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We specifically include these Surnames, but other surnames are welcome:



Amison/Emison     Amos/Amoss  Amis/Amiss



This Family Project was started in 2006 with the following goals:

1.  Concerning Y-DNA participants: To determine if any of the project surnames and participants with those surnames, share a common male ancestor.

2.  To determine via individual DNA results (Family Finder, mtDNA, or Y-DNA tests), which participants share a common ancestor within the project surnames, and to identify that common ancestor, through shared research.  Patriarch submissions are necessary to achieve this goal.

3.  To establish groups of participants within the project, whose individual participant test results, indicate a common shared ancestor.

NOTE: While the primary goals have not changed, the EMERSON AMERSON AMASON DNA Project has expanded to include mtDNA and Family Finder test participants.  Participants in any test offered by FT DNA, whose ancestry includes any individual with the surnames noted above, or alternate spellings of those surnames, are welcome to join this project.


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NOTICE: To determine which test kit would be the most advantageous for a particular person,

it is advisable to consult an Administrator before ordering.

Test kits can be ordered through the following Emerson Project link at FT DNA:

For basic information, visit World Families Network and check out the "Getting Started" block.

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