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We are happy to help you to understand how to use DNA in Genealogy.


If you are lost, please take a few minutes and click each of the links in the dark gray menu bar (overall menu) and in the light gray menu bar (which is for this project) and see if you can find a place to begin.  Additionally, there is a Navigation box in the upper left corner, which has our information pages.

General: Take a few minutes to skim the Frequently Asked Questions (you can find a link to the FAQ in the navigation bar at the top of each page) and see if they answer some of your questions

Testing Related: If you are confused by all of the choices, click on "About DNA Testing" (you can find a link in the navigation bar at the top of each page, or if you are ready to order a test, click on "Order Test" in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

If you don't know what to do next, click on "DNA Testing the Smart Way" for a step-by-step guide

If you're still confused: Please click here to send us an email. Please explain the help you need.


Links Concerning Y-DNA Testing:

For those with reservations or questions regarding DNA-testing:


General Info on DNA-Testing


Testing Company Comparison Charts


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Y Haplogroup Info


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