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Last updated 24 Jul 2014

Please send any queries or pedigrees for this project to:  FAIRBAIRNDNA AT

The Fairbairn project would like to:

  • list as many Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader (researcher) as we can identify.
  • locate descendants of each family and arrange their participation in the DNA project

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Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but those families with a man representing them in the DNA Project will be identified.

Further informtion on most pedigrees listed here may be found in the companion Fairbairn One Name Study (ONS) lineage pages.
Click here for a comined diary for the DNA project and the ONS

Earliest known ancestors so far identified, with their Line Leader (Researcher)
└── indicates unproven relationship  
?? against a name or place show (hopefully educated) guesses
The pedigrees represented here under the heading "Other" are mostly those where little or no online tree or existing research can be found, so unless an established researcher has shared their pedigree, it isn't yet shown on these pages.  All welcome.

Many of the ancestor and researcher links will open a new window, often on a different site, eg the supplementary pages on DNA Surnames for participants; or the FAIRBAIRN One Name Study Lineage pages for Wanted! lines, and researchers, or those included in the lineages there; or other web sites, where more detailed information may be found,
Most of the F-n links will open a summary results chart in a new window.
(apologies in advance for any broken links as data is being rationalised between the DNA and One Name Study pages)

Use your browser Find feature to see if what you want is on this page.
On this page you will find summary pedigrees grouped into the following categories:
(which are all undergoing a renumbering, currently incomplete, so the groupings may not yet be as tidy as this short list as yet!)

Lineage 1: Summary dna results, dna signature chart, detailed dna results/discussions

Lineage 1e (391 = 9 520 = 19):Researcher Lorna Henderson Web pages
John Fairbairn, b. say 1705 ?Melrose, ROX, SCT m Bessie fflint
├──Robert Fairbairn, b. 1729 Drygrange, Melrose, ROX, SCT m Agnes Landreth
│  ├──Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1758 St Boswells, ROX, SCT m Mary Grierssen
│  │   └── George Fairbairn, b. circa 1805 Hobkirk, ROX, SCT m Janet Purdie
│  │      ├── Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1830 Melrose, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth Simpson
│  │       └──Charles Fairbairn, b. circa 1840 Melrose, ROX, SCT m Mary Bate
│  │        └── Thomas P Fairburn, b. 1885 PA, USA m Mabel E Minturn
│  │            └── Earl Millard Fairburn b. 1924 Fresno, CA, USA F-2 Researcher Marsha

│  └── William Fairbairn, b. say 1760 ROX, SCT m Elsie (Aylsie) Elliot   existance from Reby Dodds' "Whos Which", relationship to Robert conjectured, William and John/David are brothers even if parentage unconfirmed, however, read about some late breaking news re this family │      ├── William Fairbairn b. 1790 Yetholm?, SCT d 1872 Wakefield, QUE m Jean (Jane) Wanless Researcher G Roy Fairbairn
│      │  └── William Fairbairn, b. 1826 Wakefield, QUE, CAN m Martha Rogers
│      │      └── James Fairbairn, b. 1859 Wakefield, QUE, CAN m Ellen Lindsay
│      │          └──William Tate Fairbairn, b. 1892 Wakefield, QUE, CAN m Ellen White
│      │              └── G Roy Fairbairn F-3
│      └── John (or David) Fairbairn, b. circa 1799 SCT m Jane Williamson Researchers Ross Hotchkiss + Gordon Suddaby (gsuddaby [ at ] representative still wanted from another son
│          ├── Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1821 ONT, CAN m Margaret Graham
│          ├── David Fairbairn, b. 1822 Hawkesbury, ONT, CAN m Charity Walker
│          │   ├── David Fairbairn, b. 1859 Hawkesbury Mills, ONT, CAN m Azella Valley
│          │   │   └── David Fairbairn, b. 1884 MI, USA m Flora L UnknownSurname
│          ├── William George Fairbairn, b. circa 1824 QUE or ONT, CAN m Sarah Ann Farrel
│          │   └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1849 QUE, CAN m Agnes UnknownSurname
│          ├──James Fairbairn, b. circa 1831 QUE, CAN m Mary Smith
│          │   ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1854 Hawkesbury, ONT, CAN m Elizabeth Jane UnknownSurname
│          │   └── Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1861 Walsingham, ONT, CAN m Elizabeth Griffin
│          └──John A Fairbairn, b. 1833 Grenville, QUE, CAN
              +Sarah Ann Daughterty
│              ├──John A Fairbairn Jr, b. 1866 ONT?, CAN m Belle Reynolds  "Cousins" to the Sunderland family of Robert Fairbairn and Elizabeth Taylor below 
│              ├── William George Fairbairn, b. 1869 Stillwater, MN, USA m Carrie Augusta McGrew
│              │     ├──Walter Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1897 NM, USA m Clarissa Fairbairn (d/o David Fairbairn and Charity Walker above)
│              │     │   └──David William Fairbairn, b. 1923 CA, USA m Elizabeth Ann McDevitt
│              │     │        └──David William FairbairnF-46
│              │     ├──William Max Fairbairn, b. 1899 KS, USA m Julia A Robinson
│              │     └──John Donald Fairbairn, b. 1905 Hoquiam, Grays Harbour, WA, USA m Louise Adelia Knoell
│              │          └── Donald F Fairbairn
│              │               └── William Fairbairn F-12
│             +Charity Smithson
│              └── Russell S Fairbairn, b. 1880 MN, USA
├──George Fairbairn, b. 1731 Drygrange, Par. of Melrose, ROX, SCT

├──Archibald?? Fairbairn, b. say 1735 - relationships and forename predicted because of 36/37 (but 64/67) DNA match between descendants (F-1 and F-2/F-3) of the younger Archibalds

│   └── Archibald Fairbairn b. say 1760 Swinton, BEW, SCT m Alison Crosser

│      ├── Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1783 Whitsome and Hilton, BEW, SCT m Janet Scott  linked to parents by naming pattern of children, reinforced by match between F-1/F-14/ F-16 and now F-29 who has a confirmed paper trail to Archibald and Alison
│      │   │ └──Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1813 SCT m Jane Blakey
│      │   │     └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1860 Caledon, ONT, CAN m Martha Almira Huston
│      │   │          └── Robert Huston Fairbairn, b. 1894 Strathcona, ALB, CAN m Janet Ann McKee
│      │   │               └── Doug Fairbairn F-14 
│      │   └── John Fairbairn, b. 1816 Lessudden, St Boswells, ROX, SCT m Jessie Douglas
│      │        └── George D Fairbairn, b. 1849 Melrose, ROX, SCT m Rebecca Hislop
│      │              └──John Douglas Fairbairn, b. 1883 Bromley, KEN, ENG m Letitia Ellen Butcher
│      │                  └── Douglas K Fairbairn, b. 1913 Camberwell, LND, ENG m Kathleen M Withey
│      │                       └── Martin D Fairbairn F-1
│      │                              └── James D Fairbairn
│      ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. circa 1784 Swinton, BEW, SCT m Agnes Robertson, b. circa 1786 ENG representative wanted
│      │   ├── Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1808 Morebattle, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth Houd representative wanted
│      │   │   ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. 1837 Dalton, DFS, SCT m Elizabeth Chappel
│      │   │   │   ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. 1871 Mile End, LND, ENG m Davina MacDonald
│      │   │   │   └── Henry Fairbairn, b. 1874 Mile End, LND, ENG m Emma Maud Hanney
│      │   │   └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1848 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Isabella Davidson
│      │   │       └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1876 Galashiels, SEL, SCT m Charlesina Phimister
│      │   ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1812 ROX, SCT m Elizabeth Miller Researcher Ed Stewart 
│      │   │    └──James E Fairbairn, b. 1849 NY, USA m Mary Alton
│      │   │         └── David Fairbairn, b. 1884 NY, USA m Martha Sauer
│      │   │              └── George J Fairbairn, b. 1910 NY, USA m Ruth E Close
│      │   │                    └── Fairbairn, Loretta Fairbairn
│      │   │                         └── M R Fairbairn  F-16
│      │   └── Walter Fairbairn, b. circa 1823 Morebattle, ROX, SCT m Grace Armstrong representative wanted
│      │         └── Walter Fairbairn, b. 1861 Canonbie, DFS, SCT m Elizabeth Roy
│      │              ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. abt 1886 Cathcart, RFW, SCT
│      │              └── John Fairbairn, b. 1890 East Kilbride, LKS, SCT

│      ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1786 SCT . Kate Scott (Robert's link to parents on balance of probabilities only - hence search for DNA representative for this line)
│      │   ├── Jane Fairbairn, b. circa 1820 British Isles (later married John HOPE)
│      │   │    ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1841 CAN
│      │   │    └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1844 Camden, Lennox & Addington Co, ONT, CAN
│      │   ├── James Archie Fairbairn, b. circa 1821 SCT m. Mary Strain
│      │   ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1822 SCT m. Katherine Morgan
│      │   │   ├── Archibald Goodson Fairbairn, b. 1849 Napanee, Richmond, ONT, CAN m. Margaret Selina Auld
│      │   │   │    └── Lyndon Eldon Fairbairn QC, b. 1897 Nth Fredericksburgh, Lennox & Addington Co, ONT, CAN m. Mary Elizabeth Young
│      │   │   ├── Robert Joseph Fairbairn, b. 1857 ONT, CAN m. Alberta Garrison
│      │   │   │    ├── Willie Loist Fairbairn, b. circa 1890 ONT, CAN
│      │   │   │    ├── Fred Ross Fairbairn, b. 1895 Belmont Twp, Peterborough Co., ONT, CAN m. Vera Fowler (living Bow Island, Alberta 1960s)
│      │   │   │    ├── Archie Kenneth Fairbairn, b. 1897 ONT, CAN m. Ivy Anderson Foyle
│      │   │   │    │    └── Robert Kenneth Fairbairn
│      │   │   ├── William Merdic Fairbairn, b. 1858 ONT, CAN m. Minnie Anderson
│      │   │   │    ├── Charles W Fairbairn, b. 1891 Roblin, Addington, ONT, CAN
│      │   │   │    └── Thomas Anderson Fairbairn, b. 1897 Overton, Lennox Co., ONT, CAN m. Mona Madeline Foy (living Edmonton 1960s)
│      │   │   │         └── William Fairbairn
│      │   └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1828 SCT m. Clarinda Haynes, b. circa 1834 Napanee, Lennox Co, ONT, CAN
│      │        └── Robert S Fairbairn, b. 1875 ONT, CAN
│      ├──James Fairbairn, b. circa 1794 Morebattle, ROX, SCT m Joan Forsyth  representative wanted
│      │  ├── Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1822 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Catharine Kemps
│      │  │   └── James Archibald Fairchild, b. circa 1846 Tramble Co, CT, USA
│      │  ├── James Edward Fairbairn, b. circa 1828 SCT m Elizabeth O'Connell
│      │  │   ├── James Edward Fairbairn, b. circa 1857 IA, USA m Bertha Elizabeth Booth
│      │  │   └── William George Fairbairn, b. circa 1863 ONT, CAN m Margaret
│      │  │       ├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1890 NY, USA
│      │  │       ├── William Fairbairn, b. Jan 1897 NY, USA m Ermina
│      │  │       ├── Lester Fairbairn, b.Apr 1899 NY, USA m Sarah
│      │  │       ├── Robert Fairbairn,b. circa 1902 NY, USA
│      │  │       └── Edmund Fairbairn, b. circa 1904 NY, USA
│      │  ├── John Fairchild, b. 1832 Gatehousecote, Par. of Hobkirk, ROX, SCT m Rosa Belle Smith
│      │  │   ├── James Archibald Fairchild, b. 1871 Canton, Lincoln Co, Dakota, USA m Theresa Bross
│      │  │   │   └──FrederickJ Fairchild, b. circa 1915 NE, USA
│      │  │   ├── Barbara Edith Fairchild, b. 1876 Blair, Washington Co, NE, USA m Robert Safely Fairbairn (see below)
│      │  │   └── Robert Byron Fairchild, b. 1879 Blair, Washington Co, NE, USA m Cora UnknownSurname
│      │  └── Walter Fairbairn, b. 1834 Melrose, ROX, SCT m Mary A Reilly
│      │      └── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1864 ONT, CAN
│      ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1797 Morebattle, ROX, SCT may have married Jane Williamson (read the late breaking news re this family)
│      └── David Fairbairn, b. circa 1800 Morebattle, ROX, SCT m Jane Herd 
│         ├── Archibald James Fairbairn, b. circa 1827 ?BEW, SCT m Jane Tracy
│         │   └── Archibald James Fairbairn, b. 1850 ONT, CAN m Mary McLeod
│         ├── David McDougal Fairbairn Jr, b. 1835 Cambden St Marys, PER, ONT, CAN
│         │    +Joan Safley, b. 1843 Cedar Co, IA, USA, m. 1872 ?WI, USA
│         │    └── James Little Fairbairn, b. 1877 Berlin, WI, USA m Bertha
│         │          └──Nathaniel Fairbairn, b. 1910 SAS, CAN
│         │               └──GD Fairbairn  F-29
│         ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1837 Cambden St Marys, Perth Co, ONT, CAN
│         └── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1843 Cambden St Marys, Perth Co, ONT, CAN
└── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1741 Smailholm, ROX, SCT

Lineage 1a - on modal, plus those close to modal but with no confirming results to group further as yet"
Cockburnspath Fairbairns - still looking for a confirming representative or two from a different line from Bill (F-53)
George Fairbairn b. abt 1660, ?Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Christian Bookles
└── John Fairbairn b. abt 1695, ?Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Helen Grieve (linked to parents by date/place only)
        └── David Fairbairn b. 1736, Oldcambus, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Janet Bald
              ├──John Fairbairn b. abt 1760, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Grizel Johnson
              │   ├──David Fairbairn b. 1787, Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m Alison Anderson
              │   │   ├── John Fairbairn b.abt 1809, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Margaret Burgon
              │   │   │   ├── Peter Fairbairn b.abt 1838, Dunbar, ELN, SCT m Elizabeth Runciman
              │   │   │   └──  William Fairbairn b.abt 1854, Innerwick, ELN, SCT m Grace Fairbairn (see below)
              │   │   ├── Thomas Fairbairn b. 1812, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Helen Anderson
              │   │   │   └── Elizabeth Fairbairn b.abt 1841,  Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Alexander Fairbairn (see below)
              │   │   └── William Fairbairn b. c 1818 Cove, BEW, SCT m Jane Burgon
              │   │        └── Grace Fairbairn b.abt 1854, Innerwick, ELN, SCT m William Fairbairn (see above)
              │   ├──James Fairbairn b. 1793, Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m Jane Anderson
              │   │    └── James Fairbairn b. 1822, Cove, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Janet Paterson
              │   │         └── John Shaw Fairbairn b. 1850, Cove, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Margaret Crow
              │   │               ├── James Fairbairn b. 1873, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Christina Wood 
              │   │               │     └── Edward Hoernle  Fairbairn b. 1908 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Charlotte (to Illinois)
              │   │               └── George Crow Fairbairn b. 1874, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Christiana Putt 
              │   │                     └── George Fairbairn b. 1909, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Margaret Noble  (to Canada)
              │   │                           └──  Bill Fairbairn F-53 Researcher
              │   └── Walter Fairbairn b. 1802, Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m Elizabeth Wilson 
              │         └── Alexander Fairbairn b. 1841 Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Elizabeth Fairbairn (see above)
              └── William Fairbairn b. 1767, Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m Janet Johnson
                   └── James Fairbairn b. 1804, Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m Catherine Allan
                         └── Robert Fairbairn b. 1840, Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT m Jane Houlistan (to New Zealand)


Lineage 1 ":Summary dna results, dna signature chart, detailed dna results/discussions
Lineage 1da (now has an exact match to F-31 below)
George Fairbairn, b. say 1745, ?Sprouston, ROX, SCT m Janet Murray
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1781 Kelso, ROX m  (Maxton) Ann Curle (representative wanted)
│    └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1818 Smailholm m Agnes Rutherford
│         └── George Fairbairn, b. 1862 Kelso m Annie Forbes
│               └── Robert Fairbairn, b. abt 1892 Edinburgh m Annie Arthur
│                     ├── Robert Fairbairn
│                     ├── Thomas Fairbairn
│                     └── Ronald Fairbairn

└── James  Fairbairn, b. 1786 Kelso, ROX
     = Agnes Ramsay, b. 1779 Maxton, ROX, SCT (see notes on Robert's page re his relationship to James)
     └── Robert Fairbairn, b. Jun 1813 Rutherford, Par. of Maxton, ROX, SCT m Gracie Watt (representative wanted)
        ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1839 Tonbridge, Kent, ENG
        ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1842 Tonbridge, Kent, ENG m Eleanor Nora Spiller
        │   ├── James George Fairbairn, b. 1865 Rotherhithe, Surrey, ENG m Janet Amelia Riddle (dtr of William, see below)
        │   │   └── Roland James Fairbairn, b. 1900 Hampstead, London, ENG m Esme Catherine Craven nee Mason
        │   └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1875 Limehouse, London, ENG m Elizabeth Ethel Churchman
        │       ├── Alfred George Fairbairn, b. London, ENG
        │       └── Walter James Fairbairn, b. Chalk Farm, London, ENG
        └── Agnes Fairbairn, b. circa 1844 Tonbridge, Kent, ENG m William Riddle (Janet’s father see above)
    m  (Mar 1813 Maxton) Helen Goodfellow Researchers: Doug Fairbairn & PV Martin
        ├──  George Fairbairn, b. 1816 SCT m Electa Cowdrey
        │    ├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1855, CAN m Lucy Manhart
        │    │    └── Claude M Fairbairn, b. 1885, Farmersville, Leeds Co, ONT CA m Blanche J Connors
        │    │         └── Andrew FairbairnVerna Mae Leirich
        │    │              └── Tom Fairbairn F-13
        ├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1828 Eccles, BEW, SCT m Hester Ann Spencer
        │    └── Herman Spencer Fairbairn, b. 1871 Spencerville, ONT, CAN m Edith May Chipperfield
        │         └── Gerald Fairbairn, b. 1911 Winnipeg, MAN, CAN m Grace Genevieve Clark
        │               └── Doug Fairbairn F-6
        └── Gideon Fairbairn, b. 1831 Eccles, BEW, SCT m Rhoda Spencer
             ├── Harvey Wright Fairbairn, b. 1870 Spencerville, Grenville Co, ONT, CAN m Dora A Bennett
             └── Carl Fairbairn, b. 1907 ?CA, USA m Loretta McAuely

And yet another member of lineage 1 " (lineage 1d). Another John Fairbairn with Nenthorn connections: confirming signature from another son of John's wanted
With both Nenthorm and Makerstoun connections it is possible that this is the 1760 John son of John and Helen (Anderson) Fairbairn line, but with an eldest son Robert, he is more likely to belong to one of the related Roberts instead.
With an exact match between LE (F-31) and Doug (F-6) also from lineage 1da above, that of George and Janet (MURRAY).

