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Please send any queries or pedigrees for this project to:  berniecullen At

The pedigrees below are listed in the same order as on our Results page. Scroll down or use your browser's search function (control-F) to find the person you are interested in (i.e. C-5). If a member's pedigree doesn't appear here, he hasn't submitted one yet. Usually there is much more information available, please contact the member by email.


Members with Cullen ancestors from England:

C-23 Arthur Cullen, b.cir1760 m. Mary Epps - - P Cullen [neensollars AT ]

    • Richard b cir1798-1800 Deal, Kent, England m. Harriet Shalders
      • George Cullen b 1843 Marylebone, London m. Eliza Dungar
        • Henry Cullen b 1876 Paddington, London m. Florence Elizabeth Warner
          • Robert Cullen b. 1909 London m. Cecilia -----

C-38 Michael Cullen, b. Ireland m Mrs Ellen Cahill, widow - - Mike Cullen [ cullen AT]

    • Peter (Pierce) Cullen, b abt 1869 Longbenton, Walker (Newcastle), England m. Jane Dunkan
      • David Cullen b abt 1900 Longbenton, Walker M. Emily Calvert

Our matching members from Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire/Derbyshire England:

C-9 Thomas Cullen, b. c1690 Upton, Nottinghamshire, m Elizabeth Whitton - - JT Cullen [jtcullen AT]

    • Gervase Cullen, b 1718 Upton, Notts, m Elizabeth Millward
      • Thomas Cullen, b 1751 Ancaster, Lincs, m Elizabeth Gratrix
        • William Cullen, b 1795 Great Hale, Lincs, m Elizabeth Houghton
          • Enos Cullen, b 1821 Great Hale, Lincs, m Betsy James
            • Charles E Cullen, b 1861 Castalia, Ohio, m Sarah Goodwin
              • James H Cullen, b 1887 Castalia, Ohio, m Grace Cable

C-20 William Cullen, m Elizabeth Wright in 1805, Heanor, Derbyshire - - Chris Cullen [chrisdcullen AT]

    • William Cullen, b abt 1808, m Eliza Richards in 1830, Radford, Nottingham
      • Willam Cullen b 1831 in Radford, Nottingham, m Sarah Anne Plowright
        • William James Cullen, b 1857 Nottingham, m Gertrude Roberts
          • Arthur Frederick Cullen, b 1886 Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire, m Alice Redgate
            • Donald Herbert Cullen, b 1918 Nottingham, m Elizabeth (Betty) Irene -----


Another family with English origins:

C-17 Mark Culling, b early 1700s, Norfolk, England... ???- Diane Webb [geniegirl1010 AT]

  • John Culling, b abt 1880, Suffolk, England, m Annie Weeks
    • Harry Luke Culling, b Fremantle, Western Australia, m Daisy May Toombs
      • Norman Luke Culling, b Cottlesloe, Western Australia

Early American Families :

C-22 Johnathon Cullen,b: Abt 1837 in MD; d: Bet 4/1878-4/1880; M Didemiah Unknown - Jan Coffin [jancoffin AT]

  • James N Cullen b. 1862 Worcester County, MD d: 1921 Chincoteague, VA M: Amanda Catherine Ellen Niblet
    • Thomas James Cullen b: 18 Nov 1883 Sussex Cty, DE or Wicomico Cty MD d: 16 Sep 1964; m: Bessie Jane Hopkins

C-34 Johan VAN CULIN, b. 1627 place unknown, Dutch?, d aft1708 PA? ?m. Anna JOHANSDOTTER- Bernie Cullen [berniecullen AT]

  • George van CULIN, b 1675 Ridley Township, Chester County, PA d 1735/36, m abt 1705? Margaret MORTON
    • George CULIN, b 1709 Ridley Township, Chester County, PA d 1760, m abt 1733 Ann JUSTIS
      • Swan CULIN, b 1734 Ridley Township, Chester County, PA d 1776, m abt. 1761 Margaret HENDRICKSON
        • John CULIN, b 1761 Ridley T?ship, Chester Co, PA, m Ann LONGACRE

