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A DNA and discussion-based resource for people researching the names:

  • Drew, Drewe, and other spellings that may be related.

Surname y-DNA Testing is the newest tool available to genealogists!

  • Allows genealogists to verify their father's father's...father's ancestry.

  • Very powerful when combined with traditional paper trails.

  • Can help discover old errors when a traditional paper trail doesn't match the
    lineage of the y-DNA results. We can't all be related to Gilbert Drew!

The Drew Surname Project is Organized to:

1. Collect lineages of individual Drew families, identified by their oldest known Drew ancestor.
       (see the Patriarchs page)

2. Associate each lineage with the y-DNA of one or more its present-day male members, and
       provide contact information for the lead researcher of the line.

3. Identify similar Drew lineages and collect them into "lineage groups". These will share a common
       known or unknown remote ancestor.   (see the y-Results page)

4. Help people identify their Drew roots by comparing their y-DNA with that of our project's lineages.

5. Work together to discover and document our common heritage
       (see the Disussion page and the Forum).

Getting Started:

1. Quickly explore the site by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page. Start with the "Discussion Page" to get an overview of the project. Then scan the entries on the "Patriarchs" page, to see the lineages collected so far.

2. Click here to read Understanding the Results Table This will help you understand the information on the "y-Results" page.

3. Read the "Welcome" thread by following the "Forum" tab. Register to get a sign-in ID, so you can participate in the forums.

4. Click on "Join Project" tab to learn how to become a project member. Information about transfering results from other Genealogy-DNA companies is also given here.

5. Post your Drew lineage to the Pedigree thread in the forum. The project administrator will transfer it to the "Patriarchs" page after your y-DNA test is ordered or transferred.

Ordering Your y-DNA Test

When you are ready to order a y-DNA test for your Drew lineage, from Family Tree DNA, keep these things in mind:

1. The 37-marker y-DNA test is the minimum for useful genealogical identification. The 67-marker test is useful for refining results when a close match is found to other lineages, or for documenting a famous or well-known Drew line.

2. mt-DNA tests, which trace female lines, are not useful for male surname projects.

3. Women researchers can participate by locating a "Drew" male relative (brother, cousin, uncle, husband, father or grandfather), and having them take the y-DNA test.

4. Note that this type of DNA testing will not uniquely identify you as an individual. It is possible, however, that you might uncover a previously unknown adoption or other "non-paternal event" in your Drew line, just as you might using conventional genealogy methods.

5. When you order, Family Tree DNA will mail you a collection kit. It comes with instructions on how to swab the inside of the cheek and mail it back. It takes about six to eight weeks to get results..

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