John Fairbairn, b. say 1760 ?Kelso, Roxburghshire, SCT d. Feb 1800 m. 1787 Nenthorn Christian Wood
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1788 Kelso, Roxburghshire, SCT m Helen Rutherford
│   └── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1826 Kelso, Roxburghshire, SCT m Mary Hay
│       ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1855 Ancrum, Roxburghshire, SCT m Emma Christian
│       │   └── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1887 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Scotland
│       └── James Hay Fairbairn, b. 1864 Duddingston, Midlothian, Scotland
├── John Fairbairn, b. 1789 Nenthorn, Berwickshire, SCT
├── James Fairbairn, b. 1793 Nenthorn, Berwickshire, SCT
└── George Fairbairn, b. 1795 Nenthorn, Berwickshire, SCT
    + m1.
    ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1821 Roxburghshire, SCT
    └── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1826 Roxburghshire, SCT
    + m2 Margaret Dinn
    └── William Dinn Fairbairn, b. circa 1836 Makerston, Roxburghshire, SCT m Emma Sly
         └──  John Edward Fairbairn, b. 1890 Claflin, Barton Co, Kansas, USA m Frieda Mae G ardt
               └── LE FairbairnF-31

Both Thomas and William (F-2 line) came to Canada to work on the Rideau Canal and Reby assigned a brother Thomas to William (even if she turned him into a doctor and married to Helen Kinniburgh, who lived and died in Edinburgh and belonged to a separate family)
Results just in (Nov 2008) show that our hopes of proving a relationship between this Thomas and the Quebec Fairbairn families of brothers William & John or David Fairbairn in lineage 1 above have been realised, albeit it doesn't look like Thomas is William's brother, as the results show a much closer relationship with David (F-7), currently in lineage 1a as ungrouped.

Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1790 Gordon, BEW, SCT m Elspeth Redpath Researcher Patty Brown (pattyb[ at ]
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1815 Earlston, BEW, SCT m Ann Brown
│    └── Peter Fairbairn, b. 1857 Ottawa, ONT, CAN m Margaret Galbraith
│         └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1881 Dunkirk, USA
├── John Fairbairn, b. 1817 Earlston, BEW, SCT m Charlotte Jane Kerfut
└── Peter Fairbairn, b. circa 1829 SCT m Jane Williams
     └── Arthur Edwin Fairbairn, b. circa 1877 Billingsbridge, ONT?, CAN m Maria Spratt
          └── Harold Williams Fairbairn, b. 1906 ?Ottawa, ONT, CAN m Sheila May Sargent
                  └── Patrick Fairbairn  F-8

Results show belongs to Lineage 1d, with the closest relationships now being with Stewart (F-38) and Robert F (F-34)
both of whom remain in Lineage 1a. See also Swinton Fairbairns below

John Fairbairn, b. circa 1770 in, SCT m Helen Campbell Researcher: David Fairbairn
├──John Fairbairn, b. circa 1812 in, Eccles, SCT m Agnes Jeffrey
│   ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1843 Edrom, SCT m Agnes Broomfield
│   └── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1854 Bedrule, SCT m Margaret Leithead
│         ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1876 Jedburgh, SCT m + Ellen Thomson
│         │   └── William Fairbairn, b. 4 Nov 1906 Kelso, SCT m Elizabeth Smith
│         │        └──  John Fairbairn, b. Kelso, SCT m Frances 
│         │              └── David Fairbairn F-9
│         └── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1878 Jedburgh, SCT m Isabella Stevenson
└── Robert Fairbairn, b. 7 Jan 1814 at, Leitholm, SCT m Isabella Bruce

Lineage 1c: Families with a close match but no known connection.

Reported to be "cousins" to the Hoquiam family of John Fairbairn and Sarah Daughterty above, but shows closer genetic matches are to the family of John & Elizabeth (YULE) below

Robert Fairbairn, b. say 1784 m Elizabeth Taylor
├──James Fairbairn, b. 1815 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Sarah Cook
│  ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1838 Bishop Wearmouth?, DUR, ENG
│  ├── James Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1840 Bishop Wearmouth?, Dist of Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Mary Catherine Millie
│  ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1850 Shoreditch, MDX, ENG
│  └── Alfred Fairbairn, b. circa 1854 Haggerston, MDX, ENG
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1818 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Emma Cook
│  ├── Robert Woolley Fairbairn, b. 1840 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Emma Andrew
│  │    ├── Robert A Fairbairn, b. 1876 Liverpool, Dist of W Derby, LAN, ENG m Alice M Fairbairn
│  │    └── Henry Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1879 Liverpool, Dist of W Derby, LAN, ENG m Grace Gertrude Skinner
│  ├── Henry Dorset Fairbairn, b. 1844 Hoxton Old Town, Dist of Shoreditch, MDX, ENG m Mary A Andrew
│  │    └── Albert Fairbairn, b. 1874 Liverpool, Dist of W Derby, LAN, ENG
│  │          └── Henry Fairbairn, b. 1899 Warrington, LAN, ENG m Anna 
│  │               └── Joe Fairbairn F-10
│  ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1852 MDX, ENG m Elizabeth East
│  │    └── John Richard Fairbairn, b. 1875 St Lukes, Dist of Holborn, MDX, ENG
│  └── Richard Austin Fairbairn, b. between 1854 and 1854 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Sarah Emma Atthews
│      ├── Richard John Fairbairn, b. circa 1878 Shoreditch, LND, ENG
│      ├── Charles Fairbairn, b. circa 1882 Shoreditch, LND, ENG m Florence Johnson
│      │    ├── William George Fairbairn
│      │    │    └── Ron Fairbairn F-19
│      │    └── Alfred Fairbairn
│      └── Henry Fairbairn, b. circa 1885 Shoreditch, LND, ENG
└── John Taylor Fairbairn, b. 1821 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Elizabeth Ann Swanton


This Abbey St Bathans line is shown to be a close match to the above Robert and Elizabeth (TAYLOR) lineage
Additional Participants Wanted, ie from other lines than Thomas, particularly from William m. Sarah Lloyd to confirm that link

John Fairbairn b 1753 Makerston d. 1830 Darlington, Upper Canada m Elizabeth Yule
├── John Fairbairn, b. Jun 1784 SCT Channabank, Abbey St Bathans, BEW, SCT m Julian Boak  (John, a forrester, d. Mar 1863 Inverkip Renfrew, SCT )
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. Jul 1789 Shannabank, BEW, SCT m Helen (or Amelia) Walker  (brother, probably James, in Haddington "in dry goods")
│   ├── John Fairbairn, b. Mar 1823 ONT, CAN m Almira Bowen
│   │    └── James Nelson Fairbairn, b.c 1855 ONT, CAN m Emma L Kelly
│   │         └──  Bradford Fairbairn, b.1882 Durham Co, ONT, CAN
│   ├──  James Brougham Fairbairn, b. circa 1831 ONT, CAN m Caroline Diamond
│   │     ├── Rhys D Fairbairn, b. circa 1868 ONT, CAN
│   │     └── Thomas McCulloch Fairbairn, b. 1874 Bowmanville, Northumberland & Durham Co, ONT, CAN
│   ├── William G Fairbairn, b. circa 1835 Darlington Twp, ONT, CAN m Mary E
│   │     ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1857 CAN m Eliza
│   │     │   └── William J Fairbairn, b. circa 1879 NY, USA
│   │     └── George E Fairbairn, b. circa 1861 CAN
│   └── Thomas McCulloch Fairbairn, b. 1840 Bowmanville, ONT, CAN m Jane Roger (a politician)
│         ├── James Frederick Roger Fairbairn, b. Jan 1868 ONT, CAN m Blanche
│         │     └── George Francis Fairbairn, b. 1900 Montreal, QUE, CAN m. Dorothy J
│         └── John Morice Roger Fairbairn, b. 1873 ONT, CAN m Hannah Louisa MacFarlane
│               └── John Macfarlane Fairbairn, b. 1903 Mawa, Carelton Co, ONT, CAN
├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. Jun Dec 1791 Shannabank, Abbey St Bathans, BEW, SCT m Catherine Angus (Thomas in Leith Midlothian in 1861 census as a jobbing gardener aged 70 born "Shanley Bank")
│    ├── John Fairbairn, b. abt 1816 Kirknewton, MLN, SCT m Agnes Valentine (baker, in Illinois by 1850)
│    │     ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. abt Aug 1841 Kirknewton & Calder, SCT
│    │     └── Inglis V Fairbairn, b. Jul 1842 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Margaret Varley
│    │          ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. Aug 1866 Illinois, USA
│    │          └── John A Fairbairn, b. Nov 1871 Illinois, USA m. Maude P Johnston
│    │                └── Arthur I Fairbairn, abt 1903 Illinois, USA m. Gladys Griffin
│    ├── James Angus Fairbairn, b. abt 1823 Kirknewton, MLN, SCT m Margaret Waters (railway signalman)
│    │     ├── William Fairbairn, b. abt 1846 Selkirk, SCT
│    │     └── Andrew Fairbairn, b. abt 1848 Edinburgh, MLN m Jane Brunton (commercial traveller)
│    ├── William Fairbairn, b. abt 1828 Kirknewton, MLN, SCT m Wilhelmena Fredricka Haddwick Angus (commercial traveller)
│    │    └── William Fairbairn, abt. 1884 Glasgow, LKS
│    └── Henry Fairbairn, b. abt 1834 East Calder, MLN, SCT m Sarah Lindsay McMinn Sharp(e) (photographer)
│          └── Henry Fairbairn, b. Apr 1855 Edinburgh, MLN m Margaret Forbes Low (dentist assistant)
│               ├── Henry M Fairbairn, b. abt 1880 Cupar, Fife
│               ├── James Fairbairn, b. abt 1882 Cupar, Fife
│               └── John Alexander Fairbairn, b. abt 1883 Cupar, Fife m Mary Elizabeth Dunn
│                     └── Henry Fairbairn, b. 1904
│                                                         .
│                            └── Alexander Fairbairn(F-41)
├── William Fairbairn, b. May 1794 Shannabank, Abbey St Bathans, BEW, SCT m (1819 Newgate, London) Sarah Lloyd  (William, a joiner, and Sarah, moved from London to Ancoats, Manchester, Lancashire; id reinforced by family information that "William married an Englishwoman")
      └── William Fairbairn, abt. 1826 London m. Eliza Gordon
            └── William David Fairbairn (Rev.), b. 1848 Manchester, LAN, ENG m. Geneva Dawney (to Australia)
                  └── William Dawney Gordon Fairbairn, b. 1882 Barton upon Irwell, LAN, ENG
├── David Fairbairn, bap. May 1798 Shannabank, Abbey St Bathans, BEW, SCT
│     = Margaret Kinninmond
│        └── John Kinnimount Fairbairn, b. abt Aug 1816 SCT m Grace Cunningham 
│     m 1) Lucinda Simpson
│        └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. Sep 1828 Brockville, Leeds Co., Ontario, CAN
│              m 1)  Martha Bridget Normile 
│              m 2)  Euretta McDonald 
│              m 3)  Elizabeth Stewart Lutted 
│     m 2) Catherine Fulford
└──Henry Fairbairn, b. Jun 1800 Shannabank or White Adder, BEW, SCT m Mary Kinnimond (to Ontario, Canada)
     ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1820 SCT m Ann Gill (to Australia)
     │    └── John Henry Fairbairn, b. 1847 Sydney, NSW, AUS m. Ruth Fletcher
     ├── James Henry Fairbairn, b. 1823 Ratho, MLN, SCT  (to Australia)
     │    1) Jessie Murray
     │       └── Robert Murray Fairbairn, b.NSW, AUS m Sarah Norbury
     │    2) Charlotte Lindsay Meek
     │       ├── George A Fairbairn, b. 1860 Paddington, NSW, AUS (not to be confused with the George of "Warrah", Moree)
     │       └── Frederick Thomas Fairbairn, b.1861 NSW, AUS m Mary Jane Cocksedge
     └── William George Fairbairn, b. abt 1830 MLN, SCT m Janet Martin 
          └── Richard M Fairbairn, b. May 1864 Bosanquet Twp, Lambton Co, ONT, CAN m. Julia Landon
               └── William Fairbairn, b. abt 1896 Joliet, IL, USA

Another line with Earlston (BEW) connections and a match to lineage 1c and an exact 67/67 match to F-34 and F-38 above.

Researcher Anne MURPHY (email annegreg [at ] [dot] nz)
Despite several contradictions in research on the New York/Onatario/Sacarmento line, yet to be resolved, the excellent match between F-42 & F-44 leads to the assumption that the two John & Isabella's are one and the same.

John Fairbairn, b. say 1750 ?Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Helen Atcheson
├─── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1788 Earlston, BEW, SCT m1. Janet Henderson
│     ├─── John Fairbairn, b. 1819 Earlston, BEW, SCT (assumed to have emigrated to New York given match between F-42 and F-44; to America 1853 .. a tanner by trade, later years farming in Ontario unil his death 1876 "He was of an old and prominent Scotch family")
│     │      m1. Isabella Brackey/Brockie (d. 1858, Ontario assumed)
│     │      ├─── John Fairbairn, b. 1844 Earlston, BEW, SCT
│     │      └─── John T Fairbairn, b. Feb 1856 Lancaster, Erie, NY m. (Ontario) Agnes Houston (some sources imply John born as early as 1852, and one says Upper Canada, mother differs between marr. cert. and 1905 biography)
│     │              ├─── Russell Andrew Fairbairn b 1894 Walsh Stn, Sacramento, CA
│     │              └─── James H (Jim) Fairbairn b 1889 CA
│     │      m2 (abt 1859). Helen Taylor
│     │      ├─── Robert Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1859 ONT, CAN m. Jessie McKay
│     │      ├─── Thomas Fairbairn, b. abt 1864 ONT, CAN m. Marion Sproat Cumming
│     │      └─── James Peter Fairbairn, b. Aug 1870 ONT, CAN m. Isabella Cumming
│     │             └─── Robert Lincoln Fairbairn m. Clara Juvenal
│     │                    └─── Robert J Fairbairn   F-44
│     ├─── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1820 Earlston, BEW, SCT m. Margaret Cunningham (mother not shown on death cert)
│     │     ├─── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1847 Earlston, BEW, SCT m. Jane Hutton Malcom Kirk Johnston
│     │     │     ├─── William Fairbairn, b. 1870 NZ m. Charlotte Jane Burns
│     │     │     └─── George Fairbairn, b. circa 1883 m. Catherine Elizabeth Burns
│     │     │                   └─── (F-42) Fairbairn   F-42
│     ├─── Andrew Fairbairn, b. circa 1826 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT m. Janet Hislop
│     │     ├─── John Fairbairn, b. 1846 Earlston, BEW, SCT
│     │     ├─── George Fairbairn, b. 1848 Earlston, BEW, SCT
│     │     └─── William Fairbairn, b. 1851 Earlston, BEW, SCT
│     ├─── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1831 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT
└─── George Fairbairn, b. circa 1791 Mellerstain?, Par. of Earlston, BEW, SCT m. Elizabeth Bearup
       └─── George Fairbairn, b. 1828 Mellerstain, Par. of Earlston, BEW, SCT m. Elizabeth Richardson
              └─── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1857 Ford, NBL, ENG m. Ellen Affleck

Lineage 1a Berwickshire origins, usual worldwide spread, with many descendants prominent in their chosen fields.

