G. Gallagher b 21 Feb 1856 Portsmouth, OH m Susan Jane Harrison
        • Clifford J. Gallagher b 19 Feb 1897 Argonia, KS m Ruby L. Crocker N73517
  • Gallagher, James ,Birth 1786 in Kilbarron TS, Kilbarron Parish, Co Donegal, Ireland, M. Honora -Susan D Gallagher [Shopintergoogles At]
    • Gallagher, John, Birth Dec 1, 1805 in Ballyshannon TS, Kilbarron Parish, Donegal Co, Ireland, M. Mary Bolton
    • Gallagher, James C, Birth August 26, 1838 in Maldon TS, Essex Co, Ontario, Canada, M. Elizabeth Hill
      • Gallagher, Harry Balgar, Birth March 8, 1866 in Peterborough TS, Peterborough CO, Ontario, Canada, M. Alma Josephine Campbell B77461
  • John Gallagher b c1800 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland - Brien Gallagher [agher AT]
    • Farrell Gallagher b c1830 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland
      • John Gallagher b 1852 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland d 1932 m Margaret Moffitt
        • Thomas Gallagher b 13 Oct 1877 Drumbrisny, Co. Roscommon, Ireland d 4 Dec 1942 m Mary Agnes Bradley
          • John Gallagher b 23 Aug 1903 Birr Castle, Co. Offally, Ireland d 5 Dec 1995 m Audrey Conklin 156015 
  • Thomas Gallaher b c1802-1804  m. Mary Ann "Polly" Evans TN  d aft 1850 - Becky C [beckyc AT]; Marjorie Foster-Kill [bttrswt AT]
    • Samuel Gallaher b 30 Jun 1830 Athens, McMinn, TN d 7 Jun 1902 Kingston, Adams, IL m Marha Mathilda Thomas
      • Rose Gallaher b 1873 Chestline, Adams, IL d 26 Feb 1941 Quincy, Adams, IL m Henry Albert Daugherty 80173
      • Charles Samuel Gallaher b 11 Oct 1879 Chestline, Adams, IL d 3 Sep 1946 Payson, Adams, IL m Lucy Margaret Schmalshoff
        • Russell William Gallaher b 13 Nov 1915 Pike Co., IL d 22 Feb 1995 Quincy, Adams, IL m Mary Ann Jansen 76057
    • Sarah Ann Gallaher b TN  1838  m. John Houston Caves  d 1902
  • Charles Golliher, b 1810 (?), m Elizabeth (Massey?) - K. Meredith [ke6129me AT]
    • James Washington Golliher, b 12/4/1837 Keokuck, Lee Co., IL; m. Clarissa Ann Bledsoe
      • Walter B. Golliher, b 4/9/1887 Warsaw, IL; m. Lessie Elisa Daugherty G-9 66472
  • William Gallagher born est. 1813, in Co. Donegal, Ireland, married Mary? - Carol Thompson [cthompson53 AT]
    • Charles William Gallagher born December 1843 in Brooklyn, N.Y., married Mary Elizabeth Hyland in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.
