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Welcome to The Cullen Family DNA Project--incorporating similar surnames like Culin, Cullinan, McCullen, Cullens, McQuillan, Culling, Cullum


***last update December 31,  2013***Welcome to our two newest members, an Irish Cullen in Dublin, and an English Cullen from the Nottinghamshire family.  Most of our members have tested at Family Tree DNA, and you can see their results at our new FTDNA Cullen project website, Also. please see our updated Cullen surname distribution map for Ireland, click here.


We are working together to find our common heritage and find links between Cullen families throughout the world. By testing specific regions of the Y chromosome found in all men, we can determine which Cullen people are closely related to each other, and find out where our ancestors came from. Please explore all 6 pages of this site, learn about the project, and email me ( if you have any questions.


We always welcome new members, whether you have not yet been tested, or already have your results from Family Tree DNA, the Genographic Project of the National Genographic Society, or another company. We now have members who live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and Scotland.

Another advantage of joining our project is that several of our members are amateur genealogists and can help you trace your Cullen roots. We have helped at least 3 Cullens find their ancestors through traditional genealogy as well as the DNA tests.


  • Useful Links

    Cullen Genealogy Homepage by Jim Cullen. This is probably the most comprehensive website devoted to all Cullen families, and contains several pages of analysis of our DNA results. Highly recommended!--Please note the new address (Jan '08) for this important resource:

    Cullen Genealogy Blog by Bernie Cullen. This site has a map showing the distribution of the Cullen and Cullinan surnames in Ireland in the mid 1800s based on Griffith's Evaluation.


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    For more information on the relationship between DNA testing and traditional genealogy, visit World Families Network.

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