The Parish Registers of Earlston provided the basic family of John FAIRBAIRN and Magdalen BO, (all show John as being of Lidgatehead, although only one mentions the mother).
Matching DNA results for F-17 and F-38, and further research have expanded on the basic family as follows (with F-34, the exact match to F-38, yet to be "fitted in"):

John FAIRBAIRN d. c 1721 Lidgatehead in fanns m. abt 1710 Magdalen BO (assumed to be Earlston, but not found as yet; there is a contemporary William BO "workman in Earlston")
├──Isabel FAIRBAIRN bap. Mar 1713
├──Jean FAIRBAIRN bap. Jan 1715
├── John Fairbairn  bap. Feb 1717 m. Agnes Gibson ( a John was a tenant at West Morriston 1784, John & Agnes buried Earlston)
     ├── Isabell FAIRBAIRN bap. Nov 1761 ("D. to John Fairbairn millar in Mellerstain Milne" m. (Greenlaw) John MILES
     └── James FAIRBAIRN bap. Jan 1765 m. Isabel Tait ("S. to John Fairbairn millar in Mellerstain Mill" - same day/entry as "Margaret D. to James tenant in Mellerstain"; James of West Morriston)
           ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1804 Ledgerwood, BEW, SCT m. Helen Martin
           │     ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1833 Newbattle, MLN, SCT m. Elizabeth Collins
           │     │     └── John Collins Fairbairn, b. 1870 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Hannah Stewart Graham
           │     │           └── Cyril Arthur Fairbairn m. Lorna de Gruyter
           │     │                 └──  Stewart Fairbairn F-38
           │     └── Andrew Martin Fairbairn, b. 1838 Inverkeithing, FIF, SCT m. Jane Young Shields
           │           └── Andrew Martin Fairbairn, b. 1870 Bathgate, Linlithgow, WLN, SCT (Rev, of Mansfield College, Oxford)
           ├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1808 Dalkeith, MLN, SCT m Isabella Niven
           │    ├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1833 Newbattle, MLN, SCT m Margaret
           │    │     └── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1866 NBL, ENG
           │    ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1844 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Margaret Muir Renton
           │    ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1846 Maxton, ROX, SCT
           │    └── Edward Fairbairn, b. circa 1850 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT
           └── Ralph Fairbairn, b. 1810 Dalkeith, MLN, SCT (may or may not be the Ralph, baker in Birmingham)
├──Isabel FAIRBAIRN bap. Feb 1719 (daughter to John FAIRBAIRN of Lidgatehead & Magdalen BO)
├──Margaret FAIRBAIRN bap. Sep 1720
└──James FAIRBAIRN bap. Jan 1722 m. Elizabeth Purves (James "posthumous son to John fairbairn lidgatehead in fanns"; of Hallyburton, bur. Earlston)
     ├── Magdallen FAIRBAIRN bap. Sep 1760 ("D. to James Fairbairn tenant in Mellerstain") m. (Greenlaw) Peter MACK
     ├── James FAIRBAIRN bap. Aug 1762 Lauder, BEW m. Elizabeth Taylor ("S. to James Fairbairn tenant in Mellerstain")
     │    └── Rev James Fairbairn, b. 1805 Huntingdon, Lauder BEW, SCT (Newhaven, MLN)
     ├── Margaret Fairbairn abt Jan 1765 Mellerstain, Earlston, BEW m. Peter Purves (son Dr John Purves, Jedburgh "cousin" to both Rev James of Newhaven and Rev John of Greenlaw)
     └── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1772 m Jessie Johnstone (sometimes shown as being the nephew of John Fairbairn and Helen Anderson, although sources differ as to his parents, but given the dna results to date, father James' brother John is "spoken for")
          ├──Rev Patrick Fairbairn, b. 1805 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT
          │   +Margaret Pitcairn
          │   └── John  Fairbairn,  b. 1834 SCT m Mary Ann Houghton
          │        ├── Patrick  Fairbairn,  b. 1862 Melbourne, VIC, AUS m Elsie Pearl Barton
          │        └── John Houghton  Fairbairn,  b. 1866 Hay, NSW, AUS m Mary Ann Barbara (emig. NZ 1893)
          │              └── John Leslie Pitcairn  Fairbairn,  b. 1892 Melbourne, VIC, AUS m Jessie Kay
          │                    └── Fairbairn
          │                         └── John Fairbairn F-17
          │   +Mary Playfair
          │    └── Patrick Playfair Fairbairn,  b. 1840 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT 
          │        +Jane Margaret McTaggart
          │         └── Patrick  Fairbairn,  b. 1868 British Guiana m Anna Wilkie
          │        +Olivia Hohenkerk
          │         ├── Harold  Fairbairn
          │         └── Norman  Fairbairn
          ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1808 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT (Free Church Minister of Greenlaw)
          │    +Mary Wilson
          │     └── John Fairbairn, b. 1837 Bathhurst, Upper Canada
          └── George Fairbairn, b. 1816 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT m Virgina Armytage participant wanted to confirm dna signature for John's line
                ├── Charles Fairbairn,  b. 1858 Kelso, SCT m Elizabeth Osborne
                │    └── James Valentine Fairbairn,  b. 1897 Wadhurst, SSX m Daisy Olive Forrester
                │          └── Geoffrey Forrester Fairbairn,  b.1924 Melbourne, AUS m  Rosamund Ann Clifford
                └── Stephen Fairbairn,  b. 1862 Toorak, Victoria, AUS m Ellen Sharwood
                     └── Sydney George Fairbairn,  b. 1892 Cape Colony, Sth Africa 

With James' headstone near to that for the John married to Agnes GIBSON at Earlston, assumed connection with that tree as now been confirmed although exactly how/where they link is open to interpretation (see Fairbairn/Bo pedigree above).
John Fairbairn, b. say 1740 ?BEW, SCT m. Elspeth Anderson
├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1766 ?BEW, SCT m. Margaret Tait (farmer of Smailholm, connected to parents by naming pattern & place but bap. not obvious in OPR unless he's the one to miller John at Ealrston)
│    ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1802 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Mary Rule
│    ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1806 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Agnes Thomson
│    │     ├── James Urquhart Fairbairn, b. circa 1836 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
│    │     ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1837 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
│    │     └── James Urquhart Fairbairn, b. circa 1847 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Jean Thomson
│    │           ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1879 Peebles, PEE, SCT
│    │           ├── James Urquhart Fairbairn, b. circa 1882 Peebles, PEE, SCT
│    │           └── William Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1887 Peebles, PEE, SCT m. Margaret Lauder (to Australia 1909)
│    │                 └── Lauder Duncan Fairbairn
│    │                       └── RL Fairbairn (F-49)
│    ├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1826 ROX, SCT (may be the 1815 James with wrong age in 1841)
│    └── George Fairbairn, b. 1828 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Sarah Inglis
├── John Fairbairn, b. circa Aug 1768 Par. of Smailholm, ROX, SCT
└── George Fairbairn, b. 1771 Girnick, Par. of Smailholm, ROX, SCT

F-34 below is an exact match to F-38 above.
The project would still like to confirm the relationship between Alexander and presumed son John, so another participant from one of Alexander's confirmed sons would be great, and from Thomas, to help figure out where this line fits in lineage 1f above.

James Fairbairn, abt. 1760, ?BEW, SCT m Agnes Lindsay
├── Thomas Fairbairn, abt. Apr 1786 Ednam, ROX, SCT m. Helen McLean
└── Alexander Fairbairn **, b. 1788 Ednam, SCT m Isabella Atcheson
    ├── Thomas Fairbairn, chr. 1814 Maxton, Roxburghshire, SCT (representative wanted)
    │    +Christian Mason
    │    └── Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1837 Par. of Eccles, Berwickshire, SCT m Isabella Currie
    │         └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1860 Longmorton, Par. of Ancrum, Roxburghshire, SCT m Eleanor Storey
    │              └── George Atkinson Fairbairn, b. 1898 Tyne Dock, Dist of Sth Shields, Durham, ENG m Mary Ellen Reece
    │   +Margaret Henderson
    │   ├── George Fairbairn, b. 1844 Ancrum, Roxburghshire, SCT m Margaret Stavert
    │   │   └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1872 Edgerston, Roxburghshire, SCT m Jessie Wood Dickie
    │   └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1850 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, SCT m Annie Buckham
    │        └── James Fairbairn F.S.A (Scot), b. circa 1889 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, SCT
    ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1824 Oxnam, Roxburghshire, SCT m Margaret Deans Researcher Duncan Blachford
        (birth date/place assumes correct id of parents)
    │   ├──James Deans Fairbairn, b. 1862 West Garafraxa, Wellington Co, Ontario, CAN m Elizabeth Howatt
    │   │   ├──  Stanley Alexander Fairbairn, b. Sep 1898 Ontario, CAN
    │   │   ├──  William James Fairbairn, b. 1900 Ontario, CAN
    │   │   ├── John Arthur Howatt Fairbairn, b. 1907 Ontario, CAN
    │   │   └── Dryden Fairbairn, b. 1911 Ontario, CAN
    │   ├──William John Fairbairn, b. 1869 West Garafraxa, Wellington Co, Ontario, CAN m Elizabeth Ritchie
    │   │   └── Lloyd Bruce Fairbairn, b. 1895 Ontario, CAN m Eva Gorrie
    │   └── Robert Davidson Fairbairn, b. 1875 Fergus, Ontario, CAN m Christina Milne Miller
    │        └── Frederick John Fairbairn, b. 1901 Carnduff, Saskatchewan, CAN m Alice Renee Birch
    │             └──Robert F Fairbairn F-34
    └── Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1812 Earlston, Berwickshire, SCT m Margaret Watson (representative wanted)
         ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1835 Smailholm, Roxburghshire, SCT m Isabella Renton
         │   ├── Thomas Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1868 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, SCT m Marion Torrance
         │   │   └── Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1899 Dalkeith, Midlothian, SCT
         │   └── Walter Fairbairn, b. circa 1877 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, SCT m Janet Hay
         └── Walter Fairbairn, chr. 1839 St Boswells, Roxburghshire, SCT m Mary Scott
              ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1879 Southdean, Par. of Southdean, Roxburghshire, SCT m Ethel Mary Browner
              └── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1882 Southdean, Par. of Southdean, Roxburghshire, SCT

Yet another member of lineage 1d.
James Fairbairn, b. say 1795 ?ROX, SCT m1 Isabella Campbel Researcher: James E Fairbairn
├── James Fairbairn, b. 1822 Eccles, BEW SCT
        m1 Elizabeth Laidlaw,
│      └── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1850 Merton, BEW, SCT m Christine Sadler
│         └── James Fairbairn, b. 1870 Kelso, ROX, SCT m Harriet Douglass
│             └── John William Fairbairn, b. 1903 London, ENG m Margaret Land
│                 └── James Neil Fairbairn F-11 m Kiera
│                     └── James E Fairbairn
        m2 Mary Brydon,
             └── John Fairbairn, b. 1861 Roxburgh Mains, SCT m Agnes Gibson Allison
├── John Fairbairn, b. abt 1823 Greenlaw or Eccles, BEW, SCT m Janet Smith
      └── James Fairbairn, b. 1848 Ancrum, ROX, SCT
└── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1825 Par. of Sprouston, SCT m Agnes Sibbald

And another member of lineage 1 (lineage 1a ungrouped)
Robert Fairbairn, b. say 1790 ?ROX, SCT m Isabella Simpson
└── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1818 Roxburghshire, SCT m Mary Thomson
     ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1846 Lochs, Ross & Cromarty, SCT m Janet Tod
     │    └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1876 Innerleithen, Peebles, SCT
     └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1850 Lewes, Isle of Skye,  SCT m Isabella Murray
          ├── Robert Murray Fairbairn, b. circa 1878 Edinburgh, Midlothian, SCT m Mary Ann Finnie
          │    └── Ralph Amos Fairbairn, b. 1906 Edinburgh, Midlothian, SCT m Helen Kinnaird Hill
          │         └── Ralph James Fairbairn  m Joyce
          │              └── Michael Fairbairn F-22
          └── Walter Fairbairn, b. circa 1885 Edinburgh, Midlothian, SCT

Kelso/Stitchel/Maxton Fairbairns - (lineage 1a ungrouped)
F-27 and F-39 are an exact match, with the match to F-35 being a 66/67 match
, with no obvious paper trail (and the marker F-35 differs on being a unique value over all of lineage 1, so likely to typify his line)
Francis Fairbairn say 1680 ?Kelso, ROX m. (1704 Kelso) Agnes Dickieson
└── James Fairbairn b. 1705 Kelso, ROX, SCT m 1734 Kelso Margaret Learmonth (birth date/place assumes correct id of baptism/parents)
      └── James Fairbairn b. say 1747 Kelso, ROX, SCT m 1772 Kelso Christian Jerdan  (birth date/place assumes correct id of baptism/parents)
            ├── Robert Fairbairn b. Feb 1771, Kelso, ROX, SCT  (treat the id of this Robert as father of Robert the surveyor with extreme caution - based purely on DNA match, no other evidence, and depends on Robert Jnr's birth being at least 1790s)
            │     └── Robert Fairbairn b. bet 1789 and 1809 Eckford, Roxburghshire, SCT m Elizabeth Young
            │           ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1843 Coldstream, Berwickshire, SCT
            │           ├──  Robert Fairbairn, b. 1848 Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, SCT m Ellen Sophia Dartnell
            │           │    └──  Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1870 Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey, England m Elizabeth
            │           │          └──  Robert George Fairbairn, b. 1897 Dist of West Ham, ESS, ENG
            │           ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1852 SCT
            │           └──  George Fairbairn, b. 1854 Liverpool, Dist of Manchester, Lancashire, ENG m Laura Kemp
            │                 ├──  William Ewart Fairbairn, b. 1885 Rickmansworth, ENG
            │                 │    └──  John Edwin Fairbairn
            │                 ├──  Charles Stewart Fairbairn, b. 1889 Dist of Croydon, Surrey, England m Florence
            │                 │    └──  Donald C Fairbairn, b. 1922 NY, USA
            │                 └──  John Vincent Lawrence Fairbairn, b. 1898 Croydon, Surrey, England m Evelyn Cash
            │                       └── Fairbairn
            │                            └── (Eckford:F-27) F-27
            ├── Charles Fairbairn b. abt Feb 1774, Kelso, ROX, SCT m Agnes Mark  (schoolteacher, and assumed to be this baptism given naming pattern of children)
            │     ├── William b.1800 Sprouston, ROX, SCT m Agnes Paterson
            │     │    ├── Charles Fairbairn, b.c. 1830 Stitchill, ROX, SCT m Violet Ballantyne
            │     │    │    └── John Fairbairn, b. 1859 Stitchill, ROX, SCT m Agnes Dickson
            │     │    └── John Fairbairn, b.c. 1831 Stitchill, ROX, SCT m Grace Dewar
            │     │          └──  Alexander Fairbairn, b.1863 Humbie, ELN, SCT m Mary Telfer
            │     ├── Robert Fairbairn, b.1804 Kelso, ROX, SCT m Elspeth Legerwood
            │     │    ├── Charles Fairbairn b.1827 Edinburgh, SCT m Christian Wallace
            │     │    └── John Fairbairn b.1845 Edinburgh, SCT m Jessie Cowie (brassfounder in Glasgow)
            │     ├── John Fairbairn, b.1807 Ednam, ROX, SCT m Margaret Lumsden
            │     │    └──  Charles Fairbairn b.1831 ENG m Evelina Carter
            │     └── Charles Fairbairn, b.1814 Stitchel, ROX, SCT
                       m1 Catherine McNab
            │            └──  Charles Fairbairn, abt 1844 Kelso, ROX, SCT m Emma Bastow
            │                  └── Thomas Charles Fairbairn, b Mar. 1874 New Holland, LIN, ENG d. Jan 1978 (pageant master & opera producer)
            │                        └── Siegfried Charles Fairbairn
            │                             └──  John F-35
            │           m2 Elizabeth Elliot
            │            └── David Fairbairn, b.1869 Maxton, ROX, SCT m Jane Henderson Hislop
            └── James Fairbairn b. abt 1777, Kelso, ROX, SCT m Maitland Bird   (representative wanted - assumed to be this James given naming pattern of children & a later marriage witness)
                  ├── James Fairbairn, b.1797 Fala, MLN, SCT
                  └── Robert Fairbairn, b.1808 Fala, MLN, SCT m (1837 Kelso) Jane Gray (marriage witness a Charles Fairbairn, assumed to be the 1814 Charles above)
                        ├── Maitland/Matilda Fairbairn, b.abt Dec 1840 Kelso, ROX, SCT  (emig NY 1855)
                        ├── James Fairbairn, b.1848 Kelso, ROX, SCT  (emig NY 1855)
                        └── William Fairbairn, b.1855 New York

F-39 is an exact match to F-27 above
Given the possible identification of the families of Robert's sons Thomas and John, direct male line FAIRBAIRN descendants from those lines would be most welcome to join to test the shown relationships.