      • William Henry Gallagher born July 13, 1868 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, married Catherine Burns in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        • George Francis Gallagher born January 28, 1896 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, married Dorothy Cammerer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 311773
  • Jacob Hood b 1813 near Burke County, NC d 1880-1900 Caldwell County, NC m Delitha Ramsey - Sam Hood [notsogringa AT]
    • Sidney Hood b 1845 Caldwell County, NC d 1865 Point Look Out, MD m Henrietta Martin
      • James Baxter Hood b 1861 Caldwell County, NC d 1935 Caldwell County, NC m Mary Adeline Piercy/Pearcy
        • Alfred David Hood b 1899 Caldwell County, NC d 1968 m Flossie Tedder 83591
  • William Gallagher b 10 Jan 1814 Ireland m Elizabeth Swan - Ray Gallagher [raykim83 AT]
    • Thomas William Gallagher b 1 Sep 1850 New Brunswick, Canada m Eunice P. Boone
      • Robert Nelson Gallagher b 20 Mar 1885 m Dora Ethel MacLean 275826
  • Denis Gallagher (1815 to ?) M Mary O'Reilly Born Donegal Ireland -lnelsonlk05 [lnelsonlk05 AT]
    • Bernard Gallagher(1854 to 1924) M Mary McGowan(1859 to 1934) Born Ballibofey Donegal Ireland
      • Patick Bernard Gallagher (1891 to 1973) M Ellen Grace Watson Chalmers Both born Australia
  • James Gallocher, b. abt 1826, Ireland; Martha Mccrakan, May 1829, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland - Lynea Gallagher [LyneaDG at]
    • Edward Bernard Gallagher, August, 2, 1864, Monongehela, PA; Catharine Collins, July 1870, Washington, DC
      • Edward Bernard Gallagher, November 25, 1896, Pennsylvania; Frances Martinet, b. October 3 1897, Charleroi, Pennsylvania 402782
  • Florence James Gallagher b 1828 Ireland m Bridget Riley - GlenG [gallag70 AT]
    • Florence James Gallagher b 1857 Bureau Co., IL m Sarah Cain
      • Francis G. Gallagher b 1893 Champaign Co., IL m Hilda Schum 124204
  • Daniel Gallagher, b1841 Londenderry, No. Ireland,  m Anne Maquire - Dan Jenkins [dan_jenkins66 AT]
    • Daniel Gallagher b 1874, m Ellen Moor 
      • Daniel Alponsus Gallagher, b 1896, m Catherine McCool G-1 44433
  • Daniel M. Gallagher b Sep 1843 Donegal, Ireland d 1906 Echo, PA m Eliza Jane Marshall - Darlene Cass [darlenecass AT]
    • James Gallagher
    • Elmer Ellsworth Gallagher b 19 Sep 1891 Weat Mahoning, Indiana, PA d 15 Sep 1968 m Bertha McDivett 150560
  • Edward "Ned" Gallagher b: 1843, Curran, Belfarsad, Ireland M1 Catherine Gallagher, 2. Catherine Murphy -Katie
    Roberts []
    • James Gallagher b: 1849, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland d: 1963 M. Bridget Gallagher
      • Martin Francis Gallagher b: 11/15/1877, County Mayo, Ireland d: 1956, Merced, California M. Catherine Somers 349894
  • Edward Gallagher b 1857 Co. Mayo, Ireland m Susan Mary Paul - [gallagher.da AT]
    • Thomas Edward Gallagher b 1879 Hartlepool, Co. Durham, Ireland m Ethel Blanche Austen
      • Thomas Paul Gallagher b 1911 Lemington-on-Tyne, England m Hilda Simms 167421
  • Daniel Gallagher, b c1859, Ireland G-12 75928
  • Michael Gallagher b. 1866 Achill, Mayo, Ireland G-13 77996

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Owin (Owen) Gallagher b c1773 Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland - gallftree1973
    • Unknown Gallagher b Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
      • John Gallagher b Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
        • Patrick Gallagher b 1836 m Bridget McGlynn  Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
          • John Gallagher b 1860 m Sarah Temple Kilrean, Kilteevogue, Donegal, Ireland
            • Patrick Gallagher b 1904  m Annie O'Meara  Dublin, Ireland
  • William Gallagher b c 1795 m Letita Mitchell - Erin [rinba AT]
    • William Gallagher b 1826 Ervey, Lower Cumber, Londonderry, Ireland m Jane Donaghy, Brackfield, Lower Cumber, Londonderry Ireland
      • Mitchell Gallagher b 24 Nov 1867 East Boston, MA, USA m Margaret Sarah Gillis
        • William Gallagher b 6 Apr 1900 East Bost, MA USA m Katherine Rogers (also Rodrigues)
  • Patrick Gallagher b 1816 Swinford, Mayo, Ireland m Mary H. Heaney - Pat Gallagher [tobinmoher AT]
    • John F. Gallagher b Oct. 1854 Livingston Co., NY m Mary Hendee (Leonard)
      • Francis J. Gallagher b 8 Feb 1891 Waupaca Co., WI m Marguerite Mayott
        • Eugene F. Gallagher b 1915 Langlade Co., WI m Marie Moher

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