C-11 Charles Cullen, b. c. late 1700's Halifax Co. VA (family Scottish) m. Rebecca Penick- Don K. Cullen [scotchdc AT]

  • Dabney Phillips Cullen b. 1833 Lauderdale Co TN m. Elizabeth D. Conaway b. 1832 TN
    • Joel Bennett Cullen b. 1872 CROCKET TX, m. Lutie Pearl Prothro
      • Joel Bennett Cullen, Jr. b. 1901 Hallsville TX, m. Linnie, b. 1903 AR
        • Donald K Cullen b. 1927, Hallsville, TX

C-12 Isaac Cullen, b 1808 Hancock Co., (West) Virginia, m. Eliza Marshall - Judith Tauber-Lovik [mandjtlovik AT]

  • Israel Harvey Cullen b 1845 Hancock Co. (West) Virginia, m Mary Ann Grumley
    • Alvin Sylvester Cullen b 1880 Hancock Co, WV, d 1964 Columbiana Co, OH, m Martha Mina -----

Predicted R1b1-M222+, also known as "Niall of the Nine Hostages" group and/or R1b1b2e:

C-7 Michael Cullen, b Ireland, m Mary Bridget Brannigan - - Karen Cullen [kcullen343 AT]

  • Patrick J. Cullen, b 1866 Knocktopher, Kilkenny, Ireland, m Katherine T Lynch
    • Edward Cullen, b 1897 Brooklyn, NY, m Mary Morrissey
      • John P.T. Cullen, m Josephine -----

C-25 Richard Cullen, m Betsy ??? - - Helen Cullen [helenjay1 AT]

  • Luke Cullen, b 1817 London? England, m Elizabeth Bunker
    • Mark Cullen, b 1843 Tasmania, Australia, m Maggie Clark
      • William John Cullen, b 1867 Port Sorrell, Tasmania, m Annie Elizabeth Walkley
        • Ralph Arnold Cullen, b 1892 Mersey, Tasmania, m Margaret Zantuck
          • Bryan Leslie Cullen, b 1933, m Marlene -----

C-27 Richard Cullen, m Betsy Ann ??? - - Bernie Cullen [berniecullen AT]

  • Luke Cullen, b abt 1819 England, m Elizabeth Bunker
    • Daniel Cullen, b 1855 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, m Caroline Franklin
      • John Cullen, b 1891 Hobart, Tasmania, m Emma Johnson

West/Southwest Ireland:

C-19 Patrick Cullen b. c1790, m. Mary Whelan, lived Tynagh, Co. Galway - Jann Callaghan Cullen [jann AT]

  • John Cullen b. 1827 Tynagh, Co. Galway, m.Catherine Kirwan
    • John Cullen - born 1856, Tynagh, Co. Galway; m. Ellen Brehony
      • Thomas Cullen; b. 1879, Tynagh, Co. Galway; m. Margaret
        • Laurence Cullen; b. 1921, Tynagh, Co. Galway

North/Northwest Ireland:

C-32 Patrick Cullen b. abt1831, Gortnagrelly, Sligo, Ireland m Margaret Nicholson- J J Cullen [jjc771 AT]

  • Peter Cullen, b. 1874 Gortnagrelly, Co Sligo, Ireland. m. Katherine Commons
    • Patrick Cullen, b. 1903 Gortnagrelly, Sligo, died NY City, m. Elizebeth -----


C-2 John Cullen b. 17xx, m Elizabeth- Arnold Gary Cullen [gary.cullen AT]

  • Joseph Cullen, b. 1808 Swanlinbar, Co Cavan, Ireland. m. Mary Anne Carr (Kerr)
    • Alexander Cullen, b. 1864 Swanlinbar, m. Ella May Bennet
      • Walter Cullen, b. 1890, m Othelia Nicks