Robert Fairbairn, b. say 1765 ?BEW, SCT m. Smailholm, ROX 1790 Elizabeth Crosbie

  • Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1790 Lauder, BEW, SCT m. Margaret Hunter
    • Robert Fairbairn, b. 1821 Ednam, ROX, SCT m. Sarah Mattison
      • Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1852 Lesbury, NBL, ENG
      • Andrew Fairbairn, b. circa 1859 Shortridge, NBL, ENG
    • John Fairbairn, b. 1824 Ednam, ROX, SCT m. Jane
      • Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1848 Lilburn, Dist of Glendale, NBL, ENG
    • Thomas Fairbairn , b. 1826 Fernehill, Par. of Ednam, ROX, SCT m. Margaret Grant
      • Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1857 B Marsh, VIC, AUS
      • Lachlan Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1862 Pentland, VIC, AUS m. Jean McQualter
      • Robert Fairbairn, b. 1864 Bacchus Marsh, VIC, AUS
      • Thomas George Fairbairn , b. 1871 Pentland, VIC, AUS m. Rose Alice Mary Hanning
        • Lachlan Thomas Fairbairn
      • Henry Hunter Fairbairn, b. 1875 Pentland Hills, VIC, AUS
  • James Fairbairn , b. abt Nov 1792 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Janet Hunter assumes that mother Isabel CROSBIE is aka Elizabeth
    • John Fairbairn , b. circa 1817 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Alison Moffat
      • James Fairbairn , b. 1841 Smailholm, ROX, SCT
      • William Fairbairn , b. circa 1848 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Janet Trotter Hunter
        • John Fairbairn , b. 1874 Lauder, BEW, SCT m. Agnes Bell
        • James Fairbairn , b. circa 1877 Lauder, BEW, SCT
      • John Fairbairn , b. 1857 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Catherine McKenzie
        • John Fairbairn abt 1880 Edinburgh
        • James A Fairbairn abt 1890 Edinburgh
        • Finlay B Fairbairn abt 1893 Edinburgh
    • Robert Fairbairn , b. circa 1821 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Elizabeth Knox
      • James Fairbairn , b. circa 1846 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Jane Shillinglaw
      • Thomas Fairbairn , b. circa 1848 Smailholm, ROX, SCT
      • John Fairbairn , b. 1856 Nenthorn, BEW, SCT
      • Robert Fairbairn , b. 1867 Nenthorn, BEW, SCT
  • Thomas Fairbairn , chr. 1797 Smailholm, ROX, SCT poss. marr. Helen DOUGLAS
  • John Fairbairn , chr. 1799 Smailholm, ROX, SCT poss. marr. Jane WADDELL
  • Robert Fairbairn , b. 1802 Bettyfield, Par. of Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Mary White
    • Robert Fairbairn , b. circa 1833 Westruther, BEW, SCT
    • James Fairbairn , b. circa 1838 Westruther, BEW, SCT

John, marr. to Jane WADDELL, may or may not be son of Robert & Elizabeth (CROSBIE) FAIRBAIRN above, so DNA representatives definitely welcome.
John Fairbairn, b. say 1795 ?Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Jane Waddell
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1818 Eckford, ROX, SCT
├── James W Fairbairn, b. circa 1821 Cessford, ROX, SCT m. Mary Ann Baines
│    ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1846 Buxton, Dist of Chapel en Le Frith, DBY, ENG
│    └── Thomas William Fairbairn, b. circa 1858 Wike, YKS, ENG
├── John Fairbairn, b. 1824 Frogden, Linton, ROX, SCT (poss marr. Helen Ross)
├── William Fairbairn, b. 1826 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Agnes Turner
│    ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1849 Coldstream, BEW, SCT
│    ├── William Fairbairn, b. 1853 Hamilton, LKS, SCT m. Marion White
│    │     └── William Fairbairn, b. abt 1878 Wishaw, LKS, SCT m. Jeanie Nelson
│    ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1857 Hamilton, LKS, SCT m. Margaret Weir
│    │     └── William Fairbairn, b. abt 1885 Dalzeil, LKS, SCT m. Martha Harvey
│    └── George Fairbairn, b. 1862 Hamilton, LKS, SCT
├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1828 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. Eliza Clarke
│    ├── William Henry Young Fairbairn, b. 1858/61 Somerset, England
└── George Fairbairn, b. circa 1832 Kelso, ROX, SCT m. Sarah Burgess (not to be confused with the George & Sarah (INGLIS) couple)
      └── Charles Robert Fairbairn, b. 1861 Bradford, YKS, ENG m. Emma Stanley
           ├── Geoffrey Fairbairn, b. 1895 Almonbury, Dist of Huddersfield, YKS, ENG
           ├── Roy Fairbairn, b. 1896 Almonbury, Dist of Huddersfield, YKS, ENG
           ├── Ronald Fairbairn, b. circa 1902 Berry Brow, Dist of Huddersfield, WRY, ENG
           └── Godfrey Fairbairn, b. 1903 Berry Brow, Dist of Huddersfield, WRY, ENG m. Lois Earnshaw

The seedsmen/nurserymen FAIRBAIRN families of Clapham, Oxford and Chelsea -  additional participants wanted to see where they may match the Scottish FAIRBAIRNs, and to prove some inter-relationships
John the gardener of Chelsea is now believed connected to the Penicuik FAIRBAIRNs, which may or may not apply to this branch.
Researcher: Sue Collier

James Fairbairn**, b. circa 1750 SCT m Elizabeth Ashenden
├──  James Fairbairn, b. circa 1783 Clapham, Surrey, ENG m Mary Wenham
├──  Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1785 Clapham, Surrey, ENG m Sarah Wadham
│     └──  Robert William Fairbairn**, b. circa 1815 Kensington, Middlesex, ENG m Anne Eliza Noakes
│            ├── James Joseph Fairbairn, b. Oct 1840 Clapham, Surrey, ENG
│            ├── Richard Robert Fairbairn, b. Oct 1840 Clapham, Surrey, ENG m Mary Elizabeth Doyle
│            │    └──  Richard Robert Fairbairn, b. 1867 Lambeth, Surrey, ENG m Louisa Harriet Beechey
│            │         └──  Winston George Fairbairn, b. 1912 Worcester, Worcestershire, ENG m Minnie Maria Weaver
│            │               └──  NJ Fairbairn  F-30
│            └── Henry Noakes Fairbairn, b. Nov 1844 Yoxford, Suffolk, ENG m Harriet Elizabeth Stokely

├──  George Fairbairn, b. 1794 Clapham, Surrey, ENG m Susannah Muskett
│    └──  Edward Frederick Fairbairn, b. 1819 Clapham, Surrey, ENG m Sarah Guiver Knott noved to Carlisle
│         ├──  Robert J Fairbairn, b. circa 1841 Clapham, Surrey, ENG m Sarah Hill
│         ├──  George John Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1845 Clapham, Surrey, ENG
│         │    └──  Edward George Fairbairn, b. 1879 Carrick on Suir, Kilkenny or Tipperary or Waterford, IRL m Annie Eliza Elsworth
│         │          └──  George Elsworth Fairbairn, b. 1908 Botcherby, Dist of Carlisle, Cumberland, ENG m Hannah P Davidson
│         └──  John Thomas Burrows Fairbairn, b. 1851 Carlisle, Cumberland, ENG m Hannah Jackson
│               ├──  John Fairbairn, b. circa 1888 Stanwix, Cumberland, ENG m Mary McGuiness
│               └──  Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1894 Edentown, Cumberland, ENG m Aileen Greer M Nicholson
│                     └──  Alan J Fairbairn
├──  John Fairbairn, b. say 1800 Clapham, Surrey, ENG
└──  Joseph Fairbairn, b. 1802 Clapham, Surrey, ENG m Christiana Vince

Assumed to be connected - participant wanted, but seems inlikely to be found.
Thomas FAIRBAIRN, b. between 1776 and 1780 SCT (d. Oxfordshire) m Rebecca Ousby
└──  John Bye Fairbairn, b. circa 1824 ENG m (Maidstone, Kent) Fanny Larking

David's "brick wall:
Results show belongs to Lineage 1, currently in Lineage 1a - ungrouped

James Fairbairn, b. say 1705 m. 1732 Eccles, BEW, SCT Elspeth Trotter
└──Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1743 Stitchel, ROX  m. 1771 Kelso Isobel Smith (relationship to wife/son conjectured)
     └── Trotter Fairbairn, b. circa 1772 Duns, BEW, SCT m (Ladykirk, BEW) Jane Fairbairn  Researcher: David Fairbairn
            ├──Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1796 Kelso, ROX, SCT m Mary (Fairbairn?)
            ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1819 SCT
            │    ├── Trotter Fairbairn, b. 1824 SCT
            │    │   m1 Eleanor Bailey
            │    │   m2 Mary Wanless
            │    ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1826 SCT
            │    ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1830 DUR, ENG
            │    └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1835 DUR, ENG
            ├──John Fairbairn, b. 1797 Sunderland, DUR, ENG
            ├──Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1799 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Isabella
            │   └── Trotter Fairbairn, b. 1822 Bishopwearmouth, DUR, ENG
            └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1804 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Ellen Sinclair
                 └──William Shaw Fairbairn, b. 1829 Bishopwearmouth, DUR, ENG m Mary Goodenough
                     ├── David Sinclair Fairbairn, b. 1879 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Euphemia Carr
                     ├── Robert Edis Fairbairn, b. 1880 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Florence Aubury (clergyman died Canada)
                     └── Arthur Rees Fairbairn, b. 1884 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Miriam Craven
                          └── Leslie Fairbairn, b. 1916 Ryton, DUR, ENG m Margaret Anne Hall
                                ── David Fairbairn  F-7

This family is to blame for clogging all our internet searches for FAIRBAIRNs - ie all those references to the Family Crests. Another Lineage 1 match.
  • George Fairbairn, b. say 1780 ?Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Jemima or Robina Paton (joiner/wright of Fountain Bridge, Wellington St, Lauriston St)
    • Ann Callendar Fairbairn, b. circa 1806 Edinburgh?, MLN, SCT m. David Paris
      • Eliza Paris b. c 1829 Kikrliston, WLN, SCT (see below)
    • Margaret Fairbairn, b. circa 1811 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Thomas Walker
    • Robina Fairbairn, b. circa 1813 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. James Veitch (also see Catherine)
    • George Alexander Fairbairn b circa 1815 ?MLN m. Martha Bobbin (compositor)
      • George A Fairbairn, b. circa 1842 St Clements, London, ENG m. Rebecca Morrison
        • George A Fairbairn b. 1884 Grafton, NSW, AUS
      • John Fairbairn, b. circa 1844 St Clements, London, ENG
        m 1. Eliza Paris (see above)
        m 2. Annie Gerrie
        • John Fairbairn, b. Sep 1900 Edinburgh St George, MLN, SCT
      • James Fairbairn, b. circa 1852 London, ENG m. Maggie Brown
        • James Fairbairn b. circa 1884 St Andrews, Fife, SCT
        • Magnus Fairbairn b. circa 1887 St Andrews, Fife, SCT
        • George Hall Fairbairn b. circa 1900 St Andrews, Fife, SCT m. Catherine Watson Dewar
    • James Fairbairn, b. circa 1820 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Mary Muir (engraver of family crests - the 1860 "Fairbairn's Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland")
      • George Fairbairn, b. circa 1849 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
      • James Fairbairn, b. circa 1850 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Harriet Beddard (lithographic artist - d. Brisbane)
        • James Henry Fairbairn, b. 1875 Truro, CON, ENG m. Nellie May Shaw
          • Horace Thomas Allan Fairbairn, b. 1901 Derby, DBY, ENG
          • Ronald Fairbairn, b. 1904 Derby, DBY, ENG
      • Mary Jemima Fairbairn, b. circa 1854 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. George Curtis Ockleford
      • John Fairbairn, b. 1856 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
    • Catherine Fairbairn, b. circa 1821 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, MLN, SCT = James Veitch (also see Robina)

Robert & Elizabeth (COTTON) FAIRBAIRN of Gravesend, Kent

Although we have a match (66/67 so far) to the lineage 1 FAIRBAIRN modal, a corroborating dna signature from one of the sons of Robert & Elizabeth other than David would be of interest, as would a representative from the line of John & Ann (ARROWSMITH) FAIRBURN of Durham below.

Robert Fairbairn, b. 1788/9, Gravesend, Kent, England; m. Elizabeth Ann Cotton or Cotte (Thames waterman)
├── David Fairbairn, b. 1822/3, Milton, Kent, England; m. (2) Jane Rebecca Brown
│    └── William James Fairbairn, b. William James Brown 1870/1, Bermondsey, Surrey, England; m. Angela Steers
│              └── David Fairbairn, b. 1903, Bermondsey, London, England
│                     └── David William Fairbairn, b. Bermondsey, London, England; m. Norma Lake
│                            └── David Geoffrey Fairbairn (F-56)
├── William Fairbairn, b, 1828, Gravesend, Kent, England; m, Sarah Nolan
│       ├── William Fairbairn, b. 1863, Bermondsey, Surrey, England
│       ├── Henry Fairbairn, b. 1865, Bermondsey, Surrey, England
│       ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1870, Bermondsey, Surrey, England
│       └── George Fairbairn, b. 1873, Bermondsey, Surrey, England; m. Mary Ann ?
│              └── George Edward Fairbairn, b. 1901/2, Bermondsey, London, England
├── George Fairbairn, b. 1830, Gravesend, Kent, England; m. (1) Mary Ann Beeson, (2) Susannah Bayley
│       ├── George Richard Fairbairn, b. circa 1872, Walworth, Surrey, England; m. Mabel Jane Taylor
│       │       ├── Edward George Fairbairn, b. 1894, Newington, London, England
│       │       └── William Robert Fairbairn, b. 1899, Newington, London, England
│       └──  Robert James Fairbairn, b. 1879, Walworth, Surrey, England
└── Henry Fairbairn, b. 1833, Bermondsey, Surrey, England; m. Elizabeth Guy


The IRWIN and ELLIOT outliers - Lineage 1b.

We have acquired two new surnames who do not match their own Surname projects, but do match ours, and only one faster mutating marker different to the Modal values for our Lineage 1.
Check out Mike IRWIN F-24 and our latest ELLIOTT F-32 along with the page exploring the ELLIOTT/IRWIN/FAIRBAIRN matches which includes both lines of ELLIOTTs, those of Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina, and those from Pennsylvania and Georgia (F-25 and F-36).

The Irish line of F-50) added to the above matches as at Jun 2012, had been joined by a descendant of James ELLIOTT born in Donegal around 1803 (F-60).

The FARRIS matches.

We have also now acquired a FARRIS family who do not match their own Surname projects, but do match ours, appearing to bridge Lineages 1a (with marker 391 = 10) and Lineage 1e with marker 520 = 21).

John FARRIS (appears in 1782 Hanover Co., Virginia tax list; assumed father of William and John)
├── William Farris b. 1760
│        .
│        ├── Jeremiah Farris ( lived Fulton County Illinois 1827 to 1851)
│            .
│            └── George Farris F-57
│        ├── David Farris
│            .
│            └── R O Farris F-59
└── John Farris


Other matching surnames.

Apr 2011 saw a POLLY line from Tennessee early 1900s added. Looking for their grandfather's father, where the DNA of the participant shows some connection to our Lineage 1 (32/37 only, but several of the mismatches are on faster mutating markers)


Haplogroup R1b1:

See Lineage 2 Analysis on the supplementary project pages.
More participants for these families would be good to confirm their respective lineages.

Lineage 2a:

The following three families, with roots in Fife, and Ireland / Canada respectively are beginning to show up as a match.
Fairbairns of Fife

Thomas Fairbairn**, b. circa 1774 St Monans, FIF, SCT m Jean Lawson Researcher: Bea Rein,
├──Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1805 Kilrenny, FIF, SCT m Anne Mackie
│   ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1828 FIF, SCT m Elizabeth Simpson
│   └── Andrew Fairbairn, b. Aug 1832 Kilconquhar, FIF, SCT m Jane Bolster
│         └── Thomas Bolster Fairbairn, b. abt 1861 ?Ireland m Catherine MacKie
│               └── Augustus Fairbairn, b. 1884 New Zealand m Ellen Fitzpatrick
└──David Fairbairn, b. 1809 Cellardyke, Par. of Kilrenny, FIF, SCT m Janet Ireland
     └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1844 St Andrews, FIF, SCT m Catherine Carswell
           └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1877 St Andrews, FIF, SCT m Ann Moore Young
                └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1900 St Andrews, FIF, SCT m Elizabeth Donaldson Brown
                      └── F-20

FREEBORNs of Ireland and Ontario with a 25/25 match to the above Fifeshire FAIRBAIRNs
Thomas Henry Freeborn b 1760 Ireland m Mary Ann Freeman
└──Thomas Freeborn b 1803 Ireland m Sarah Jane Bateson
    └── George Bruce Freeborn b 1882 Ontario, Canada m Ethel Telena Hill
         └── Delbert Freeborn b 1905 m Ora Mae Nichols
              └── George Eric Freeborn
                   └── KF F-21

The Irish FREEBORN family with a match (GD4 at 37 markers) to the Fifeshire FAIRBAIRNs above

Andrew Freeburn, b. c. 1791 Ireland m Margaret
├── Robert  Freeburn, b.abt 1824 Ireland m Margaret
│   ├── Andrew  Freeborn, b. circa 1852 Perth Co, Ontario, CAN m Elizabeth Whaley
│   │   └──  Herbert Boyd Freeborn, b.abt 1886 Nth Dakota USA
│   ├── David Freeborn, b. abt 1858, Perth Co, Ontario, CAN
│   └── William Freeborn, b. abt 1860, Perth Co, Ontario, CAN
├── Thomas Freeburn, b.abt 1828 Ireland
└── William Freeburn, b. abt 1830 Ireland

Another matching family (25/25 with KF(F-21) above)
Hill FREEBURN born abt 1740 Pennsylvania, d. bef. Mar 1808 Halifax Twp, Dauphin Co.;

Lineage 2b:

It looks like we now have a defined dna signature for this key lineage that so many published genealogies include.
( Refer also to the alternate pedigrees shown below.).
Up to Oct 2011 Michael (F-23) had no matches within the Family Tree DNA database, but then showed a promising 33/37 match to Andrew (F-47). At 67 markers however it became much more distant (60/67), but still meant he was no longer the lone Borders FAIRBAIRN in haplogroup R1b.
Then in 2013 aong came an excellent dna match (66/67) to the Durham pedigree shown below, and then later in the year, a preliminary confirming match from a papertrail "cousin".
The following expands on (and corrects some of) the alternate pedigrees shown below for the line from John Fairbairn and Helen Anderson down.
It mainly only shows those lines that end in a male Fairbairn direct line descendant able, and hopefully willing, to represent this line in the dna project, given so many people claim relationship to this extended family tree (probably because of the much copied pedigrees shown under the alternate pedigrees ).

