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Participants with surname Dewees, Deweese, Deweess, Dewese, Duese will test DNA  marker sites on the their Y chromosome to determine their common ancestry.

The principal goal of the Dewees Surname Project, initiated on June 7, 2010, is to use Y chromosome variation among Dewees(e) males to test the hypothesis that virtually all Dewees(e) families in America are descended from a single ancestral male, most likely Garrett Hendricks de Wees, who immigrated from The Netherlands to New Amsterdam (NYC) in about 1663. *

 A secondary goal is to determine if Dewees(e) families sort out into sub groups, specifically into three lineages from  the purported sons of Garrett Hendricks deWees- William, Cornelius, and Lewis (Lambert).

A final goal: the Y chromosome test by Family Tree DNA provides information to verify the Y chromosome Haplogroup to which the Dewees(e) family belongs.  This information is used to determine the deep ancestral point of origin and migration history for the Dewees(e)  paternal line.

Recommendations for Participants:
For the Dewees Surname Project we are recommending participants use the Y-DNA37 test kit from It includes a balanced panel of 37 genetic markers on the Y chromosome and is the recommended test to trace the paternal ancestry of males for genealogical purposes.

Funding Available:
Limited funds from the Dewees group General Fund are available to help defray costs for new participants based on need.  Please contact Project Administrator.

Also, see Dewees(e) Surname Project web site at Family Tree DNA:

*   There is limited evidence that not all Dewees(e) lineages in the U. S. may derive from the family of Garret Hendricks deWees.   An analysis of historic U. S. Census records shows a small number of Dewees(e) men whose birth place is listed as one of the countries of the United Kingdom.  And current United Kingdom census records include  men with the Dewees(e) surname  living in countries of the U. K. 
     Additionally, there are many African Americans with the Dewees(e) surname who likely are not descendants of Garret Hendricks deWees.  Their ancestors took the surname of slaveholders having the Dewees(e) surname.  The 1860 U. S. Federal Census- Slave Schedule includes a number of Dewees slaveholders as well as Dewese and Deweace but no Deweese slaveholders.
   We encourage participation of Dewees(e) families who do not trace their lineage back to Garrett Hendricks deWees.  New findings could well expand the number of known Dewees(e) family lineages.  This note posted 1-9-14. 


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