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The Crabtree DNA Project


Sooner or later, we all ‘run into a brick wall’ when we cannot find the document needed to confirm a link in the family or to take us back a further generation.


Now there is a new tool in the form of DNA testing that can sometimes help in breaking down the brick wall.


The Crabtree DNA Project is now underway and will welcome you as a member.  The Project is open to anyone with links to the Crabtree surname.  By taking part, you will have the opportunity to uncover information for which the paper trail has been lost or destroyed, and this ability will help you and others researching the Crabtree surname with linking our respective families.  We shall gradually be able to confirm which family lines are related, and gain pointers as to where to focus additional research into documented sources.


If you are a male, the y-DNA test tells you about your direct male line, namely your father, his father, and so on back in time.  Hence the male descendants in each unbroken line from any of your male ancestors will have the same (or very close to the same) y-DNA as you do, and therein lies the ability to link family lines for which the paper records are lacking.


If you are a female, there is a similar test based on mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) which is used to trace the unbroken line from any of your female ancestors.  By comparison with tracing the male line, tracing the female line is more difficult because of the change in surname at every step in the chain.


As the coordinator for this project, I encourage you to take a look at the progress of the project to date by visiting  The home page of this website explains more about the process of DNA testing, how the results may be anticipated to assist us in tracing family connections, and what the limitations are for interpreting them (DNA testing is not a panacea – but it is a useful additional tool).


How do you participate?  Let me know if you are interested, and I can get the ball rolling for you.  Alternatively, you can order your own test by using the link at the bottom of this page.


Further information may be found at, the website of the company hosting the Crabtree Project, or you may of course contact me with any questions you have.

Participating in a Surname DNA Project provides:

·                     Your genetic DNA, which is very close (and sometimes identical) to your earliest known ancestor.

·                     Your "deep" ancestry (haplogroup), which identifies your paternal ancestor's prehistoric origins.

·                     A sense of camaraderie, which is particularly strong for those who share a genetic ancestry.

·                     Stimulation to family research and renewed sharing of information.

·                     A wider sense of identity and relationship, as we begin to realize how much we are a World Family.

·                     A chance to compare your genetic ancestry with those of your Surname and the spelling variations

·                     Your genetic matches who do not share your common surname

·                     The knowledge to understand our ancestors better - particularly where the records have been lost






Click here to order a DNA test in the Crabtree DNA Project. 


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