John Fairbairn, say. 1714 m 1748 Nenthorn, BEW  Helen Anderson (marr. shows Helen of Crailing, John of Nenthorn) 
├──George Fairbairn chr. 1750 Nenthorn, BEW, SCT (baptism only shows father John)
├──John Fairbairn chr.May 1751 Nenthorn, BEW, SCT
├──William Fairbairn, bap. Apr 1756 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m Margaret Scott  (baptism names both parents - William the schoolmaster in Bowden then Galashiels, and uncle to Sir William)
│   ├──  John Fairbairn, b. 1778 Bowden, ROX, SCT m 1809 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, MLN Sarah Morris  (bookseller of Edinburgh)
│   │   ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1815 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Elizabeth Stote
│   │   │    └── John Urry Fairbairn, b. 1849 Millbrook, Southampton, HAM, ENG m Annie Rowland
│   │   │          └── John Rowland Fairbairn, b. 1882 Bombaym Nellie Peirce
│   │   │                └── Peter Rowland Fairbairn
│   │   │                     └── Michael Rowland FairbairnF-23
│   │   │    .
│   │   │    .
│   │   │    └── John Burleigh
│   │   └── James Fairbairn, b. 1817 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Eliza Smith
│   │        └──  Hugh Aird Robert Fairbairn, b. 1861 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Elizabeth E Gordon
│   ├──  George Fairbairn, b. 1780 Bowden, ROX, SCT  (nail manufacturer in Stirling, Wit. to baptism of Andrew's dtr Kathrine in 1807, see also this GenForum message )
│   │      .
│   │      .
│   │      └── F-55
│   │      m 1. Janet Robertson
│   │        ├──  William Fairbairn, b. circa 1807 Falkirk, STI, SCT m. Isabella West
│   │        │     ├──  George Edward Fairbairn, b. 1856 Falkirk, STI, SCT m. Jessie Fulton Ritchie
│   │        │     │       ├──  George Forrester Fairbairn, b. 1899 Liverpool, Dist of West Derby, LAN, ENG m. Eileen Bartlett
│   │        │     │       └──   Harold Gibson Fairbairn, b. 1901 Liverpool, Dist of West Derby, LAN, ENG m. Winifred O Watkins
│   │        │     ├──  William Robertson Fairbairn, b. 1858 Falkirk, STI, SCT
│   │        │     └──  James West Fairbairn, b. 1860 Falkirk, STI, SCT
│   │        └──  George Fairbairn, b. circa 1818 Camelon, STI, SCT m. Mary McKinnon
│   │              └──  John Lauchlan Fairbairn, b. 1851 Camelon, Par. of Falkirk, STI, SCT m. Mary Sefton
│   │      m 2. Mary Hardie
│   │         └── John Hardie Fairbairn, b. circa 1825 Falkirk, STI, SCT
│   │              ├──  John Lewens Fairbairn, b. 1862 Moor.., VIC, AUS
│   │              └──  George David Fairbairn, b. 1864 Doll., VIC, AUS
│   ├──  Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1786 Bowden, ROX, SCT m 1808 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, MLN Mary Watson  (clothier, then schoolmaster)
│   │    └── William  Fairbairn, b. 1812 Cramond, MLN, SCT
│   └── Peter Fairbairn, b. 1792 Galashiels, SEL, SCT m 1826 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, MLN Mary Ann Forrest 
│        └──William John Fairbairn, b. abt Dec 1839 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, MLN, SCT m. Georgianna de Figuardo Reid
│             ├── William George Fairbairn, b. Feb 1866 Rio de Janiero, Brazil
│             └── Peter F Fairbairn, b. Mar 1867 Rio de Janiero, Brazil
├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1758 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m . 1783 Melrose, ROX Margaret Henderson (baptism names both parents)
│   ├── William Fairbairn 1st Bt, b. 1789 Kelso, ROX, SCT m 1816 Bedlington, NBL Dorothy Marr
│   │   ├── Sir Thomas G Fairbairn 2nd Bt, b. 1823 Manchester, LAN, ENG m Allison Callaway
│   │   │   ├── Thomas Gordon Fairbairn 4th Bt, b. 1854 Manchester, LAN, ENG m Jennie Cora Davies
│   │   │   │   └── William Albert Fairbairn 5th Bt, b. 1902 NJ, USA m 1925 Braintree, ESS, ENG Christine Renee Cotton Croft
│   │   │   │         └── James Brooke Fairbairn 6th Bt m Mary Russell Scott
│   │   │   │               └── Robert William Fairbairn
│   │   │   └── Arthur Henderson Fairbairn 3rd Bt, b. 1852 Ardwick, LAN, ENG m Florence Fridenwyde Long
│   │   ├── William Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1824 Manchester, LAN, ENG
│   │   │    m1 Marianne Murray
│   │   │   └── William Murray Fairbairn, b. 1850 Higher Broughton, Dist of Salford, LAN, ENG m Frances Elizbaeth Bury
│   │   │       ├── Bernard William Murray Fairbairn, b. 1880 Alderbury, WIL, ENG m Alice Mary Phillipps
│   │   │       │    ├── Alan Bernard Murray Fairbairn, b. 1906 Plymouth, DEV, ENG m Adeline Hilda Sweet
│   │   │       │    │    └── John Alan Fairbairn  m Susan
│   │   │       │    │          └── Timothy J C Fairbairn
│   │   │       │    └── David Patrick Fairbairn  m Margaret Winnifred Ferrers Courage
│   │   │       │         └── William David Murray Fairbairn m Rowena
│   │   │       │               └── Oliver J M Fairbairn
│   │   │       └── Aubrey John Murray Fairbairn, b. 1888 m Florence Adela Augusta Jane Rawlins
│   │   │            └── Ian A Fairbairn
│   │   │   m 2 Helen Birley
│   │   │   └── Edward Percy Fairbairn, b. 1866 Dist of Kensington, LND, ENG
│   │   │       m 1 Mary Douglas
│   │   │       └── William Douglas Fairbairn, b. 1895 Dist of Knighton, RAD, WLS
│   │   │        m 2 Constance Eden
│   │   │       ├── George William Fairbairn
│   │   │       └── Patrick Yelverton Fairbairn, b. 1913 Dist of East Grinstead, SSX, ENG m Dorothy Mary Henshaw
│   │   │            └──  Edward J Fairbairn
│   │   └── Rev Adam Henderson Fairbairn MA,
│   └── (Sir) Peter Fairbairn b. 1799 Kelso, ROX, SCT
│         m1 1827 Gorbals Margaret Kennedy
│         └── (Sir) Andrew Fairbairn b. 1828 Glasgow, LKS, SCT m. Clara Frederica Lorraine
│               └──  Andrew Constant Fairbairn b. abt 1862 Paris, France m. Matilda Ellen Clark
├── John Fairbairn chr.Feb 1760 Smailholm, ROX, SCT  (baptism names both parents)
└──  Peter Fairbairn chr.Aug 1762 Smailholm, ROX, SCT d. 1822 British Guiana m. Jane Paxton or Patton   (baptism names both parents)
     ├── John Fairbairn  b. 1788 Coldingham, BEW, SCT
     ├── James Fairbairn  b. 1791 Coldingham, BEW, SCT
     ├── William Fairbairn b. 1794 Brahan Castle, Urray, ROC, SCT m  Beatrix Hay (family emig Victoria Australia, 1853)
     │    ├── Peter Fairbairn  b. 1834 Stornoway, ROC, SCT
     │    ├── Colina Fairbairn  b. 1841 Stornoway, ROC, SCT m. Albert Owen Macrow (dtr Emma Margaret d. 1938 Peking, China)
     │    └── James Fairbairn  b. circa 1844 Stornoway, ROC, SCT d. 1868 Victoria, AUS
     ├── Francis Fairbairn  b. Feb 1798 Brahan Castle, Urray, ROC, SCT
     └── Thomas Fairbairn  b. Jan 1800 Brahan Castle, Urray, ROC, SCT

A line with a dna match, 66/67 markers, to the above. Traced back to Durham, descendants in Yorkshire. Follow John's link to read about the family bible.
John Fairbarnes, b. say 1710 ?DUR, ENG m. Margaret Cromby
└──John Fairbairn, b. 1753 m. Mary Bourn
     ├──John Fairbairn, b. 1788 m. Hannah Spoor
     │    ├──John Fairbairn, b. 1817 Rotherham, YKS, ENG m. Jane Colling
     │    │    ├──William Henry Fairbairn, b. 1838 Houghton le Spring, DUR, ENG m. Annie Andrews Sudron
     │    │    │    └──Charles John Fairbairn, b. 1875 Rhymney, Dist of Bedweltey, MON, WLS m. Annie Hesketh
     │    │    │        └──Charles John Fairbairn, b. 1912 Wallasley, Dist of Birkenhead, CHS, ENG m. Sybil Johnson
     │    │    │             └── CJ Fairbairn F-54 (an excellent (66/67) match to Michael (F-23) above)
     │    │    ├──John Fairbairn, b. 1852 Ripley, DBY, ENG
     │    │    └──Charles George Fairbairn, b. 1855 Ripley, Dist of Belper, DBY, ENG
     │    └──George Fairbairn, b. 1826 ?Rotherham, YKS, ENG
     ├──Thomas William Fairbairn, b. 1790 ?Rotherham, YKS, ENG
     └──George Fairbairn, b. 1798 ?Rotherham, YKS, ENG

The line with a distant dna match to F-23 above.
Unlikely to get confirming signatures from other lines from David, most males were unmarried, or died young, but had a 33/37 match which fell away to 60/67 between F-47 below and F-23 above.
David Fairbairn, b. abt 1730 ?Melrose, ROX, SCT m. Peggy Mercer
├── Nicol Fairbairn, b. abt Oct 1762 Melrose, ROX, SCT d. Dec 1784 Melrose (Peggy's father was Nicol)
└── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa Nov 1770 Melrose, ROX, SCT m. Margaret Smith (a joiner)
      └── James Fairbairn, b. 1821 Melrose, ROX, SCT m. Charlotte Rankine (a joiner, session clerk 1873 - 1883)
            └── James Erskine Fairbairn, b. circa 1877 Melrose, ROX, SCT m. Helen McLaren
                  └── Thomas Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1918 Melrose, ROX, SCT m. Pauline Tuttle
                        └── Andrew F Fairbairn F-47 (a distant match to Michael (F-23) above)

Lineage 2c
Confirmed dna signature now (Nov 2011) in for the line from son George, but as this is a Greenlaw family, expected to match the other Greenlaw families in haplogroup I1, a signature from other sons of William would be "nice to have".

William Fairbairn m. Alison Clinkscale
└── William Fairbairn, b. abt Oct 1755 Betshiel, Greenlaw, BEW, SCT m May Carter
      ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa Nov 1792 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT m. Janet Taylor; d. Cranshaws Feb 1841, bur. Greenlaw
      │    └── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1829 Swinton, BEW, SCT m Barbara Curle
      ├── George Fairbairn, b. circa 1796 Bedshiell, BEW, SCT m Helen Slight
      │    ├── William Fairbairn, chr. 1830 Eccles, BEW, SCT m Margaret Godfrey
      │    │    └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1868 ?ROX, SCT m Agnes Neil
      │    │          └── Fairbairn
      │    │               └── Neil Fairbairn  F-4 Researcher
      │    ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1836 Eccles, BEW, SCT m IsabellaTully (family emigrated to NSW 1885)
      │    ├── Peter Fairbairn, b. abt 1843 Kelso or Rutherford, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth Patterson (family emigrated to NSW 1882)
      │    └── Walter Fairbairn, b. circa 1845 Earlston, BEW, SCT m Isabella Turnbull (Walter d. Cumberland, ENG)
      │          └──George Turnbull Fairbairn, b. circa 1883 St Mungo, DFS, SCT
      │               └──William H Fairbairn, b. Jul 1912 Brampton, CUL, ENG
      │                    └── Godfrey Fairbairn  F-48 Researcher
      ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. circa Sep 1799 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT (poss. marr. Margaret Clarke; d. Greenlaw Jul 1853, bur. Greenlaw)
      ├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1806 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT m May Barron (representative wanted)
      │   ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1844 Ednam, ROX, SCT m Agnes Taylor
      │   │    ├──James Fairbairn, b. circa 1868 Linton, ROX, SCT
      │   │    └──Alexander Taylor Fairbairn, b. circa 1872 Sprouston, ROX, SCT m. Alice Aitchison
      │   │          └──John Taylor Fairbairn, b. 1900 Ayton, BEW, SCT
      │   └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1852 Ednam, ROX, SCT m Ellen Waters
      └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1808 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT m Catherine Charters (representative wanted)
           ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1842 Ednam, ROX, SCT m Mary Ann Dalgleish
           │    └── Thomas Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1878 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Grace R Hepburn
           │          ├── William Hepburn Fairbairn, b. 1908 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
           │          └── Thomas Hall Fairbairn, b. 1909 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
           └── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1849 Melrose, ROX, SCT m Ann Scotland
                 ├── William Fairbairn, b. 1880 Glasgow, LKS, SCT
                 ├── John Scotland Fairbairn, b. 1886 Glasgow, LKS, SCT
                 └── Neil Campbell Fairbairn, b. 1893 Glasgow, LKS, SCT

Other R1b1 lines (as yet unmatched):

(for all of which it would be good to get representatives from other lines to confirm their dna signatures)

Lineage 2d
Recruited into the project to test a theory re relationship to Robert and Agnes (Landreth) Fairbairn, which now appears not to be the case.
A representative from David's line would be good to confirm the dna signature for this line.

Robert Fairbairn **, b. circa 1801 Melrose, ROX, SCT m  Agnes Black
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1827 Ancrum, ROX, SCT m Isabella Weaver  (see Pedigree forum posting for some more info)
│    └── James Weaver Fairbairn, b. circa 1861 Stody, Dist of Erpingham, NFK, ENG m Alice Elizabeth Austin
│         └── William James R Fairbairn, b. 1887 Stratford, Dist of West Ham, ESS, ENG m Maud Waite
│              └── John Kinder Fairbairn, b. 1915 Dist of Oldham, LAN, ENG
│                    └── Stan Fairbairn F-15
└── David Fairbairn, b. circa 1831 Woodhead, Ancrum, ROX, SCT m Margaret Whillans   representative wanted to confirm this line's dna signature
     ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1855 Par. of Southdean, ROX, SCT m Mary Jane Whitson
     │   ├── David Fairbairn, b. circa 1889 Crailing, ROX, SCT
     │   └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1895 Crailing, ROX, SCT
     ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1872 Oxnam, ROX, SCT
     └── David Fairbairn, b. 1877 Crailing, ROX, SCT

Haplogroup J2:

More participants for these families would be good to confirm the dna signature for this lineage.
Robert Fairbairn, b. say 1760 ?Linton, SCT m Janet Hogarth  Researchers: Ken SWANSTON and Scott Fairbairn
├── Edward Fairbairn, chr. 1798 Linton, SCT  lived Buffalo, NY to 1853
└── William Fairbairn, chr. 1798 Linton, SCT m Isabel Sinton
     ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1837 SCT m Isabella Batty
     │    └── Robert Kay Fairbairn, b. 1888 Carrick, Bruce Co, CAN
     └──John Fairbairn, b. circa 1840 Yetholm, SCT m Margaret Morrison
          ├── John Crozier Fairbairn, b. 1879 in, CAN m Eliza Jane Wilson<
          │   └── Ralph Fairbairn
          └──Robert Fairbairn, b. 1881 Egremont,Grey Co, CAN m Edith Welch
               └── Donald Robert Fairbairn, b. 1920 CAN
                    └── Scott  Fairbairn F-5

In progress:

There are many more lines of FAIRBAIRNs as yet unrepresented here, and several that still need confirming DNA signatures for the sole representatives of their lines - do consider joining!


Unassigned haplogroup:

None at present

Found pedigrees:

Included below are assorted pedigrees included for information only. Some are alternate information for pedigrees included above published in various repositories, family trees.

Nearly all require validation from confirming paper trails and/or dna participants.

The following version of the pedigree of Sir William has been traced to a file held in the Society of Scottish Genealogy Society's Family Tree Collection and listed in their Family History Index.
It is oft quoted and contains several connections now known to be errors of fact, together with a number of leads for further investigation (my comments/notes in brackets).
Representatives for any of the lines shown would be most welcome to join the project to add modern technology to the historical document and aid in building an accurate overall Fairbairn pedigree.

