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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Barnett Dempsey b c1752 Co. Kildare, Ireland d 1814 Spartanburg, SC m Winifred - larbaud [richardd AT]
    • William Dempsey b c1776 Co. Kildare, Ireland d c1839 Orangeburg, SC m Betsy
      • William Dempsey b c1805-1810 Spartanburg, SC d 1866 Hamilton Co., FL m Margaret
        • William "Billy" Morgan Dempsey b 1849 Hamilton Co., FL d 1922 Dixie Co., FL m Rhobia Putnell
          • Fredwell J. Dempsey b 1899 Hamilton Co., FL d 1990 Dixie Co., FL m Mary Parnell D-1 103570
    • Nathanial Dempsey b 1786 Lancaster, Ireland - Debra Dillard [dbdillard1 AT]
      • Elizabeth Dempsey b 1830 USA m William Robert Thomas 198358
  • Terence Dempsey b c1780 presumed Ireland - Ronald Dempsey [dempseyrand AT]
    • Edward b 1808 Ireland s 1876 Scotland
      • John b 1848 Dalry, Scotland
        • Edward n 1873 Slamannan, Stirlingshire, Scotland
          • Neil b 1907 Stirling, Scotland DX-1
  • James Dempsey b c1795 Co. Antrim poss. Bushmills/Derrykeighan d 1888 NSW Australia m Jane McLoughlin - fairsj [fairsj AT]
    • Catherine Dempsey b c1820 Ireland d 1896 Australia m1 Henry Robinson m2 Matthew Medway
    • Mary Dempsey b c1822 Ireland d 1855 Australia m John Peterson
    • John Dempsey b c1824 Ireland d 1838 at sea
    • Jane Dempsey b c1824 Ireland d 1862 Australia m Henry Currie
    • James Dempsey b c18826 Ireland d 1882 Australia m Ann Cromie
    • Ann Dempsey b c1830 Ireland d 1912 Australia m James Porteous
    • Roseann Dempsey b c1832 Ireland d 1924 Australia m1 William Harbison m2 Charles Cooper D-6 107686
  • Terence Dempsey m. Isabella Graham Ireland ? - ron_dem
    • Edward Dempsey b. c1808 Ireland m. Margaret Morgan
      • William b. c1832 Newry, Ireland m. Agnes Kelly
      • Patrick b. c1835 Dundalk, Ireland m. Sydney Kerr
      • Edward Dempsey b. Ireland m1 Mary Morgan m2 Catherine Higgins
      • Francis Dempsey b. Ireland
      • Mark b Ireland m. Henrietta Barr
      • Terrence dempsey b. Ireland d. 1887 Scotland
      • John Dempsey b. 1848 Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland d. 1899  m. Maria Brown
      • James Dempsey b. c1851 Dalry Ayrshire, Scotland
  • William Dempsey, b 1810 SC, m Margaret, lived in Hamilton City, FL - Ellen Wynn Hutson [ehutson AT]

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