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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Derby b c1674 d c1729 prob Lancaster Co., VA m Mary Stoneham - L. Stuart Dunaway [ormazd AT]
    • Samuel b 1715 prob Lancaster Co., VA m Frances
      • John Dallias b 1745 prob Lancaster Co., VA m Elizabeth
        • Samuel m Sally Scurlock
          • George William b 1802 prob Lancaster Co., VA m Catherine Pitman
            • George Washington b 1839 prob Lancaster Co., VA m Julia A Webb
              • Thomas Samuel b 1868 prob Lancaster Co., VA m1 Annie M Oliver m2 Eunice Sydnor 119132
  • ISAAC DUNAWAY b: 1730 in Northumberland, Virginia, USA  m. Mary Ann TOLSON ​-John F Dunaway [leona_dunaway AT]
    • WILLIAM DUNAWAY b: Aug 1749 in Prince William, Virginia, USA, m. MARGARET EMMA BRADSHAW
      • JAMES B DUNNAWAY b: Bet. 1795–1800 in Clark, Kentucky, USA, m. SARAH SALLY HOWARD
        • Thomas Dunnaway b: 1842 in Missouri, USA, m. Melinda Boyles b: 1851 in Illinois, USA,
          • James Franklin Dunaway b: 1870 in Missouri, USA, m. Cora Angline Gortemiller
            • Earl Allen Dunaway b: 01 Nov 1909 in Missouri, USA, m. Minnie Mary Wilson 391653
  • Isaac Dunaway b 3 Nov 1734 Stafford Co., VA d KY m Mary Ann Tolson - Will Dunniway [willdunniway AT]
    • Benjamin Dunaway b 27 Nov 1757 Stafford, VA d 1830 Trapp, Clark, KY m1 Sarah Evans? m2 Cynthia Goosey
      • Joseph Dunaway b 13 Apr 1793 VA m Emily Athey - Antoinette Szymanski [antoinetteszymanski AT]
        • Thomas Dunaway b 1822 VA m Catherine Dodson
          • Susan C. Dunaway b 1862 WI m Hugh Mack B4558
      • David Dunniway b 2 Mar 1800 Dunaway's Place, Clark, KY d 5 Mar 1869 Detroit, Pike, IL m Anna Crow
        • John William b 17 Jan 1834 Gallatin, KY d 5 Jan 1896 Griggsville, Pike, IL m Julia Ann Rupert
          • William Orville b 13 Apr 1862 IL d 17 Jun 1947 San Bernardino, CA m Jesse May Donson
            • Harry Orville b 5 Feb 1892 IL d 5 Feb 1932 Redlands, San Bernardino Co., CA m Sybil F. Wyatt
  • Samuel b c1746 VA m Winnifred - Gary Dunaway [ormazd AT]
    • Thomas b c1767 VA m Eleanor Woollard
      • William b 1 Jan 1803 VA m Nancy A Reed
        • Thomas b 8 Feb 1840 OH m Mary Ann Rudy
          • Charles Thomas b 10 Jan 1870 IL m Martha L Burke
            • Franklin Howard b 13 Oct 1903 Shelby Co., IL m Freda Madonna Sloan 119132
  • William Dunaway b 1751 Bedford Co., VA m Nancy - sandid [sandid AT]
    • Jeremiah Dunaway b 8 Aug 1794 Wilkes Co., GA m ? Freeman
      • James Mercer Dunaway b 1 May 1815 Wilkes Co., GA m Julia Parke Robertson
        • John Forniss Dunaway b 30 Aug 1856 Marengo Co., AL m Mattie Viola Hays 137790
  • Isaac Dunaway m Sarah Rogers - jcoriginal [thejcoriginal AT]
    • Caleb Dunaway b 1816 Estill Co., KY m Sarah "Sally"
      • James Dunaway b 1839 KY d c 1921-1930 m Isabell Barnett (Deaton)
        • Green B. Dunaway b 1872 Menifee Co., KY d 1948 Laurel Co., KY m Mary Jane Delph
          • Nora Dunaway b 1899 KY d 1928 KY m Frank Hurley
  • Jonathon Dunaway b 1785 SC d 1829 Pike Co., MS m Elizabeth Dennis - krodell [kay AT]
    • George Dunaway b 1812 Warren, GA m Permelia Gates