John Fairbairn, b. 1563 m 1585
└── John Fairbairn, b. 1585 m 1610 d 1645 stone in Ednam (see * below)
     └──Robert Fairbairn, b. 1611 m 1636
          └── John Fairbairn, b. 1637 m 1662
                └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1662 m 1683 d 1697 stone in Ednam (see * below)
                     └── John Fairbairn, b. 1688  m. 1713
                          ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1714 ROX, SCT d 1797 Galashiels (See LIneage2b above for pedigree of John Fairbairn and Helen Anderson)
                          │   m1 1745 Lucy Eadster
                          │  ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1749 m 1772 d 1829
                          │  ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1751
                          │  └── John Fairbairn, b. 1753 Makerston m 1776 Elizabeth Yule 1824 to Ontario d 1830 Darlington Ontario Family pioneers in Brockville, Teeswater
                          │   m2 1754 Helen Anderson (See LIneage2b above for pedigree of John Fairbairn and Helen Anderson, who married 1748)
                          │  ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. 1755 d 1755 
                          │  ├── William Fairbairn, b. 1756  m Margaret Thomson d 1809 Family Dr John Mayo Clinic  (see below pedigree for the Ednam blacksmiths)
                          │  ├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1758 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m 1783 Margaret Henderson d 1844 Surrey 
                          │  │    └── Sir William Fairbairn 1st Baronet, b. 1789
                          │  └── Peter Fairbairn, b. 1769 m 1785 d 1828 Barbados
                          │       └── Sir Peter Fairbairn, b. 1799 (See LIneage2b above for pedigree of John Fairbairn and Helen Anderson)
                          ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1716 m 1744 d 1800
                          ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1719
                          ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1720
                          ├── Isobel Fairbairn, b. 1722
                          ├── George Fairbairn, b. 1724 m 1746 d 1789
                          ├── Agnes Fairbairn, b. 1726 m 1747
                          ├── Patrick Fairbairn, b1728 m 1762 Margaret Purvis d 1790 (to John of Haliburton m. Jessie Johnston)
                          └── Margaret Fairbairn, b. 1729 m 1751 Hall
* The stones in Ednam may well have been legible in years past, but those above are no longer evident.
The booklet "Roxburghshire monumental Inscriptions VI Ednam" does not contain any FAIRBAIRN stones that early. It does however contain the stones relating to the Ednam blacksmith family referred to below.
However, new information to hand has an interesting variant on these "stones in Ednam" references in that it says "live{d?} Gravestone, Ednam".
If anyone knows of such a place please contact the administrator (links below). As to which is correct, headstone in Ednam or a place that may be an interpretation of gravestone in Ednam, don't know.
Should anyone come across earlier transcriptions of those referred to above please send an email to the Project Administrator with the details.
Those interested in how the assorted pedigrees of these families, differ, or may relate, may be interested in the "Hit or Myth?" page under development on the Supplementary FAIRBAIRN dna pages.

An alternate version, author unknown, follows, and also contains the "stone in Ednam" and "Crest" references.  Does anyone know who published it? And when? The only two branches with further data are those of brothers John 1714 and Robert 1716.
John Fairbairn, b. 1563 m 1585
└──John Fairbairn, b. 1585 m 1610 d 1645 stone in Ednam (see * above)
     └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1611 m 1636
          └── John Fairbairn, b. 1637 m 1662
                └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1662 m 1683 (possibly twice) d stone in Ednam (see * above)
                     ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1680 d 1682
                     ├──  Isobel Fairbairn, b. 1684 m 1702 James Brown
                     └── John Fairbairn, b. 1688  m. 1713 (9 children)
                          ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1714 Nenthorn, BEW d 1797 
                          │    m1 1748 Helen Anderson
                          │    m2 ?
                          ├──  Robert Fairbairn, b. 1716 m 1744 d 1800 (with further details of the James & Helen (Goodfellow) line)
                          ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1718 
                          ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1720
                          ├── Isobel Fairbairn, b. 1722
                          ├── George Fairbairn, b. 1724 m 1746 d 1789
                          ├── Agnes Fairbairn, b. 1726 m 1747 Patrick Crawford
                          ├── Patrick Fairbairn,  annotated "Australian descendants of Fairbairn line" (see Project diary Patrick or James? for additional comments/links/info)
                          └── Margaret Fairbairn, b. 1729 m 1751 James Hall

Yet another version, also contains the "stone in Ednam" references, also contains a number of errors of fact, and an interesting lead or two.  
This is taken from a 3 page document in the Wellington County, Ontario archives, there when the file was catalogued in 1994, sourced to a Nora CARLAW, now deceased.
(nee MARSTON, granddtr of Clarissa Harlow FAIRBAIRN.)
The comments are taken from the file, but linked people take you to a page for the person concerned with some extra notes and commentary as the tree contains at least seven different family lines, not currently known to be linked as shown, although dna evidence to date does indicate several are related. (Representatives of the other lines included would be most welcome to help complete the jigsaw, comments are some corrective notes)

John Fairbairn  b. 1503 (suspect a typo for 1563) mentions saving King James 1st & 6th, and a fief of land
└── John Fairbairn  b. 1585 (stone in Ednam)
     └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1611
          └── John Fairbairn, b. 1637
               └── Robert Fairbairn b. 1662  (stone in Ednam),
                    ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1680
                    ├── Isobel Fairbairn, b. 1684 m. 1702 James Town
                    └── John Fairbairn, b. 1688
                         ├── John Fairbairn b. 1714 (these two marriages are to different Johns)
                         │   + 1748 Lucy Eadster
                         │   ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1749 Smailholm, ROX, SCT
                         │   └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1751 Smailholm, ROX, SCT  (Merchant in Berwick, mercer or dry goods)
                         │   + 1754 Helen Anderson
                         │   ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1755 Smailholm, ROX, SCT m. 1776 Shannabank Farm, BEW, SCT Elizabeth Yule (John d. Darlington, Canada)
                         │   │   ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1783
                         │   │   ├── Mary Fairbairn, b. 1785
                         │   │   ├── Edward Fairbairn, b. 1787
                         │   │   ├── Margaret Fairbairn, b. 1790
                         │   │   ├── John Fairbairn  b. 1792 m. 1816 Jane Williamson
                         │   │   │   ├── Archibald Fairbairn
                         │   │   │   ├── Agnes Fairbairn
                         │   │   │   ├── James Fairbairn
                         │   │   │   ├── William Fairbairn
                         │   │   │   ├── John Fairbairn
                         │   │   │   └── David Fairbairn, b. 1822 m 1845 Charity Walker
                         │   │   ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1794 (settled in Montreal)
                         │   │   ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1796 Kelso, Roxburghshire, SCT m. 1820 Janet Hunter
                         │   │   └── William Fairbairn, b. 1798 m. 1825 Isobel Synton,
                         │   ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. 1755 Smailholm, Roxburghshire, SCT
                         │   ├── William Fairbairn, b. 1756 Smailholm, Roxburghshire, SCT m. 1782 Margaret Thomson, b. Ednam, Roxburghshire, SCT  (schoolmaster Calashieldis)
                         │   ├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1758 Smailholm, Roxburghshire, SCT m. 1784 Margaret Henderson
                         │   │   ├── Sir William Fairbairn
                         │   │   └── Sir Peter Fairbairn
                         │   └── Peter Fairbairn, b. 1760 Smailholm, Roxburghshire, SCT (Barbadoes)
                         ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1716
                         ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1718
                         ├── James B Fairbairn, b. 1720
                         ├── Isobel Fairbairn, b. 1722
                         ├── Hoge Fairbairn, b. 1724
                         ├── Agnes Fairbairn, b. 1726 m. 1747 Patrick Crawford
                         ├── Patrick Fairbairn, b. 1728
                         └── Margaret Fairbairn, b. 1729 m. 1751 James Hall

The following is from Reby DODDS "Who's Which" (1970)
NB I am combining two separately provided sets of information received secondhand here, but both purporting to be from Reby's book and have not personally verified the excerpts are accurate transcriptions
(Who's Which - LDS reference).
Documented here in order that it may be read in conjunction with the similar pedigrees here, and the DNA results to date (see also Hit or Myth?)

These comments from Reby, comments in red mine

John Fairbairn  (fief of land from King James)
└── John Fairbairn  b. 1585 (live Graveston in Ednam)
    └── Robert Fairbairn b. 1662
        ├── Robert Fairbairn
        ├── Isobelle Fairbairn
        └── John Fairbairn, b. 1688
            ├── John Fairbairn b. 1714 Maherston Parish
            │   + Lucy Eadster
            │   + Helen Anderson (of Rosburghshire)
            │    ├── William Fairbairn m. Elsie Elliot (schoolmaster) - schoolmaster William was of Bowden & marr. Margaret Scott, and uncle of Sir William, son of Andrew and Margaret (Henderson)
            │    │    ├──David Fairbairn (mill in Farrelton - also given as John, mill in Farrelton, same children, amongst others)
            │    │    │  ├── Archibald Fairbairn m Sarah Farrell
            │    │    │  └── William Fairbairn m Margaret Graham (William of Chelsea NB these wives should be the other way round)
            │    │    ├──Thomas Fairbairn M.D. m Helen Kinniburg the Thomas marr. to Helen Kinniburg is the son of Thomas & Margaret (CLARKSON)
            │    │    └──William Fairbairn, b. 1790 Alderton/Yetholm, SCT d. 1867 m 1813 Jean Wanless
            │    ├── Andrew Fairbairn m. Margaret Henderson
            │    ├── Peter Fairbairn (went to West Indies, had large family, Secretary to Lord Seaforth)
            │    └── Walter Fairbairn
            ├── Robert Fairbairn
            └── Thomas Fairbairn b. 1718
            ├── James Fairbairn b. 1720
            ├── Isobel Fairbairn b. 1722
            ├── George Fairbairn b. 1724
            └── Agnes Fairbairn

And yet another version which adds wives to the earlier generations.
There was once a version of this freely available on the web, fully commented with sources and film numbers, can anyone find it again? I hadn't time to check the sources before it vanished (at least from my sight), and have not (yet) found references to all the wives' names mentioned (but haven't finished looking).  
The only remnant I can now find is on OneGreatFamily credited to a group named osullivan/cassidy, with no contact details available. Reproduced in full below apart from descendants of John and Jennett (JOHNSON) FAIRBAIRN, and some fuller date details of day/months

Jhone Fairbairne, b. 1563 Kelso
└──Jhone Fairbairn, b. 1585 d 1645 m 1611/2 Kelso Meg Porteous
     └──Robert Fairbairn, b. abt 1604 Kelso m Jul 1626 Innerwick, ELN Agnes Home
          └── Johne Fairbairne, b. 1637 m 1652 Greenlaw Issobell Purvis
               ├── John Fairbairne b. 1658 Stitchel, ROX
               └── Robert Fairbairne, b. 1662 d 1697
                 └── Robert Fairbairne
               m2 Marion Haitlie
                  ├── Isobel Fairbairne
                  └── John Fairbairn, b. 1688  m. Magdalen Bo
                       ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1720 d Oct 1808 m Nov 1754 Legerwood Elizabeth Purves
                       │    └── John Fairbairn, b.abt 1772 d Jul 1824 m Jennett Johnston (with further details on this line only)
                       ├── John Fairbairn m Helen Anderson (compare with BO pedigree above - F-17/F-38 results) 
                       ├── Robert Fairbairn
                       ├── Thomas Fairbairn 
                       ├── Isobel Fairbairn
                       ├── George Fairbairn
                       ├── Agnes Fairbairn
                       ├── Patrick FairbairnMargaret Purves
                       └── Margaret Fairbairn m J Hall

Researched pedigrees:

Lines where participants yet to be found (see also FAIRBAIRNs Wanted!):

Confirming participant wanted, particularly from the line of Andrew b 1815
Yet another line with Nenthorn connections, and the usual spread across the globe.

George Fairbairn, b. say 1770 ?Nenthorn, Scotland m (Nenthorn) Jane Law (of Melrose)
├──  George Fairbairn, b. circa 1800 Garrich, Par. of Nenthorn, Berwick, Scotland m Margaret Lough or Loch
│    ├──  Adam Fairbairn, b. 1821 Barnhills, Par. of Ancrum, Roxburgh, Scotland m Elizabeth Piercy
│    │     ├──  Adam Fairbairn, b. abt 1849 Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland m Agnes Grieve
│    │     │     └──  George Johnston Fairbairn, b. Jul 1883 Sth Shields, Durham, England m Annie McGregor Sangster
│    │     └──  William Fairbairn, b. circa 1850 Carham, Northumberland, England m Christina Marshall
│    │           └──  Adam George Percy Fairbairn, b. 1875 Sth Shields, Durham, England m Jane Leake Legg
│    │                 └──  Roy Legge Fairbairn, b. 1913 Bronx, New York, USA
│    ├──  Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1823 Barnhills, Par. of Ancrum, Roxburgh, Scotland m Janet Aitchison
│    │     └──  George Fairbairn, b. circa 1849 Scotland m Susan Hamilton
│    │            └──  Frank Archibald Fairburn, b. 1876 Iowa, USA m Cordelia Patterson
│    │                  └──  Craig Fairburn
│    │                         └── F-40
│    ├──  William Fairbairn, b. 1824 Barnhills, Par. of Ancrum, Roxburgh, Scotland m Isabella Black
│    │     └──  Adam Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1862 Shotton, Kirknewton, Northumberland, England m Sarah Jane Welsh
│    │            └──  William George Fairbairn, b. 1888 St Paul, Howard Co, Nebraska, USA m Elnora Dell Coons
│    │                  └──  Wilbur Dale Fairbairn, b. 1912 St Paul, Howard Cty, Nebraska, USA m Louise Boruch
│    └──  Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1831 Boon Mill, Par. of Legerwood, Berwick, Scotland m Mary Keillor (soldier/carpenter, d. Holborn, LND)
├── Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1801 Garrich, Par. of Nenthorn, Berwick, Scotland m Margaret Stevens
│     └──  David Fairbairn, b. 1826 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland m Isabella Trotter
│           ├──  Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1864 Duns, Berwick, Scotland m Ellen Thompson Alty
│           │    └──  Henry Alty Fairbairn m Elsie N Croft
│           │          └──  Francis Stephen Alty Fairbairn  m Simpkin
│           └──  Robert Trotter Fairbairn, b. 1867 Duns, Berwick, Scotland m Louisa Ann Chisholm
│                 ├──  Archibald David Fairbairn, b. 1900 Leslie, Fife, Scotland
│                 └──  Douglas Chisholm Fairbairn, b. Nov 1904 Leslie, Fife, Scotland m. Agnes Arnott
└──  Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1815 Chesterhall, Par. of Earlston, Berwick, Scotland m Jane Douglas (representative wanted - Andrew's dth cert says father Andrew, not George but as the informant was a grandson and all other info fits...)
      └──  William Fairbairn, b. 1846 Gordon, Berwick, Scotland m Marjory Rae
            ├──  Andrew Fairbairn, b. 1884 Maxton, Roxburghshire, Scotland
            └──  Robert Fairbairn, b. 1886 Maxton, Roxburghshire, Scotland

The Selkirk John Fairbairn Helen Anderson couple:
John Fairbairn, b. say 1700 ?Selkirk, SEL, SCT m Helen Anderson m. 1727 Selkirk, SEL, SCT (John a cordiner and burges of Selkirk)
├── William Fairbairn, b. 1728 Selkirk, SEL, SCT
├── James Fairbairn, b. 1732 Selkirk, SEL, SCT
└── Francis Fairbairn, b. 1740 Selkirk, SEL, SCT

One of the Francis FAIRBAIRN families (lived Kelso, then Selkirk)  Participant wanted   Researcher John Dudgeon
Francis Fairbairn, b. say 1760 ?Kelso, ROX m  Isabella Hendriworth or Henderwick or Innerwick
 ├── Isabella Fairbairn, b. Mar 1794 Selkirk, SEL, SCT m William Spence
 │   .
 │   └──John Dudgeon
 └── John Fairbairn, b.Dec 1796 Kelso, ROX (mother's surname not given on dth cert, but assumed to be Henderwick, not Newton, from birth place of Roxburghshire, rather than Earlston)
      1) Ann Richardson
        ├── Francis Fairbairn chr. 1817 Broomhill, SEL SCT m Helen Young
        └── Walter Fairbairn b. 1821 Broomhill, SEL SCT m Margaret Purdom
              └── John Fairbairn b. 1852 m  Hanna/Anna Pardo
                   └── Walter P Fairbairn  b. Jun 1886 Detroit, MI, USA m Gladys Jack
                         └──  Robert W Fairbairn 
         2) Helen Laidlaw
        └── William Fairbairn b. 1842 SEL SCT m Isabella Allan
             └── George Fairbairn  b. 1873 Peebles, SCT m Jane Ann Hush
                  └──William Fairbairn  b. 1900 Peebles, SCT

With three attempts to name a son Andrew, the name must have been important to James.
His death cert. names his father, forename not given, as a tailor & clothier, and mother as Isabella, surname unknown
James Fairbairn, b. bet. 1781 and 1791 Eccles, BEW, SCT m. (Melrose) Ann Walker ploughman to grocer/draper
├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. circa 1815 Crailing, ROX, SCT m Marion Forrest
│   ├── Magaret Wilkie Fairbairn, b. circa Jul 1846 Portobello, MLN, SCT m. William Affleck
│   │    └── Andrew Fairbairn Affleck, b. Feb 1874 Ayr, SCT artist
│   ├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1853 Portobello, MLN, SCT
│   └── Alexander F Fairbairn, b. 1857 Portobello, MLN, SCT
└── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1818 Crailing, ROX, SCT

This Robert may, or may not, be the Robert below: family has references to an Andrew who may be related.
Anyone know where this Robert belongs? Researcher Bonnie FAIRBAIRN (ef_family AT

Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1820 Nisbet Mill, ROX, SCT m Catherine Stewart Robert a proprietor of mines in Australia when Francis married
└── Francis Stewart Fairbairn, b. 1848 Galashiels, SEL, SCT m Jessie F B Foulis
     ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1877 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT d. Seattle, Oregon, USA m. Norah Shannon
     └── Francis Stewart Fairbairn, b. 1884 Galashiels, SEL, SCT d. Coquitlan, BC, CAN m Olivia Wright
          └── Gordon Stuart Fairbairn, b. abt 1916

