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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Isaac Collier b 1606 England m Mary Sarah Lockey - Elaine Neal [elainecneal AT]
    • Charles Collier b 1653 England m Judith Myhill
      • Isaac Collier b 1704 York Co., VA m Ann Vines
        • Vines Collier b 1735 York Co., VA m Sarah E. Williamson
          • John Collier b 1767 Brunswick Co., VA m Patsey Gresham
            • Thomas W. Collier b 1802 Oglethorpe Co., GA m Priscilla Benton
              • Robert Augustus Collier b 29 Mar 1836 Troup Co., GA m Mary Jane Browning
                • William Augustus Collier b 15 Sep 1861 Coosa Co., AL m Mary Etta Browning
                  • Joseph Taylor Collier b 24 May 1896 Clay Co., AL m Lorena Lewis 79580
          • Williamson Collier b 1781 Brunswick Co., VA m Mary Ann Garland Power - [rocker AT]
            • Robert Terrell Collier b 1836 Upson Co., GA m Francis Ann Shattles
              • Absalom Terrell Collier b 1874 Upson Co., GA m Eudora Belle Stewart
                • Alton Terrell Collier b 1896 Upshur Co., TX m Tommie Inez Walker N92519
  • Stephen Collier (Coller/Collyer/Colyer) b 1728/29 d 12 Apr 1804 New Hartford, CT m Sarah - S. Garbarini [dsagarbarini AT]
    • John Collier Sr. b 15 Feb 1763 New Hartford, CT d 15 Oct Burlington, CT m Sophia Hills
      • John Collier Jr. b 1790-1795 CT d 1822 -1830 Burlington, CT m Mehitable Butler
        • Edwin Collier b 1821/22 Burlington/Bristol, CT d 14 May 1897 New Haven, CT m Maria French
          • Julia Eliza Collier b 1844 c New Haven, CT d aft 1887 m Luther Gilbert Tufts
          • Maria Sarah Collier b 1846 c New Haven, CT d 1929 New Haven, CT m1 George Frederick Reynolds m2 Millard Franklin Phelan
          • Edwin B. Collier b 25 Mar 1849 New Haven, CT d aft 1909 m Phoebe
          • George William Collier b 10 Apr 1851 New Haven, CT d 8 Jun 1918 West Haven, CT m Ursula Jane Clifford
          • Thomas Benjamin Collier b 17 Apr 1853 Woodbridge, CT d 15 Apr 1946 West Haven, CT m1 Emma Thompson m2 Jennie Thompson
          • Joseph H. Collier b 24 Mar 1857 Woodbridge, CT d aft 1909 m Nellie Frances Chapin
          • Harriet E. Collier b 15 Jul 1859 Woodbridge, CT d 19 Jun 1933 New Haven, CT m1 John Henry Fields m2 Robert H. Herzog m3 Frank D. Whitman
          • Lillian E. Collier b 1862 New Haven, CT d 5 Jan 1925 New Haven, CT m William F. Noonan 202834
  • Collier b. 1781, m. Elizabeth Pea, d. 1854, Schuylkill Co., PA - [bcollier88 AT]
    • Collier, b. 1806 Dauphin Co., PA, m. Anna Marie Floyd. d. 1870, Stephenson Co., IL
      • Collier, b. 1845 Dauphine Co., PA, m. Caroline Brechner, d. 1912, Sherman Co., KS
        • Collier, b. 1870 Bremer Co., IA, m. Adeline Hamacher, d. 1938 Osborne Co., KS
          • Collier, b. 1901 Osborne Co., KS, m. Eula Taylor, d. 1947, Jewell Co., KS C-6 N20825
  • William Collier b.1801 SC d. 1847 Fayette Co IL m. Sarah (MNU) b.1808 NC d. 1867 Fayette Co IL -Deanna Reeves [dreeves At]
    • William B Collier b. 1828 NC d. 1900 Fayette Co IL m. Mary M Tedrick b. 1832 Fayette Co IL d. 1866 Fayette Co IL
      • Franklin Alexander Collier b. 1855 Fayette Co IL d. 1919 Bond Co IL m. Harriet Fox b. 1861 Montgomery Co IL d. 1897 Bond Co IL
        • William Aaron Collier b. 1886 Bond Co IL d. 1955 Bond Co IL m. Ella E Whitten b. 1895 in IL d. 1987 Indianapolis, Marion Co IN 581199
  • John Collier Sr. B 1816 GA ,d 24 Jun 1896 FL, m1 Caroline Hall m2 Mary L Conyer m3 Nancy A S Jacobs - Bryant Collier [bryant.collier AT]
    • William Green Collier, b. 20 Jun 1843, Dooley County,  GA, m. Mary Ann Wiggins
    • Calvin C. Collier, b. 22 Feb 1842, Dooly County, GA, m1.  Katie Parnell m2 Ollie Prescott, m3 Beulah Indiana Whidden
    • Nancy Collier, b. 1843, GA
    • Mary Elizabeth Collier, b. 1846, GA; m. Samuel Green
    • Irene Collier b. 1847, Fl5; m. Richmond R Crews
    • John Collier, Jr., b. 22 Jun 1848, FL,  m1. Sarah Lewis, m2 Mattie Kemp, m3 Letitia Guess
    • Sarah Collier, b. 1849, FL.
