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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • William H. Edgerly b 1463 Great Milton, Oxfordshire, England - Milly Edgerly Hageman [milly-62 AT]
    • Richard Edgerly b 1498 England
      • Robert Edgerly b 1539 Oxfordshire, England
        • Francis Edgerly b 1576 Oxfordshire, England
          • Thomas Edgerly b 1637 Oxfordshire, England
            • John Edgerly b 1670 Oyster River, Durham, NH
              • Zachariah Edgerly b 1705 Durham, Strafford Co., NH
                • John Edgerly b 1735 Madbury, Rockingham, NH
                  • Aaron Edgerly b 1765 Madbury, NH
                    • Bradford Edgerly b 1800 Cambridge, Franklin, VT
                      • Fredrick Edgerly b 1863 Lanark, Carrol City, IL
                        • Buford Edgerly b 1903 Orion Township, Richland Co., WI
  • Thomas, b England, "one of seven judges of the province of New Hampshire", m Rebecca (Ault) Hallowell  - Terry Barton
    • Thomas Edgerly, b 1666, Durham NH, m Jane Whedon
    • Samuel Edgerly, b 1668, Durham NH, m Elizabeth Tuttle
      • John Edgerly, b 1700, New Durham NH, m Elizabeth Wakeham
        • Caleb Edgerly, b 29 Dec 1743, New Durham NH, m Abia Sylley 
          • John Edgerly, b 15 Sep 1766, New Durham NH, m Alice Allard
            • Daniel Ward Edgerly, b 11 Dec 1795, New Durham NH, m Eleanor Keene Cresap
              • Cecelia Edgerly, 11 Jan 1828, Erie AL, m Thomas Hazard Perry Scott
        • Thomas Edgerly, b c1745 Durham, m Agnes Phillips - Debra E Presley [smeeper AT]
          • Richard Edgerly, b c1766 Durham, m c1782 Abigail Bickford
            • Jacob Edgerly b.1792 ME d.1870 ME m. Marry Merrill - gillikin [patriciamgilliki AT]
              • Samuel Stillman Edgerly b.1815 ME d.1885 LA m. Mary Jane Doty
                • Edward Edgerly b.1848 LA d.1919 LA m. Marie Ophelia Savoie
                  • William Louis Edgerly b.1881 LA d.1945 GA m. Mary Walker
            • Isaac Bickford Edgerly, b c1794 Limerick ME, m Almena King
              • Gilman Davis King Edgerly, b c1828 Princeton ME, m c1849 Olive Shute Sprague
                • George Smart Edgerly, b c1866 Princeton ME, m c1887 Estelle Berry
                  • Rowe Wilson Edgerly, b c1887 Princeton ME, m Leilia Estelle Horr
    • John Edgerly, b 1670, Durham NH, m Elizabeth Rawlings
    • Zachariah Edgerly, b 1673, Durham NH, killed by Indians, 1694
    • Rebecca Edgerly, b 1675, Durham NH, m Aaron Hutcote
    • Joseph Edgerly, b 1677, Durham NH, m Mary Green

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