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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Ignacio Flores in Hidalgo Co., TX - ziggyflores [ziggyflores AT]
    • Thomas Flores Zarate b c1870 d 1945 Hidalgo Co., TX
      • Juan Flores Zarate b 1892 d 1970
  • Francisco Flores de Abrego mar.1785 San Juan Bautista spouse Francisca Javiera Galvan -Joan Flores Tapia [Joan.flores57 AT]
    • Jose Ramon Flores de Abrego b.6 Mar 1794 Presidio San Juan Bautista, Coahuila, Mexico spouse Maria Guadalupe Arrendondo
      • Joseph Anabato Flores b.abt.1828 Presidio San Juan Bautista, Coahuila, Mexico spouse Maria Susana Hernandez
        • Ventura Flores b.4 Jun 1853 San Antonio, Texas spouse  Josefa Farias  
          • Canuto Flores b.23 Mar 1899 Atascosa Co. Texas spouse Luz Rodriguez 420627 
  • Manuel Flores, m.Maria Expectacion Garza b. 1851 -Andrea Flores JULIA [thornj138 At]
    • Braulio Flores Christened/b. 1877 in Carmon, Nuevo Leon, Mexico d. August 3, 1937 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas m. Maria Villareal B160307
  • Antonio Flores d c1880 m Lucinda Milstead - Nancy Stowe [nancystowe AT]
    • Mack C. Flores (Flories) b 15 Nov 1875 TX d 24 Dec 1966 Ft. Worth, TX m Ethel Mae Stephens
      • Gene Mack Flories b 12 Oct 1912 Kennedale, TX d 21 Dec 1987 Ft. Worth, TX m Anna Mae Perry
  • Francisco Flores b Oct 1862 Dona Ana, NM m Celsa Chaves d 16 May 1943 - Frank Flores [fcflores3 AT]
    • Francisco Flores b 23 Aug 1896 Las Cruces, NM d 24 Jul 1960 Los Angeles, CA
    • Alberto Flores b8 Apr 1892 Las Cruces, NM d 14 Jul 1981 Los Angeles, CA
    • Melquiades Flores b Las Cruces, NM
    • Aaron Flores b 27 May 1913 Las Cruces, NM d 25 Aug 1999 Montebello, CA
    • Celia Flores b Las Cruces NM F-6 33082

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