Line leader and participant wanted:
An Ancestral File entry shows this James to be the son of Archibald Fairbairn and Alison CROSSER, but that James has now been claimed (see Lineage 1 above). However it is felt that a Lineage 1 connection to this family is highly likely

James Fairbairn, b. circa 1795 ?Morebattle, ROX, SCT m Mary Bell Thomson
 └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1824 Caverton Mill, Eckford, ROX, SCT m Isabella Henderson
     ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1853 Morebattle, ROX, SCT m Elizabeth Wright
     │   ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1877 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Margaret Elizabeth Cornwall
     │   ├── Archibald Henderson Fairbairn, b. circa 1882 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT m Isabella Oliver Scott
     │   │    └── James Fairbairn, b. SAS, CAN
     │   ├── Walter Fairbairn, b. circa 1883 Greenlaw, BEW, SCT
     │   └── James Fairbairn,b. circa 1891 Ayton, BEW, SCTT
     ├── Archibald Henderson Fairbairn, b. 1855 Hunthill, Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Fanny Waite Fairbairn (daughter of William Fairbairn, one of the Ednam blacksmiths, see below)
     │   ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1882 Longbenton, NBL, ENG
     │   ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1883 Ardsley, YKS, ENG
     │   ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1887 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Ann Wilkinson
     │   │    └── James Duncan Fairbairn, b. circa 1923?ONT, CAN
     │   ├── Edward Fairbairn, b. circa 1889 Gateshead, DUR, ENG
     │   ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1892 Gateshead, DUR, ENG
     │   └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1893 Gateshead, DUR, ENG m Female UnknownSurname
     │        └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1917 ONT, CAN m Nellie M Martin
     └──Robert Fairbairn, b. 1862 Jedburgh, ROX, SCT m Grace Christina Grant Spalding
         ├── Robert Henderson Fairbairn, b.1883 Glasgow, LKS, SCT d. 1958 Vancouver, BRC, CAN m Vibeke Madsen
         ├── John Short Fairbairn, b.1895 Glasgow, LKS, SCT d. 1956 Montreal, QUE, CAN m Helen Mary Peterkin Low
         └── James Fairbairn, b. 1901 Govan, LKS, SCT d. 1973 Wellington, NZ m Emele Moa Te'o

The Ednam Blacksmiths
Line leader and participant wanted:

Edward Fairbairn, b. circa 1728 ?Ednam, ROX, SCT m Jean  Davidson
 └── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1756 ?Ednam, ROX, SCT m Margaret Thomson
      └── Edward Fairbairn, b. circa 1787 Ednam, ROX, SCT
           1) Margaret Kinghorn
             └── Edward Fairbairn, b. 1815 Ednam, ROX, SCT m Catherine Elizabeth Fortner (to NSW, AUS 1838, d. Swellendam, Sth Africa 1859)
                  ├── Edward Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1839 New South Wales, Australia
                  └── William Archibald Shaw or Thom Fairbairn, b. 1849 Swellendam, Sth Africa m Annie Georgina Smith
           2) m Jane Broomfield
             ├── William Fairbairn, b. 1823 New Wooler, ROX, SCT m Helen Douglas
             │   ├── Fanny Waite Fairbairn, b. c. 1862 m Archibald Henderson Fairbairn, b. 1855 Hunthill, Jedburgh, ROX, SCT (see above - James Fairbairn & Mary Bell Thomson)
             │   │   ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1882 Longbenton, NBL, ENG
             │   │   ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1883 Ardsley, YKS, ENG
             │   │   ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1887 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m Ann Wilkinson
             │   │   │    └── James Duncan Fairbairn, b. circa 1923 ?ONT, CAN
             │   │   ├── Edward Fairbairn, b. circa 1889 Gateshead, DUR, ENG
             │   │   ├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1892 Gateshead, DUR, ENG
             │   │   └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. 1893 Gateshead, DUR, ENG m ??
             │   │         └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. circa 1917 ONT, CAN m Nellie M Martin
             │   └── Edward Fairbairn, b. 1865 Ednam, ROX, SCT m Isabella Hogarth
             │        └── John Fairbairn
             └── James Fairbairn, b. 1831 Ednam, ROX, SCT m Catherine Aitchison Bruce
                  └── Edward Fairbairn, b. 1853 Edinburgh, SCT m Elinor
                       └── Thomas S A Fairbairn, b. 1890 Buffalo, NY, USA m Helen Pumeya
                            └── John Fitzgerald Fairbairn, b 1922 Buffalo, NY, USA m Meryl (Mayo Clinic)

Line leader and participant wanted:
Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1770 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Margaret Clarkson
├──Rev John Clarkson Fairbairn, b. 1809 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Margaret Wilson (John was the Free Church Minister of Allanton)
├──Thomas Fairbairn M.D, b. 1811 Canongate, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Helen Kinniburgh
└──William Fairbairn, bap. 1815 Edinburgh St Cuthberts, MLN, SCT m Agnes Hamilton Dodds
    └──Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1854 Edinburgh m Cecilia Leefe
         └── William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn, b. 1899 Edinburgh m Mary Ann More Gordon
               └── Nicholas Fairbairn, b. 1933 Edinburgh

Line leader and participant wanted (may be connected to George F. and Jannet Kiyll of St Boswells; and William F. and Ann Cranston m. Sprouston).
Noted with passing interest that a search of the SMGF database using Lineage 1 markers brought up a 25/28 match with a Brinckerhoff family who emigrated to Pennsylvania!

William Fairbairn, b. 1762 St Boswells SCT m Mary Mott  (a publisher in Philadelphia, Connecticut and/or New York)
└──Robert Brinckerhoff Fairbairn, b. 1818 Greenwich Village, NY, USA m Juliet Arnold  (Warden St Stephen’s College, Annandale, NY
    └── Henry A Fairbairn, b 1855 NY, USA m Alice LeFevre
         ├── Robert L Fairbairn, b. abt 1889 NY, USA m Mary Laile Fanning
         │    └── Henry A Fairbairn, b. 1918 NY, USA
         └── Russell A Fairbairn, b. abt 1891 NY, USA

Participant wanted 
Thomas Fairbairn b abt 1746 ?BEW, SCT d. 1814 Leitholm Elspeth/Eppy Wood Researcher: Norma Chantler,
├── James Fairbairn, b. abt 1786 SCT m Margery Rose
│   ├──  Thomas Allen Fairbairn, b.1829 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Mary
│   ├──  John Fairbairn, b.abt 1843 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, USA m.Josephine Martin
│   └──  George D Fairbairn, b. 1847 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, USA m. Emily
├── Robert Fairbairn, b.Nov 1796 Longfomacus, BEW SCT m Helen Milne
│   ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b.Sep 1824 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m Mary Middlemas
│   ├── George Milne Fairbairn, b.Mar 1838 SCT m  Martha Jane McDowell
└── John Fairbairn, b. abt 1801 Edrom, BEW, SCT m Janet Lyal

Participants wanted 
A line from Gordon with Greenlaw, West Australian and New South Wales connections.

Tree contains some of the daughters to show the names Threkeld, and Ainslie, which, along with "Warrah", helped make the connections between the assorted lines.
Line suspected to have daughtered out, but maybe descendants of John's elder brothers might surface.
Robert Fairbairn m. Jul 1789 Gordon, BEW to Janet Ainslie (tenant in East Gordon)
├── Male
├── Alexander b. 1794 East Gordon, BEW, SCT (probably the gardener in Earlston in 1841, not found 1851 or Scottish death indexes)
└── John Fairbairn b. 1800, Par. of Gordon, BEW m. Elizabeth Pollard ( John "youngest son of the late Robert Fairbairn, Esq. of East Gordon, Berwickshire", emigrated as part of the Australind Colonisation Company scheme)
      ├── Robert Fairbairn I.S.O, R.M. b. Jun 1841, Picton, West Australia m. Fanny Taylor ( "eldest son of the Mr & Mrs John Fairbairn" )
      │     └── Robert Chisholm Fairbairn
      ├── George Fairbairn, J.P. b. 1848 Dandalup, West Australia d. 1913 Chatswood, NSW, AUS m. Jul 1880 Sarah Jane SIDDINS (Sarah's mother Frances THREKELD; George's dth notice: "late of Warrah", formerly of West Australia")
      │     ├── George Oscar Fairbairn m Beatrice Florence Allen
      │     │     └── Capt Murray Threlkeld Fairbairn
      │     └── Elizabeth Ainslie Fairbairn
      └── James Fairbairn b. 1853 Dandalup, West Australia m. Emily Fairfax ("of Warrah" when married Emily)
            ├── John Herbert Fairbairn b 1879 Sydney, NSW, AUS
            └── Mary Threlkeld Fairbairn b 1883 Sydney, NSW, AUS

Participants wanted 
A line of Earlston (Fans) tailors, with possibly Hackney connections.

James Fairbairn m. Jan 1714 Earlston to Margaret Dirkman (James "taylor in Fanns")
└── Robert Fairbairn/Frebairn b. abt Dec 1719 Fanns, Par. of Earlston, BEW ("Robert son to James fairbairn taylor in fanns")
      ├──  James Frebairn b. say 1745 Fanns, Par. of Earlston, BEW ("James the eldest and Thomas the youngest sons to Robert ffrebairn Taylor in ffans Bapt:")

      │     └── Thomas Fairbairn, b. say 1795 ?Hackney, or Scotland? (relationship to father based on occupation, naming pattern, marr. witness, ie complete guess, but if true, a descendant may match F-17, and father James would need to be born 1763ish)
      │            m. (Feb 1820 Hackney) Mary Ann Parry
      │            ├── James Joseph Fairbairn, b. Dec 1820 Hackney, London m. Eliza Hill ( to Thomas, tailor, and Mary Ann Fairbarn of Morning Lane)
      │            │     └── William Henry Fairbairn, b. abt 1852 Hackney, London m. Eliza Maria James
      │            │           └── William Henry Fairbairn, b. abt 1885 Grays, Essex m. Lydia Bignell
      │            ├── Richard Fairbairn, b. 1824 Homerton, Hackney, London m. Eliza Kendall (Richard to Thomas, tailor, and Mary Ann Fairbairn)
      │            │     └── William Fairbairn, b. abt 1848 Hackney, London
      │            │           └── Edward Fairbairn, b. ?Minnesota, USA
      │            └── John Fairbairn, b. 1828 Hackney, London ( to Thomas, tailor, and Mary Fairbarn of Paradise Fields)
      └──  Thomas Frebairn b. abt 1747 Fanns, Par. of Earlston, BEW ("James the eldest and Thomas the youngest sons to Robert ffrebairn Taylor in ffans Bapt:")

Participants wanted 
Another line with Legerwood connections.

Alexander Fairbairn , b. say 1740 ?Westruther, BEW, SCT m. Bety Newton (suspect line has "daughtered out", unless descendants of Alexander, James or William pop out of the woodwork)
└── James Fairbairn, b. say 1760 ?Westruther, BEW, SCT m (1783 Lauder). Agnes Brack
      ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1784 Burntopburn Mill, Par. of Westruther, BEW, SCT
      ├── James Fairbairn, b. 1788 Carrolside Milln, Par. of Legerwood, BEW, SCT
      ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1794 Carrolside Mill, Par. of Legerwood, BEW, SCT m. Elizabeth Philip (newspaper proprietor, educator, financier and politician)
      │    └── James Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1836 ?Cape Town, SAF m. Kate Lamb
      │          └── John Fairbairn, b. 1863 Green Point, SAF m. Winifred Difford
      │                ├── John Fairbairn
      │                └── David Bruce Fairbairn
      └── William Fairbairn, b. 1802 Carrolside Mill, Par. of Legerwood, BEW, SCT

Two Swinton lines, both John Fairbairns of an age, both dying in 1849, and buried Swinton

Participants wanted
  • John Fairbairn, b. circa 1771 Swinton?, BEW, SCT m. Alice or Alison Ainslie (possibly/probably the John bap. 1769 to John and Elizabeth (Carse) Fairbairn)
    • James Fairbairn, b. circa 1799 Swinton, BEW, SCT m. Christian Scott
      • John Fairbairn, b. circa 1833 Makerstoun, ROX, SCT
      • George Fairbairn, b. circa 1838 Melrose, ROX, SCT m. Catherine Lamb
        • James Fairbairn, b. between 1867 and 1867 Dist of Brentford, MDX, ENG m. Maggie Leslie Paterson
          • Walter Paterson Fairbairn, b. circa 1890 Falkirk, STI, SCT m. Annie Reid
          • James Fairbairn, b. circa 1895 Falkirk, STI, SCT m. Julia Murdoch
          • Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1899 Falkirk, STI, SCT m. Margaret Thom Henderson
  • Henry Fairbairn, b. circa 1802 Swinton, BEW, SCT m. Elizabeth Gibson
    • John Fairbairn, b. circa 1835 Swinton, BEW, SCT m. Margaret Simpson
      • William Fairbairn, b. 1857 Butterlaw, BEW, SCT
      • James Fairbairn, b. 1866 Edrom, BEW, SCT m. Elizabeth Bolton
        • John Fairbairn, b. circa 1888 Edrom, BEW, SCT
  • Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1816 Coldstream, BEW, SCT m. Julian Wilson

Second of two Swinton lines, both John Fairbairns of an age, both dying in 1849, and buried Swinton
John Fairbairn, b. abt 1770 d. Mar 1849 m. Helen Campbell See above

The Haddington James & Margaret (TAIT) FAIRBAIRN

  • Robert Fairbairn m (1777 Edinburgh) Marion COCHRAN
    • Beatrix Fairbairn 1779 Haddington, ELN
    • Robert Fairbairn 1780 Haddington, ELN
    • Janet Fairbairn 1783 Haddington, ELN
    • James Fairbairn 1787 Haddington, ELN m. Margaret TAIT (James a candlemaker and tobacconist, deceased by 1849, parents, & birth date shown assumed from naming pattern)
      • Catherine Fairbairn b. Oct 1821 Haddington, ELN SCT m. Thomas Maitland
      • Marion Fairbairn b. Mar 1823 Haddington, ELN SCT
      • Margaret Fairbairn b. Aug 1825 Haddington, ELN SCT
      • Rachel Fairbairn b. Jan 1827 Haddington, ELN SCT m. George Wilson Peattie
      • Robert Fairbairn b. May 1829 Haddington, ELN SCT
    • Christian Fairbairn 1791 Haddington, ELN
    • George Fairbairn 1796 Haddington, ELN

Participants wanted 
Another line with Berwickshire and Ontario connections.

James Fairbairn, b. abt 1770 Fogo?, BEW, SCT m. Margaret Hog (blacksmith at Whinkerstones, Fogo)
├── Isabella Fairbairn, b. Apr 1802, Whinkerstones, Fogo, BEW, SCT m. Alexander Miller
├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. Feb 1806, SCT m Eliza Ann Hagerman (in Canada by 1828 family sources on web say born Peebles, "Edinburgh", and sister to Mary)
│     ├── Charles Fairbairn, b. Feb 1837 Port Hope Canada m. Esther Fee
│     ├── John Fairbairn, b. Jul 1841 Ontario, Canada m. Mary Gain
│     ├── Andrew Fairbairn, b. Mar 1843 Ontario, Canada m. Sarah McKee
│     ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. Jan 1847 Ontario, Canada m. Mary Murduff
│     └── Nicholas Fairbairn, abt. Jan 1847 Ontario, Canada m. Fanny Beagley
└── Mary Fairbairn, b. 1807 Fogo?, BEW, SCT m. (Dec 1827 Fogo) John Darling (sister to Andrew, lived Peterborough, Ontario)

Participant wanted
John Fairbairn**  m Mary Robertson
└── Ralph Archibald Fairbairn , b. 1788 ENG m Helen Crow/Craw Researcher David Richardson
    ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1806 Hutton, Berwickshire, SCT m  Janet (to Ontario dtr Agnes marr. GRIEVE, no known sons)
    ├── Alexander Fairbairn, b. 1808 Hutton, Berwickshire, SCT(to Ontario no known sons)
    ├── James Fairbairn, b. circa 1817 Whitsome, Berwickshire, SCT m Christian Nisbet
    │   └── Ralph Fairbairn, b. 1848 Coldstream, Berwickshire, SCT m Elizabeth Laws
    │        ├── John James Fairbairn, b. 1884 Gateshead, DUR, ENG m. Mary Gilroy
    │        └── Alfred Fairbairn, b. 1876 Newcastle on Tyne, NBL, ENG m Esther Birkett
    │             └── Ralph Fairbairn,a bt. 1897 Tynemouth, NBL, ENG m ?Redpath
    └── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1822 Hutton, Berwickshire, SCT m Isabella Gray
        ├── Ralph Fairbairn, b. 1848 Ancrum, Roxburghshire, SCT (d. single)
        ├── Mary Fairbairn, b. 1850 Ancrum, Roxburghshire, SCT
        │   └── James Fairbairn, b. 1874 Coldstream, Berwickshire, SCT m Margaret Wight
        │        └── Margaret Wight Fairbairn, b. 1906 Wooler, Northumberland, ENG m Isaac Richardson
        │             └── David Richardson
        └── Thomas Gray Fairbairn, b. 1858 Ancrum, Roxburghshire, SCT

An Oldhamstocks family awaiting a representative or two
Alexander Fairbairn, b. say 1770 ?Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m. Alison Guiler
└──George Fairbairn, b. circa 1799 Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m. Elizabeth Fair
      ├──Alexander Fairbairn, chr. 1824 Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT
      ├──William Fairbairn, b. circa 1828 Innerwick, Haddington, ELN, SCT m. Janet Chisholm
      │     ├── George Fairbairn, b. 1855 Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT m. Henrietta Tait
      │     │    ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1895 Coldstream, BEW, SCT
      │     │    └── Jacob Tait Fairbairn, b. 1902 Coldstream, BEW, SCT
      │     └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1860 Cockburnspath, BEW, SCT
      ├── George Fairbairn, chr. 1830 Oldhamstocks, ELN, SCT
      └── James Fairbairn, b. 1833 Oldhamstocks, Haddington, ELN, SCT m. Sophia K Johnston
            ├── George Fairbairn, b. 1857 Fogo, BEW, SCT m. Janet Simpson
            │    └── James Peter Fairbairn, b. circa 1891 Tweedmouth, Dist of Berwick, NBL, ENG m. Helen Percy Duff
            ├── Robert John Johnston Fairbairn, b. 1864 Fogo, BEW, SCT m. Margaret Grayden Welsh
            │    └── James Fairbairn, b. 1890 NY, USA
            └── James Fairbairn, b. 1866 Fogo, BEW, SCT m. Mary Jane Darcey
                  └── Leonard Fairbairn, b. 1905 Chatham, Dist of Medway, KEN, ENG

A Massachusetts FAIRBAIRN family that has defeated searches to date to link it up to its reputed English origins (or to be found in the 1880 American census).
Chris would love to hear from you if you know anything about this family, especially if you can provide a direct male line descendant for the dna project to help solve the mystery.

