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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • John Foote, b abt 1530, England-Eric Foot [pook AT]
    • Robert Foote b. 1552
      • Nathaniel Foote b. 1592
        • Nathaniel Foote b. about 1618/19, England
          • Quarter-Master Nathaniel Foote born about 1647, CT
            • Josiah Foote, b. 1688, CT
              • Jonathan Foote, Esq. b. 1715
                • David Foote, b. 1760, CT
                  • Silas Foot, b. 1791, MA
                    • Silas Foot, b. 1826 Ohio
                      • Eugene Silas Foot, b. 1857 WI
                        • Harold Stewart Foot b. 1890 MN 546654
  • Nathaniel Foote, 21 Sep 1592, Colchester Essex England, m. Elizabeth Deming -Charlotte Brown [brown_charlie AT]
    • Robert Foote, 08 Dec 1627, Wethersfield Hartford Connecticut, m. Sarah Potter
      • Nathaniel Foote,  13 Apr 1660, New Haven Connecticut, m. Tabitha Bishop
        • Moses Foote, 13 Jan 1703, Branford New Haven, Connecticut, m. Mary Byington
          • Ebenezer Foote, 21 May 1740, Harwinton Litchfield Connecticut, m. Rebecca Barker
            • Simeon Foote, 22 Sep 1764, Harwinton Litchfield Connecticut, m. Lovisa Bacon
              • Gideon Foote, 17 Apr 1799, Great Bend Jefferson NY, m. Lavina Gillett
                • Lucy Ann Foote, 21 Feb 1837, Nicholson Wyoming Pennsylvania, m. Harrison Hine (or Hines)
    • Nathaniel Foote, 1620, Colchester Essex England,m. Elizabeth Smith
      • Samuel Foote, 01 May 1649, Wethersfield Hartford Connecticut, m. Mary Merrick
        • Daniel Foote, 06 Feb 1688/89, Hatfield Hampshire Massachusetts, m. Mary Collier
          • Mary Kelsey Foote, 20 Nov 1721, Simsbury Hartford Connecticut, m. Joel Gillett
            • Abner Gillett, 06 Dec 1741 Bloomfield Hartford Connecticut, m. Amy
              • Lavina Gillett, 1794, Otsego New York, m. Gideon Foote
                • Lucy Ann Foote, 21 Feb 1837, Nicholson Wyoming Pennsylvania, Harrison Hine (or Hines) B24599
  • Nathaniel Foote, b. 1593, England, m. Elizabeth Deming-Veitz [magicnative AT]
    • Robert Foote, b. 1627, New Haven, CT, m. Sarah Potter
      • Nathaniel Foote, b. 1660, Branford, CT, m. Tabitha Bishop
        • Moses Foote, b. 1702, Plymouth, CT, m. Mary Byington
          • Ebenezer Foote, b. 1740, Waterbury, CT, m. Rebecca Barker
            • Simeon Foote, b. 1764, West Britain, CT, m. Lovisa Bacon
              • Gideon Foote, b. 1799, Great Bend, NY, m. Lavinia Gillett
                • Simeon Foote, b. 1831, Cherry Valley, NY, m. Caroline Baker  293317                    
  • Richard Foote b 1665 England d 1728 VA m Elizabeth Innes - YarbroughAdmin [YarbroughAdmin AT]
    • George Foote Sr. b 1706 d c1759 VA m Frances Berryman
      • Frances Elizabeth Foote b 1742 Fauquier Co., VA d aft 1807 m1 Francis Moore m2 Moses Yarbrough m3 Samuel Savage
  •  Isaac Foote b c1800 MD m Leah - Sonia [scabbegen AT]
    • Isaac Foote b c1822 SC m Minda
      • Dennis Foote b c1862 SC
      • Armistead McDuffie b c1864 SC m Mariah Johnson
      • Leah Foote b c1866 SC m David Lee
      • Caroline "Callie" Foote b c18780 SC m William Howard
      • Emmaline Foote b c1875 m John Rollinson
      • Isaac Foote b c1878 SC
    • Thomas Foote b c1825 SC m Chainey
      • Augustus Foote b c1860 SC
      • Rosetta Foote b c1862 SC m Samuel Quales Brooks
    • Wade Foote b c1833 SC m1 Lettie m2 Mahala Ellis
      • Henrietta Foote b c1855 SC
      • "Shinky" (?) Foote b c1862 SC
      • Sylvia Foote b c1865 SC m William Belcher
      • Emmaline Foote b c1867 SC m1 ? Winn m2 James Lee
      • Wade Fletcher Foote b 1870 SC m Ellen Belcher
        • Thomas Foote b 1895 SC m Vanilla
      • Clark Foote b c1874 SC m Hattie Wright
      • Thomas Foote b c1876 SC
      • Hannah Foote b c1879 SC
      • Kittie Foote b c1882 SC m1 William Hester m2 ? Smith
  • John Walton Foote m Sally Chief - J. David Brandenburg [jdb AT]
    • Walton Gilbert Foote m Mary Jane Crockett
      • Margaret Samaria Foote b 29 May 1879 Temple, Carroll Co., GA d 29 May 1954 Gadsden, Etowah Co., AL m Monroe Elias Smith Browning 174851
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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