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mtDNA is used to test your maternal line, or mother's mother's ... mother's ancestry.

Project participants who have had their mtDNA tested may have their results posted here if they wish. We encourage everyone who has been mtDNA tested to join their mtDNA haplogroup project by logging into their account at FTDNA and clicking on the "Join Projects" link on the left side. 

mtDNA is more difficult to use for genealogy, partly because the surname changes every generation and partly because mtDNA mutates much more slowly than Y-DNA. It is possible to definitively exclude the possibility of a connection within a genealogical time frame, but it is more difficult to prove one. There have however been reports of paper trail connections being made with mtDNA, and now that FGS (Full Genomic Sequence) has become more affordable, mtDNA will become more useful in genetic genealogy.

For information, see our mtDNA page. (The prices listed here are out of date.)
Kerchner's DNA Resources Page has a collection of links concerning mtDNA (scroll down to find them).

mtDNA tests available at FTDNA:

mtDNA (HVR1): $99 - This test is only recommended for studying deep ancestry (the ethnic and geographic origin of the maternal line), and is generally not very useful for genealogical purposes (except for excluding potential matches).

mtDNAplus (HVR1+2): $159 - This is a higher resolution test that excludes many genealogically irrelevant matches, but is still mostly useful in studying deep ancestry.

mtdnaFullSequence: $299 - This is the best test for finding genealogically relevant matches.

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