Edward Cranmer Fairbairn, b. 1857 ENG m (Toronto) Catherine J Connelly, (later Marino) b. CAN
├── Alfred Joseph Fairbairn, b. 1877 San Francisco CA, USA m Annie Marie Connelly
│   ├── Alfred E Fairbairn, b. circa 1902 MA, USA m Mary E UnknownSurname
│   │    └── Alfred Fairbairn, b. say 1932 ?MA, USA
│   └── Frank Leslie Fairbairn, b. 1906 Medford, MA, USA m Margaret O'Dea
│         └── Maureen F Fairbairn
│               └── Chris Smith Reseacher Email csmith endeca ... com
├── Edward Fairbairn, b. 1880 CA, USA m Electa O ?Currier
│     └── Edward P Fairbairn, b. 1905 MA, USA
└── George Chester Fairbairn, b. 1887 WI, USA m Lillian M Donnelly
      └── Chester I Fairbairn, b. 1911 MA, USA m Mary J McDonald
            └── John R Fairbairn


Another Massachusetts FAIRBAIRN family - with Scottish origins
No immediately obvious connection with the above, but both did have some connection to Somerville

?John abt 1790 SCT
├──  Margaret Fairbairn, b c 1816 SCT (assumed to be sister - living with John 1860 Cambridge MA)
└──  John Fairbairn, b. circa 1819 SCT m. Catherine Egan
      ├──  John Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1851 MA, USA m. Carrie S Hammond
      │     └──  John Edward Fairbairn, b. 1875 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA, USA m. Laura Blanchard Crawford
      ├──  Andrew S Fairbairn, b. 1852 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA, USA
      ├──  George Fairbairn, b. circa 1858 MA, USA
      ├──  Robert H Fairbairn, b. 1865 MA, USA
      ├──  William H Fairbairn, b. 1867 MA, USA m. Julia C Kraas
      │     ├──  George A Fairbairn, b. 1895 MA, USA
      │     └──  Charles G Fairbairn, b. 1906 MA, USA
      ├──  Matthew L Fairbairn, b. 1870 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA, USA
      └──  Herbert Lindell Fairbairn, b. 1874 Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA, USA m. Elizabeth Mulrick

Participant required - the family of a South Shields (Co. Durham) ship owner
No immediately obvious direct male line descendants, but not all lines yet traced.

James Dysart Fairbairn, b. circa 1797 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG m. Ann Newbigin
├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1825 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG m (1848 Quebec, CAN) Elizabeth Leeds Woodcock
│     └── James Fairbairn, b. 1849 Walthamstow, ESS, ENG m. Marion Holland
│           ├── William Henry Fairbairn, b. 1886 Sutton, Dist of Epsom, SRY, ENG m. Ethel M Symons
│           └── Edgar Colin A Fairbairn, b. 1894 Dist of Kingston, SRY, ENG
├──  John Fairbairn, b. circa 1827 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG m. Alice Malaburn
│     └── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1858 Gravesend, KEN, ENG
├──  James Fairbairn, b. circa 1829 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG
│      m 1) Anna Septima Otterburn
│      └── William Arnell Fairbairn, b. 1855 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG
│      m 2) Elizabeth Sarah Dumlin
│      ├── James Edward Fairbairn, b. 1865 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG
│      └── Harry Percy Fairbairn, b. 1872 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG m. Ann Scott
└── Ann Fairbairn, b. circa 1832 Sth Shields, DUR, ENG m. Edward Cundell Banks

A Fife family

Participant wanted, although it does rather look like a "daughtered out" line.

Thomas Fairbairn, b. say 1760 ?Cameron, FIF, SCT m. Ann Smith
  • Alexander Fairbairn, b. circa 1789 Cameron, FIF, SCT m. Annie Robertson (surname sometimes spelt Frebearn or Freebairn in census)
    • Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1812 Carnbee (or 1819 Pittenweem or 1814 West Anstruther), FIF, SCT
         m. 1) Agnes Robertson
      • Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1836 Par. of Cameron, FIF, SCT
      • Shepherd Fairbairn, b. circa 1842 Crail, FIF, SCT m. (Ontario) Elizabeth Bromwich
    •    m. 2) Alison Ross
    • John Fairbairn, b. circa 1819 Crail, FIF, SCT (father assumed to be Alexander although dth cert. says John)
          m. 1 Agnes Rolland
    •     m. 2 Christian Gowans

Some Penicuik Families (representatives wanted)

James Fairbairn, b. say 1680, Penicuik, MLN, SCT (schoolmaster)
m. Marion Craig
├── Archibald Fairbairn, b. abt Jun 1713 Penicuik, MLN, SCT (schoolmaster, Newlands) m. Sophia McKEAN
└── James Fairbairn, b. abt Oct 1715 Penicuik, MLN, SCT m. Katherine MARSHALL
      ├── John Fairbairn, b. Feb 1742 Penicuik, MLN, SCT (Curator of Chelsea Physic Garden to 1814) m. ?Jane?
      └── Archibald Fairbairn, b. Jan 1758 Penicuik, MLN, SCT m. Margaret GIBB
            ├── George Fairbairn, b. abt 1796 Penicuik, MLN, SCT m. Jane Gray
            └── Samuel Fairbairn, b. abt 1798 Penicuik, MLN, SCT m. Margaret HISLOP (tax collector)
m. Margaret Gibson
├── William Fairbairn, b. abt Jul 1740 Penicuik, MLN, SCT
└── Adam Fairbairn, b. Mar 1745 Penicuik, MLN, SCT


An Ayr Family originating in Ireland
Representative wanted.
Walter Fairbairn/Feebairn, b. say 1770, ?Cavan, IRL m. Jane Corbett
└── Walter Fairbairn, b. abt 1799, County Cavan, IRL m. Jane Brown
      ├── Samuel Fairbairn, b. abt 1835 Maybole, AYR, SCT m. Margaret McCulloch
      └── Walter Fairbairn, b. abt 1842, Dalrymple, AYR, SCT m. Catherine Nixon
            ├── George Fairbairn, b. abt Sep 1860 Newtown, AYR, SCT m. Helen Cummings
            └── John Fairbairn, b. abt 1876, Dreghorn, AYR, SCT m. Ellen Irvine

An Ayr Family
Representative wanted.

Archibald Fairbairn/Feebairn, b. abt 1791, Partick, Glasgow, LKS, SCT m. Bethina Kay
└── Alexander Fairbairn, b. abt 1824 Mauchline, AYR, SCT

An Australian Family originating in Ireland
Representative wanted.

Walter Fairbairn, b. abt 1800?, County Cavan, IRL m. Eleanor
└── George Fairbairn, b. 1825 County Cavan, IRL m. Sarah Scholes (emig. 1856 to NSW, AUS)
      └── Frederick James Fairbairn, b. 1877 Kiama, NSW m. Sarah Alice Stanford

From Ireland to New Jersey. One of two families with contemporary Frank and Anna FAIRBAIRNs born Pennsylvania. Refer Rootsweb Fairbairn Message Board re family bible. Strongly suspect no direct male line FAIRBAIRNs left for a DNA representative.
John Fairbairn, b. circa 1794 IRL m. Jane Eliza Howe (John's age from census data, children sometimes say born SCT, h/stone says born 1784)
├── Andrew B Fairbairn, b. circa 1826 Philadelphia, PA, USA
├── Samuel Blanchard Fairbairn, b. circa 1832 NJ, USA m. Martha McLain
│   ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1857 Trenton, NJ, USA m. Mary E
│   │    └── Fred Blanchard Fairbairn, b. 1897 IL, USA m. Hilda M Rademske
│   └── Andrew B Fairbairn, b. 1861 Westhampton Twp, Burlington Co, NJ, USA m. Sarah J Makin
├── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1834 PA, USA
├── James C Fairbairn, b. 1839 PA, USA m. Martha B Tash
│    ├── William P Fairbairn, b. 1858 Lumberton, NJ, USA
│    └── Henry L Fairbairn, b. 1874 PA, USA m. Emily P
│          └── Harry L Fairbairn, b. Sep 1904 PA, USA
├── Frank K Fairbairn, b. circa 1845 PA, USA m. Annie J
│    └── Frank Crouse Fairbairn, b. 1888 Philadelphia, PA, USA m. Iva C
└── Harry K Fairbairn, b. circa 1848 PA, USA

Another line with Pennsylvania connections, and a Stamfordham, Northumberland, England origin
Robert Fairbairn, b. abt Nov 1767 Par. of Stamfordham, NBL, ENG m. Mary Atkinson
├──Robert Fairbairn, b. abt 1796 Stamfordham, Par. of Chollerton, NBL, ENG m. Ann Dodd (assumed first son)
│   ├── Stephen Fairbairn, b. circa 1841 Milburn Mill, NBL, ENG
│   └── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1847 Millbourne, NBL, ENG m. Mary Steel
│         ├── William Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1883 Sunderland, DUR, ENG
│         ├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. circa 1885 Sunderland, DUR, ENG m. Emma Howden (m. 1912 Toronto)
│         └── Stephen Fairbairn, b. circa 1892 Bishop Wearmouth, Dist Sunderland, DUR, ENG
├── Stephen Fairbairn, b. 1802 Stamfordham, Par. of Chollerton, NBL, ENG m. Jane Jackson (bap. states Stephen is 2nd son)
│    ├──John Fairbairn, b. circa 1826 Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL, ENG Elizabeth Hubbard
│    │   ├── Frank Fairbairn, b. 1854 Erie, PA, USA m. Annie D Crowell (the other Frank & Anna in Pennsylvania (see above John from Ireland for the other couple)
│    │   │   └── Archibald Dwight Fairbairn, b. 1885 Erie, PA, USA m. Della D Bradshaw
│    │   ├── John C Fairbairn, b. 1858 PA, USA m. Miriam E Helms
│    │   │     └── Earle Case Fairbairn, b. 1882 PA, USA m. Agnes A McLean
│    │   │          └── Murray Fairbairn
│    │   └── Oscar Jackson Fairbairn, b. 1868 PA, USA m. Minnie Baldwin
│    │        └── John Baldwin Fairbairn, b. 1901 Erie, Erie Co., PA, USA m. Ruth Isabelle Ackerman
│    │              └── Robert Stephen Fairbairn
│    ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1835 NBL, ENG
│    └── Stephen Fairbairn, b. circa 1844 NBL, ENG m. Maria Hannah Adamson
│         ├── Charles Henry A Fairbairn, b. circa 1871 Byker, Dist of Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL, ENG m. Florence Rebecca Bainbridge
│         │    ├── Stephen Bainbridge Fairbairn, b. 1901 Hexham, NBL, ENG m. Edith M Lamb
│         │    └──Charles Fairbairn, b. circa 1905 Hexham, NBL, ENG
│         └── Stephen Ernest Fairbairn, b. between 1873 and 1873 Heaton, Dist of Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL, ENG m. Lily Adeline Maudlin
│              └── Stephen Geoffrey Fairbairn, b. 1909 Kenton, Dist of Castle Ward, NBL, ENG m. Rhoda E Croft
├── Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1810 Stamfordham, Par. of Chollerton, NBL, ENG
├── Matthew Fairbairn, b. circa 1813 Swinburne, Par. of Chollerton, NBL, ENG m. Mary Pickering
│    ├── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1843 Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL, ENG m. Margaret Pringle
│    ├── George Fairbairn, b. circa 1847 Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL, ENG
│    └── Stephen Fairbairn, b. circa Jun 1850 Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL, ENG m. Mary Jackson (coal merchant)
│         └── Matthew Fairbairn, b. circa 1877 Newcastle upon Tyne, NBL, ENG
└── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1815 Middle Farm, Par. of Chollerton, NBL, ENG

Robert and family left Glasgow for Pawtucket
Robert Fairbairn, b. Aug 1816 SCT (not LKS) m. Jean Rennie Urquhart
├── William U Fairbairn, b. 1834 LKS, SCT m. Draxanna Austen
│     ├── William U Fairbairn, b. 1862 MA, USA m. Mary Frances Curran
│     │     ├── Thaddeus A Fairbairn, b. circa 1911 MA, USA
│     │     ├── William F Fairbairn, b. circa 1913 MA, USA
│     └── John Thaddeus Fairbairn, b. 1866 Dorchester, MA, USA m. Enid Louise Grey
│           └── Robert Austin Fairbairn, b. 1917 Williamsport, PA, USA
└── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1840 LKS, SCT

Robert & Margaret (ELLIOT) FAIRBAIRN of Melrose

Participant wanted, but looks unlikely to be found in what appears to be a "daughtered out" line as far as FAIRBAIRN Y-dna is concerned, although the FAIRBAIRN name continues in Ontario from Isabella's son Elliot.

Robert Fairbairn, b. say 1776 ?Melrose, ROX, SCT m. Margaret Elliot
├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1801 Broomhill, Par. of Melrose, ROX, SCT
├── Isabel Fairbairn, b. circa 1803 Broomhill, Par. of Melrose, ROX, SCT (later married m. William Bookless)
│    └── Elliot Fairbairn, b. 1831 Hobkirk, ROX, SCT m. Mary Hobkirk (emig. to Ontario in 1855)
│         ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. circa 1858 ONT, CAN m. Sarah Larmour
│         │    └── Elliot Fairbairn, b. 1890 Tuckersmith, Huron Co, ONT, CAN
│         ├── Elliot Fairbairn, b. circa 1862 ONT, CAN
│         ├── George Fairbairn, b. 1867 ONT, CAN m. Agnes Simmons
│         │    ├── Eliot Fairbairn, b. 1892 Tuckersmith?, Huron Co., ONT, CAN m. Minnie Ostrander
│         │    └── William George Fairbairn, b. 1898 Tuckersmith, Huron Co, ONT, CAN m. Luella May Greene
│         ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1874 Tuckersmith, Huron Co., ONT, CAN m. Minnie Drover
│         │    ├── Elliot L Fairbairn, b. 1897 Huron Co., ONT, CAN m. Alma Elizabeth Jane Mirehouse
│         │    ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1906 USA
│         │    └── William Fairbairn, b. circa 1914 MAN, CAN
│         └── Walter Patterson Fairbairn, b. 1875 Tuckersmith, Huron Co, ONT, CAN m. Mary Ellen Robertson
├── Francis Fairbairn, b. circa 1813 St Boswells, ROX, SCT
└── John Fairbairn, b. circa 1817 Maxton, ROX, SCT m. Catherine Miller
      ├── Robert Fairbairn, b. 1856 Stitchill, ROX, SCT
      ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1858 Makerstoun, ROX, SCT m. Jane Donald
      └── Peter Dodds Fairbairn, b. 1861 Makerstoun, ROX, SCT m. Lillie Amelia Thorpe


Family of John and Ann (ARROWSMITH) FAIRBURN, who married in Durham, moving to Deptford around the late 1770s where he was a shipbuilder.
Is this the same John and Ann baptizing a Robert at Gravesend in 1789?
Is this latter Robert, the one marrying Elizabeth COTTE/COTTON in Lineage 1a above?
Is John the son of Richard FAIRBURN of Lead Hall Farm, Pannal nr Harrogate?

A representative, or two, from distantly related lines, of this family would be great to test these theories.

John Fairbairn, b. say 1750 m. Ann Arrowsmith (married St Mary le Bow, Durnam, 1773)
├── John Fairbairn, b. Feb 1778, Durham St Nicholas
├── Richard Fairbairn, say 1780s, ?Deptford, Kent?
└── William Thomas Fairbairn, b. 1795 Deptford, Kent ENG, SCT m. Sarah Tuckwell (to NZ 1819 as a missionary)
      ├── Richard Alexander Fairbairn, b. Mar 1820, Bay of Islands, NZ m. Louisa Coney
      ├── John Fairbairn, b. 1823, Bay of Islands, NZ
      └── Edwin Fairbairn, b. 1827, Bay of Islands, NZ m. Emma Coney

See the Wanted! page for more information on particular lines needing representatives, although ANY male FAIRBAIRN interested in his ancestry is most welcome to join

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