Our Clogher, Tyrone genetic lineage:

C-5 Bernard Cullen, b before 1800, Co Tyrone, Ireland, m Catherine ??? - Bernie Cullen [berniecullen AT]

  • Thomas Cullen b around 1820, Clogher Parish, Co Tyrone, Ireland, m Mary McCann
    • Bernard Cullen b 1869, Tullycorker, Clogher, Co Tyrone, Ireland, m Catherine O'Connor
        • John Bernard Cullen, b and d 1900s, Chicago, IL
        • James Edward Cullen, b 1900s Chicago, IL, d 1900s, Los Angeles, CA

C-18 Patrick Cullen, b before 1820, Co Tyrone, Ireland, m ???- Bernie Cullen [berniecullen AT]

  • Patrick Cullen b before 1850, Clogher Parish, Co Tyrone, Ireland, m Margaret McSorley
    • Joseph Cullen b 1877, Eskra Parish, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland m. Lena XXXXX
    • (living children)

Eastern/Southeastern Ireland:

Our Wicklow Lineage, distantly connected to families like the O'Byrnes and Kavanaghs::

C-21 John Cullen, b 1845, Brae, Co Wicklow, Ireland m Roseanna Marley - Chester Cullen [chestercullen AT]

  • Hugh Cullen b 1800s PA m Sarah Templeton

Other Eastern/Southeastern Ireland families:

C-3 John Cullen, b c1790 m Eleanor - Bernie Cullen [berniecullen AT]

  • Richard Cullen, b. c1829 Kilbride, Co Carlow, Ireland. m Jane Clancy
    • James A. Cullen, b. c1866 Detroit, Michigan, USA , m. Annie ???
      • James Lawrence Cullen, b. c1901 Detroit, Michigan USA

Ireland, unknown county:

C-42 Joseph Cullen, b.abt1870 (Northern?) Ireland m. Mary Conroy --- Dan Cullen [onecullen AT]

    • Frederick Pierce Cullen b 1908 Quincy, Mass., USA m. Agnes Inglis
      • Edward Dale Cullen, b 1930 Quincy, Mass. m. Elizabeth ------

C-10 ______Cullen, b 18xx, Ireland - Paul D Cullen, Sr. [pcullen AT]

  • John F. Cullen, b Frankfurt ME,1857, d 17 April 1920 Boston, MA
    • James F. Cullen, b Boston, MA 9 Jan 1904, d Westport, CT 10 Sep 1993


Other families not yet in DNA project:

John Cullen, b 1811 Co. Westmeath, Ireland - - Katherine King [kcking AT]

  • Frank J. Cullen, b 1853 Jefferson Co., NY
    • Harold Dempster Cullen, b 1882 Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin, USA
      • Frank Haywood Cullen, b 1921 Jefferson Co., Alabama, USA

John Cullen, b 1800s Co. Wexford, Ireland - Shari [scn_hemma AT]

  • Thomas Joseph Cullen, b 1889 Duncormick, Co. Wexford
    • Joseph Paul Cullen, b 1945 New York

Edward Cullen, b 1840 Kingstown (Dunleary), Dublin, Ireland, m Helen Walters - - Diane Eustance [de AT]

  • Herbert Cullen, b 1871, Ireland or Birkenhead, Merseyside, England


Edward Cullen, b 1829 Co. Westmeath Ire, m Margaret Sherman New York - Tom Cullen [cullent001 AT]

  • Edward Cullen Jr. b 1860s, vice mayor Toledo, OH. 1890's
  • John F. Cullen b 1861, Wayne MI d 1906, Wayne Postmaster
  • Thomas J. Cullen b 1872, b Wayne, MI

Gordon Cullen, b New Zealand, m Mertle Robson - Noelleen Subloo [nsubloo AT]

  • Bart Cullen,Nancy Cullen, Betty Cullen, Thelma Cullen, all b. New Zealand

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