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  • We seek Line Leaders to add Family History information and to bring focus to this project.


  • 2008: Nov 8 This Project Diary has shifted to the FAIRBAIRN DNA Project Blog, where you have the ability to filter by keyword, and add comments should you wish.
  • If you are a DNA Participant, or an active FAIRBAIRN researcher and want to be added as a blog author, just let me know.
  • 2008: Oct 2 Patriarchs page updated with pedigrees for the Hoquiam (Washington State) & Sunderland (Durahm, England) "cousins"
  • 2008: Sep 30 8th participant welcomed, and Patriarchs page updated to shift  his pedigree (that of Thomas FAIRBAIRN b. abt 1790 Gordon, BEW, married to Elspeth REDPATH) up into the "in progress" section.
    Hoping to see if related to William & Jean (WANLESS) FAIRBAIRN of Wakefield Quebec, given that both Thomas and William worked on the Rideau Canal, and William was supposed to have a brother Thomas.
    Still looking for participants from among the descendants of John FAIRBAIRN and Elisabeth MILLER, lived Hardenberg, NY.
  • 2008: Sep 22 7th participant welcomed, and Patriarchs page updated with his pedigree (that of Trotter FAIRBAIRN of Duns, Berwickshire, married in Ladykirk, BEW to  Jane/Jean FAIRBAIRN of Kelso, family moved to Sunderland).
    Hoping to find a participant from the other Sunderland FAIRBAIRN family, that of Robert and Elizabeth (TAYLOR) FAIRBAIRN, forebears of the Albert who ended up in Hoquiam and claimed John A FAIRBAIRN Jnr of Hoquiam as a cousin, and presumably therefore also a cousin to David & Jane (WILLIAMSON) FAIRBAIRN and William & Jean (WANLESS) FAIRBAIRN of Wakefield Quebec.
  • 2008: Sep 20 Pedigree added for Robert and H or Amelia (WALKER) FAIRBAIRN  of  Darlington Mills/Bowmanville Ontario.  Robert from Duns Berwickshire, and had a brother in Haddington "in dry goods".  Anyone researching the family?
    Also a few tweaks to the pedigree of John and Elisabeth (MILLER) FAIRBAIRN of New York, the potential relation of Walter and Agnes (ROBERTSON) FAIRBAIRN.
    Hoping to find a participant from both of these families..
  • 2008: Sep 17 Pages revamped to get them more consistent in look and feel.
    Discussion page updated to include the new lineage and current thinking on how lineage 1 does or doesn't fit together, along with a list of families where participants for the project would be particularly welcome - if you are thinking of joining, get in quick, the great discounts only apply until the end of the month.
  • 2008: Sep 14 Results page updated to show first 25 markers for the William FAIRBAIRN/May CARTER line representative.  Our first additional lineage, ie no match with the existing participants.
  • 2008: Sep 7 Participants needed from families of John A & Sarah (DAUGHTERTY) FAIRBAIRN of Hoquiam, Washington State, David & Jane (WILLIAMSON)  FAIRBAIRN of Quebec, and Robert & Elizabeth (TAYLOR) FAIRBAIRN (famliy of Sunderland then Liverpool and London).  Descendants of both David and Robert claim to be cousins to descendants of John A & Sarah.  Would be good to find out how come as there is no immediately obvious link in at least 4 generations.
  • 2008: Aug 27 Sixth kit ordered - descendant of James FAIRBAIRN and Helen GOODFELLOW, James from Maxton, Roxburghshire, emigrated abt 1833, probably from Eccles, Berwickshire, and settled around Spencerville, Ontario
  • 2008: Jul 22 Fifth kit ordered - descendant of Robert FAIRBAIRN and Janet HOGARTH via son William FAIRBAIRN who married Isabella SINTON of Eckford around 1831, settled Egremont, Ontario about 1858
  • 2008: Jun 23 Fourth kit ordered - descendant of William FAIRBAIRN and May CARTER, who married Greenlaw, Berwickshire, 1792.
  • 2008: Jun 3 Patriarchs page updated to reflect recent findings for Archibald FAIRBAIRN & Alison CROSSER's sons David and James (including some FAIRCHILDs into the tree).
  • 2008: May 12 Haplogroups updated on Results page to reflect recent changes to the 2008 Y-Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree. Visit FamilyTree DNA's Haplogroup Nomenclature FAQ for more information.
  • 2008: Apr 25 Patriarchs & discussion pages updated to reflect the new results received (67/67 matches). New pedigree loaded - for James FAIRBAIRN and Helen GOODFELLOW.  
  • 2008: Mar 16 Patriarchs page now includes an outline pedigree for the earliest part of the William (m. Jean WANLESS) tree as documented by Reby DODDS in her "Who's Which" (1970), and comparative pedigrees for some of the people referenced.
  • 2008: Mar 14 Upgrades from 37 to 67 markers in progress for all 3 participants to try and sort out where William fits into the chain.
  • 2008: Mar 8 Patriarchs page revamped to split William (m. Jean WANLESS) out into his own pedigree separate from the John FAIRBAIRN/Helen ANDERSON one, for now.  Perhaps a participant from that line may enable us to shift him back in again and unite all the trees?
  • 2008: Mar 7 Full 37 marker results in for the 3rd kit, with a full 37/37 match with one participant and 36/37 match with the other.  As the researcher of this line believed they traced back to Andrew FAIRBAIRN (married Margaret HENDERSON), the line of Sir William FAIRBAIRN (married Dorothy MARR), we are therefore very interested in hearing from anyone down these lines of who would like to join the project to help verify this or further determine the exact relationships.  Patriarch charts will be updated shortly to reflect this exciting breakthrough.
  • 2008: Mar 6 Third kit preliminary (12 marker) results in, and determined to be a full 12/12 match with both previous kits.  As there was no known relationship between the two, this is rather exciting.
  • 2008: Feb 6 Third kit back to lab.  Still looking for participants, in particular from the families listed on the bottom of the Discussion page.
  • 2007: Dec 17 First full set of results received.  The 12/12 match was also 25/25 but 36/37.  See Results page for more details. Which is all very exciting, given this was completely unexpected, but certainly indicates previously unknown, and unfortunately unprovable via records, connections between Roxburghshire and Berwickshire FAIRBAIRN families.
  • 2007: Dec 13 First set of preliminary results received, AND we have a 12/12 match with someone else in the FamilyTreeDNA database, unknown to me, and although the email hasn't bounced, it also hasn't been replied too.  I'm guessing that his ancestors are Charles FAIRBAIRN and Mary BATE via their son Thomas Purdie FAIRBAIRN, and I would love to confirm this, and find out more as I know of now connection to this family - as yet.
  • 2007: Nov 30 First kit at sequencing stage, final results expected Jan 2008
  • 2007: Nov 14 First kit received by lab, final results expected Jan 2008
  • 2007: Oct 24 Project initiated by Lorna, descendant of Archibald  FAIRBAIRN & Alison CROSSER of the Scottish Borders (
    My particular interest being to check, if possible, relationships between Archibald FAIRBAIRN's family and that of John and Elizabeth (MILLER) FAIRBAIRN of Bovina, Delaware, NY, USA, whose father was a Walter from Roxburghshire.  John being of an age to slot into a gap in Walter's children.
    I should also like to determine/confirm other linkages between assorted FAIRBAIRN families from the Scottish Borders, particularly
    • David and Jane (WILLIAMSON) FAIRBAIRN who ended up in Canada (Quebec Province) and
    • William and Jean (WANLESS) FAIRBAIRN of Wakefield, Quebec

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