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We have received at least some DNA test results for all seven currently active particpants, two at the Y-12 marker level and five at the Y-37 marker level.

The test results of John CURTRIGHT, matching those of Paul and Maxwell LOWE, Paul and Marvin COURTRIGHT and Bob (Courtright) BURRIER, 12 out of 12 clearly indicates a probable connection and tends to confirm the contention that the CURTRIGHTs were derived from the same KORTRYKs. Upgrade to the Y-37 level is recommended.

Given the results to date and the locations at which Ken and Marvin COURTRIGHT's results differ from the Paul and Maxwell LOWE and Bob BURRIER results, the LOWE measurements which match each other 37 out of 37 appear to be closer to what the DNA readings might have been for Bastien Van KORTRJK and his sons back in 1663. At the single location at which Ken COURTRIGHT's reading differs from the LOWES, the BURRIER COURTRIGHT reading agrees with the LOWEs'. This conclusion may change or be confirmed as additional result scome in.

The DNA analysis of Morris COURTRIGHT at the 12 marker level was disappointing in that it was higher or lower at 5 of the 12 locations measured on the Y chromosome which match in all other cases. FTDNA would assess a comparison of the two sets of results at the 12 mark level indicates the persons involved could not have had a common male ancester for thousands of years. FTDNA was asked to verify the test results of this 12 marker test. FTDNA has since indicated the original test results were valid.

We are also pleased to have added a John CURTRIGHT to our group. Test results at the 12 marker level indicate 12 out of 12 agreement with the first 12 measures of both LOWEs, two concurring COURTRIGHT and the BURRIER COURTRIGHT tests. The same results were obtained by another CURTRIGHT who is not a member of the project.

The chart below under "Y Results" is incorrectly labeled "Most Distant Ancestor" It is the identity of DNA donor in all cases except for one person who chose to remain somewhat anonymous. His branch is identified as that of Maxwell LOWE.

At present it appears as though Ken COURTRIGHT's branch might be identified by the 37 in lieu of 38 at location CDYa and Marvin COURTRIGHT's branch might be identified with that ssame variation plus 39 in lieu of 38 at location CDYb. My branch might be identified by the 12 and 13 counts instead of 11 and 12 at loci #460 and #442, assuming all other measurements agree with those provided by the LOWEs.

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