    • Catherine Collier, b. 20 Apr 1853, FL.
    • Henry C. Collier, b. 25 Dec 1855, FL,  m. Texas Ann Gillespie
    • James B. Collier, b. 1857, FL.
    • George M. Collier, b. 18 Mar 1859, Lafayette, FL; m. Susan North
    • Wiley Bryant Collier, b. 18 Jun 1860, Lafayette County, FL, m. Jane E. Whidden
    • Ellen Collier, b. 18 Jan 1862, FL, m. Alexander Crawford
    • Pleasant Ernest Collier, Sr., b. 22 Jul 1864, FL, m. Rachel Mahalia Jacobs
    • Alice Collier b. 01 Aug 1870
    • Isabelle Collier, b. 1872, FL; m. Joseph Hall
    • Martha Collier, b. 28 May 1874.
    • Calvin Perry Collier, b. 31 Jan 1884, Avon Park, Highlands County, FL; m. Laura Upthegrove
    • Dora Lee Collier, b. 03 Sep 1887 m. Henry Hall
    • Berry Henry Collier, Sr., b. 03 Mar 1888, Avon Park, Highlands County, FL, m. Isabella Douglas C-8 71219
  • William T. Collier b c1820 SC m Matilda Beddingfield - Shirley Collier Smith [scs5034 AT]
    • Pinkney Burrom Collier b Sep 1852 MS m Mary Agnes " Mollie" Ingle
      • Thomas Lynn Collier b May 1895 Meridian, MS m Ethel Goss 67536
  • Thomas Collier b 1842 England d 1905 Keokuk, IA m Hettie E. "Lulu" Teal - Gregg Garrison [gsgarrison AT] 108872
  • John Woodford Collier b 18 Dec 1851 IN d 23 Jun 1920 Monroe, IN - uncleal [unclealtkp AT]
    • Charles A. Collier b Dec 1893 Monroe, IN d 1955 Johnson, IN 114259

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Thomas Collier b. c1576, England, d. 1647 Hingham MA, m Susannah - wadecollier [wade_collier AT]
    • Lt. Thomas Collier, b. c1622, Enland, d. 1691, Hull, MA, m Jane Curtis
      • Lt. Gershom Collier, b. c1674, Hull, MA, d. 1753, Hull, MA m Elizabeth Poole
        • Thomas Collier, b. 1705/06, Hull, MA d. 1784, Chesterfield, MA, m Bridget Southworth
          • Gershom Collier, b. 1738, Scituate, MA, d. 1822, Northport, ME, m Abigail Nash
            • Ephraim Bosworth Collier, b. 1748, Scituate, MA d. bef Jan 1788, Boston, MA m Ann House
  • John G. Collier b: September 25, 1797 Orange, NC - Collier [thurlane2 AT]
    • Frances Charles Collier   b: August 12, 1826 NC
      • Joseph Franklin Collier   b: January 17, 1885 Izard Co. AR   

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