      • Thomas Jefferson Dunaway b 29 Jun 1854 Pike Co., MS d 3 Oct 1924 Burnet Co., TX m Synthia A. Dunaway
        • Dockie Harley Dunaway b 17 Jun 1899 Burnet Co., TX d 20 Aug 1969 Burnet Co., TX m Bertha Tom Jay 139794
  • William C. Dunaway b c1800 NC - Shirley Dunaway Vachon [irishgal43 AT]
    • Ellis Johnson Dunaway b 10 Sep 1842 KY d 21 Oct 1912 Pilot Grove, MO
      • Andrew Jackson Dunaway b 27 Jun 1881 MO d 29 Dec 1953 Teague, TX m Launa Jane Dunaway
        • Andrew Jackson Dunaway Jr. b 13 Feb 1908 San Francisco, CA d 5 Sep 1973 Houston, TX
    • Robert L.W. Dunaway b 7 Aug 1853 Graves, KY d 26 Feb 1929 Afton, OK
      • Launa Jane Dunaway b 23 Feb 1881 MO d 17 Feb 1958 Rusk, TX m Andrew Jackson Dunaway
  • William Dunaway b 1800 SC m Docia Gilbert - PHayes [Penny AT]
    • John "Sanford" Dunaway b 1823 AL m Nancy Sheffield
  • John Dunaway b 15 Apr 1800 prob James City Co., VA m Margaret Gordan - Lucy B. Dunaway Zeier [tnconnections AT]
    • Jasper Newton Dunaway b 20 Apr 1828 prob Bedford Co., TN m Sarah Eliza Dixon
      • John Newton Dunaway b 29 May 1857 Bedford Co., TN m2 Terresa Allen Walker
        • Paul Cayce Dunaway b 2 Dec 1896 Bedford Co., TN m Tressie Leon Burnett 198516
  • Andrew Jackson Dunaway b 19 Jun 1818 Jasper Co., GA d 21 May 1866 Orange Co., FL m1 C. Reames m2 E. Stephens - Stewart Dunaway [sedunaway AT]
    • Sidney A. Dunaway b 30 Apr 1850 d 10 Feb 1923 m Lenorah Stewart
      • Wilbur Eugene Dunaway b 10 Sep 1893 d 13 Nov 1960 m Minnie Hilton 179250
  • John "Sanford" Dunaway b 1823 AL d 1909 AL m Nancy Sheffield - Joni Kellam [Joni.Kellam AT]
    • Thursey Dunaway m Willis Isaiah "Willie" Lee Jr.
  • William E. Dunaway b 25 Nov 1834 KY d 7 Aug 1903 MO m Dicie Ann Bond - johnandrew [janetdunaway AT]
    • Robert Boyd Dunaway b 7 Apr 1872 MO d 6 Oct 1935 OK m Sarah Margaret Hale
      • John William Dunaway Sr. b 15 Sep 1903 OK d 5 Nov 1959 AR m Mary Elsie Fryar D-3 119607
  • Samuel Dunaway/Dunnaway (b. 1 Sep 1840 Jackson Co., MO; d. 12 Mar 1909, Aurora, Lawrence, MO)- Kristina Dunaway [kdad.ontheroad AT]
    • Eugene Derosha Dunnaway (b. 15 Mar 1870 Greene Co., MO; d. 21 Jan 1941 Springfield, Greene, MO)

  • John Henry Freeman (changed name as young man) b 4 May 1842 IN d 24 Oct 1918 E. St. Louis, St. Clair Co., IL m Ellen Eastwood - Tim Freeman [thfree AT]
    • Thomas Jefferson Freeman b 13 Apr 1886 Harviel, Butler Co., MO d c1957 E. St. Louis, IL m Eunice Brown
    • James Henry Freeman b 5 Apr 1893 Harviel, Butler Co., MO d 8 Oct 1986 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA m Bessie Pearl Butler
    • Ollie V. Freeman b Jul 1898 Neeleyville, Butler Co., MO d c1901 Neeleyville, Butler Co., MO D-5 11048
  • James Wilson Dunaway b 1853 AL m1 L. Simmons m2 E. Sowell m3 A. Kirkland - conniep [connied_2000_2000 AT]
    • James Thomas Dunaway b 1879 AL d 1919 AL m Ada Arminnie "Minnie" Posey
  • James Franklin Dunaway b: 1870 in Missouri, USA, John F Dunaway [leona_dunaway AT]
    • Earl Allen Dunaway b: 01 Nov 1909 in Missouri, USA, m. Minnie Mary Wilson 391653
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

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