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Y-DNA STR Results

Currently one Y-STR lineage has been identified within the project.

The nine men who form Lineage I appear to be very closely related.  These men all appear to be descended from Thomas Elijah Deaton and Mary Corington.  Thomas Elijah Deaton was born in England in 1679 and migrated to the new world in 1700.  Mary Corington migrated two years later.  Thomas and Mary had as many as eight sons and one daughter.  The Deaton family is well documented with two excellent genealogies available on-line.  

Men in this group are named Deaton, Deyton and Phillips.  Deyton is an alternative spelling that came into use in western North Carolina in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries by the sons of William Deaton, one of Thomas Elijah's sons.  There are several explanations for this change in spelling.  The most likely is that standardized spelling had not yet been established.  It is thought that pronunciation was the same for both spellings.  Phillips (also spelled Philips and Philipps in some historic documents) appears to have been the maiden name of Martha Philips.  Her son Samuel, born in 1828, took Philips as his surname.  Y-DNA has confirmed that his father was almost certainly Eldridge Deyton.  Three of Eldridge's direct male descendants have identical Y-67 STR results.

As of February, 2016, there are five Y-111 results, three Y-64 results,  and one Y-37 result in Deaton Lineage 1. 

The DNA haplotype of this group is uniform at both 37 and 67 markers with only 6 total ySTR mutations occurring at 67 markers. Of these, two project members have a CDYb value of 40 (while the other four who have tested this marker all have a value of 39). More data is required to determine if this mutation might be associated with an individual branch of the Deaton family.  

Using published Time To Most Recent Ancestor (TMRCA) calculators it would appear that these nine men are related within 90 to 360 years.

Five kits share an identical Y-37 DNA profile.  These men descend from Thomas Elijah Deaton via two of his sons, James Elijah Deaton and William Deaton. Y-DNA triangulation infers that the direct male ancestors of each of these men, up to and including Thomas Elijah Deaton, would have shared the same Y-37 DNA profile.

As mentioned, three Kits have identical results at 67 markers.  Of these three men, two are uncle/nephew and the third is a 5th cousin 2X removed from the nephew.  They share a common ancestor in Eldridge Deyton who was born in 1775.  Based on this identical result, it can be inferred that each ancestor for both lines (up to and including Eldridge Deyton) had the exact 67-marker DNA profile.


Y-SNP and Big Y Results

Lineage I men belong to the Irish Sea Modal Haplogroup which is a subclade of R1b-Z255.  All lineage I members will likely test positive for the SNP R1b-L159, which is downstream of Z255 and is officially recognized by FTDNA and ISOGG.  One lineage I member has taken Family Tree DNA’s Big Y test and has multiple novel variants downstream of L159.  One of these, R1b-Z16434 appears to form a major sublcade of R1b-Z255.  To date four of the eight lineage I members have tested positive for this newly discovered SNP, which will likely be added to the ISOGG in the next revision.  

As of September, 2015 there are two project members who have taken the Big Y next generation sequencing test at FTDNA.  Based on Big Y results many new novel variants and SNPs have been identified.  Family Tree DNA has now identified and recognizes the SNP R-Z18136 as the terminal SNP for the Deaton Linage I group.

Additionally the two Big Y members share and additional ten newly discovered SNPs, the most recently identified being named FGC33031.  A third lineage 1 man has tested positive for nine of the ten SNPs via the Z255 SNP pack.

Deaton Lineage 1 males are encouraged to test to Y-67 (or Y-111) STR markers and to consider the Big Y or the Z255 SNP pack at FTDNA.

Update May 2017:

Two additional Lineage 1 project memebers ordered the Z255 SNP Pack during FTDNA's recent sale.  Results are pending.  Lineage 1 SNPs shared by those members tested to date include the following:

R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > ZZ10 > Z255 > Z16434 > Z18134 > BY582 > BY581 > Z18138 > Z18136 > BY13593> FGC33024> A2368> FGC33025> FGC33027> FGC33028> FGC33029> FGC33030> BY13594> FGC33031



Autosomal DNA 

Currently there are fourteen project members who have Family Finder atDNA results. The project needs more atDNA members and we hope to have 50 or more autosomal members this year.  Members are encouraged to share their Deaton family pedigrees by posting them on the project pedigrees page.

Please post any questions or information on the project forum or contact Jim Phillips, project co-administrator at

Please visit the Patriarchs, y-Results, Forum and Pedigrees pages for additional information.

Thank you!

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