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Welcome to the Dyckman/Dykeman Surname Project

Our project is focused on finding family connections between people with the Dyckman, Dykeman and related surnames, and discovering family history, through the testing of DNA.

YDNA testing is the key to this effort.  Science discovered some years ago that certain segments of YDNA passed from father to son change very little or not at all over many generations.  So, with a simple cheek swab test it is possible to link male members of a family back many generations.  The test kit is ordered through Family Tree DNA at

Women also carry unique DNA called mytochondrial DNA.  However since surnames follow the male line and wive's surnames are less recorded in ancient times, mtDNA is not as useful in genealogy.  The test cost and proceedure are similar to YDNA testing.

Everyone also has DNA which is half from each parent.  Testing this DNA for genealogy purposes in advancing rapidly.  FTDNA calls this test the Family Finder test.  We may use its results in this project in the future.

Results will be kept anonymus at the request of the member.

The Surnames:

There are may variants between similar surnames.  These variations result from different origins of the surname as well as changes in spelling over the generations.  For example Jan Dijckman's surname may have become Dyckman in America then other descendants changed it to Dykeman in Canada.  We are interested in any variant of the name some of which are listed on the FTDNA page.  Other possibly related surnames may have their own project web sites. For example there is a Diteman project.

The name Dyckman and similar surnames appear to be of Dutch or possibly German origin.

We are also very interested in people who have these surnames in their male line but who may have a different surname today.  This can be due to name changes, adoption or other circumstances refered to as Non-Paternal Events or NPE.  And we are interested in those who have Dyckman and similar surnames but were adopted.



The most important information on this site is the results page. Here we hope you will eventually see a long list of men who have had their YDNA tested. They will be grouped by relatedness.  We will know from the YDNA results if they are related or not.  Join the project with the understanding that your results are to be used to connect with other family members.  You will be required to share your ancestry through a pedigree posting the project admin will  make, but your individual indentity may be kept confidential if there are good reasons for that.

The process is very simple. It involves buying a test kit from FamilyTreeDNA for as little as $99. FTDNA will mail the kit to you. You then swab your cheek and mail the swabs back to FTDNA. In a few weeks FTDNA will send you a report and a way of finding matching results on line. The Project Administrator will then post your results on this site, anonymously if you wish. Hopefully these results will tell you who you are related to through your paternal line and will help others to connect with you.

The Project Administrator shown below is a maternal line descendant of the Canadian Dykeman line descended from the Dyckmans of New York.  If any paternal line Dyckman, Dykeman or related familes wish to become an admin of this project please email Ray Vick.  If any of the visitors to this site have websites or other Dyckman-related links please let me know and I will show them here.  Ray Vick - 31 Mar 2010

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