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Dyckman, Dykeman and Dikeman are all derived from the Dutch meaning tender of a dike.  There are about 200 of these families in New York in the 1920 US census.  Interestingly there are a similar number of Dickman families there at that time.  Although Dickman may be derived from Dyckman it also has different meanings rooted in English and German. 

In my own family's case the surname was Dykeman but was always pronounced as Diteman. 

Don't get concerned if the Results page is confusing with its rows of numbers.  For each person tested, the row of numbers represents that person’s DNA “barcode.”  Each number in the row reflects the number of times a particular sequence occurs at a location on the Y chromosome.  These locations are called DNA Y-Chromosome Segments and each DYS is assigned a serial number.  For example, one of these locations is called DYS 449.  These DYS values, called repeats, are important in determining the closeness of family relationships.

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