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Cooper Genealogy  DNA Project                                                                      This page  updated at  3:55 PM on 05-20-2013

Welcome to Cooper Genealogy Surname DNA Project . If you have spent any time researching your Cooper ancestry &  family history, you have probably reached a point where you cannot identify earlier ancestors. A DNA test is a useful tool to use in conjunction with other written documentation in genealogy research to help define different Cooper-Lines and validate existing Cooper family history. The two tests that we have found most useful are the Y DNA 37 marker test  to trace paternal common ancestors , and the Family Finder test which shows  paternal and maternal cousins  for up to 5 or 6 generations .


The primary Cooper project site is now at 
and the family Tree information for our test participants is found at

The yDNA Classic Chart of our members' tests are at and 
the Colorized yDNA Chart that shows the differences between closely matching yDNA tests is located at
The map of the locations for the Most Distant yDNA Ancestor is at Select which group you want to view from the drop-down list.

The mtDNA Chart of our member's tests is found at
and the map of the locations for the Most Distant mtDNA Ancestor is at Select which group you want to view from the drop-down list.

So again, 
The primary Cooper DNA Project page.
The Lineages/Trees/Pedigrees for our test participants.
The yDNA Classic Chart
The yDNA Colorized Chart 
The yDNA Map 
The mtDNA Chart 
The mtDNA Map 

Please keep your Most Distant yDNA Paternal Ancestor (a man's name) and your Most Distant mtDNA Maternal Ancestor (a woman's name) up-to-date on your FTDNA Account for each test participant. This information is taken directly from your FTDNA Account and used in the Charts.  If you fill in the Location information for your Most Distant Ancestors, that information will appear on the Maps. The yDNA chart on this website has been updated and replaced by the yDNA Classic Chart and the yDNA Colorized Chart.



Special Sponsorship Program: We   plan  to  offer a special discount for  members of  the COOPER  surname group who have tested at 12 or 25 markers and who wish to upgrade to a 37 marker test . Contact Josh Taylor to confirm eligibility and make the arrangements.



Content of Website

Explore the page tabs at the top black bar for COOPER specific information. The Forum is a place for inquiries, discussion and sharing COOPER genealogy information. . For more general DNA information, see the World Families pages to the left under Site Content.



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