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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Moses Cleveland b c1525 Ipswich, Suffolk, England s c1555 Ipswitch, Suffolk, England - Bob Thomas [bobt3130 AT]
    • Richard Cleveland b Jul 1542 St. Mary at Elms, Ipswitch, Suffolk, England d Ipswitch, Suffolk, England
      • Isaac Cleveland b 1584 Ipswitch, Suffolk, England d 3 Jun 1626 Ipswitch, Suffolk, England m Alice 98620
        • Moses Cleveland b 2 Feb 1619 d 1701 St. Stephens, Ipswitch, Suffolk, England - Jeff Hankins [hkjca AT]
          • Edward Cleveland b 5 May 1663 d 1746 Woburn, Middlesex, MA
            • Deliverance Cleveland b 1684 d 1744 North Kingstown, Washington, RI
              • Josiah Cleveland b 1706 North Kingstown, Washington, RI
                • Oliver Cleveland b 1733 d 1803 RI
                  • Ann Cleveland b 28 Feb 1766 d 1830 Fair Haven, Rutland Co., VT
                    • Eliada Lewis 22 Mar 1786 Poultney, Rutland Co., VT
                      • Leonard Thayer Lewis 10 Mar 1818
                        • Mary Jane Lewis 13 Mar 1853 Celina, Mercer Co., OH
                          • Ralph Hubert Hankins b 9 Jul 1889 New City, KS 134874
        • Alexander Cleveland b c1620 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England d c1683 Blue Run, Prince William, VA m "Lady" Armistead Axminster
          • Roger Cleveland b c1645 Prince William, VA d 1689 VA m Dorcas Alexander
            • Alexander Cleveland Sr. b 31 Jul 1667 Abingdon, Gloucester, VA d aft Feb 1764 Blue Run, Orange, VA m Mildred "Millie" Presley
              • John Cleveland b 31 Jul 1714 Abingdon, Gloucester, VA d 1 Nov 1778 Blue Run, Orange, VA m Martha Elizabeth Coffey
                • Capt. Robert Cleveland b 8 Jan 1744 Blue Run, Orange, VA d 10 Apr 1812 Lewis Fork, Purlear, Wilkes, NC m Alice "Aley" Mathis
                  • Mary Jane Cleveland b 10 Nov 1789 Lewis Fork, Purlear, Wilkes, NC d 8 Jun 1876 Greer, Greenville, SC m Jesse Russell Rector Sr. 98620
  • Moses Cleveland b. 2-Feb-1623/24 Ipswich, England; m. Ann Winn
    • Samuel Cleveland; b. 9-Jun-1657; m. Persis Hildreth - Terri Sprague [tsprague AT]
      • Samuel Cleveland; b. 12-Jan-1684/85; m. Sarah Boswell
        • David Cleveland; b. 1-Jun-1724; m. Rebekah Tracy
          • Tracy Cleveland; b. 8-May-1751; m. Phebe Hyde
            • David Cleveland; b. 16-Dec-1775; m. Pollie
              • David Cleveland; b. 9-Dec-1802 VT; m. Nancy Ann Smith
                • Henry Clay Cleveland; b. 25-Mar-1832 MI; m. Mary Anne Musle
                  • Andrew Lewis Cleveland; b. 7-Feb-1868 IA; m. Margaret Kelly
                    • Alice Mae Cleveland; b. 2-May-1900 NE; m.Patrick Riley
      • Joseph Cleveland b. 18-Jul-1689 Chelmsford, MA; m. Abigail Hyde - Mark A. Cleveland [skippymac AT]
        • Ephriam Cleveland; b. 3-Feb-1711/12 Canterbury, CT; m. Hannah Paige
          • Joseph Cleveland; b. 26-Apr-1749 Bridgewater, MA; m. Elizabeth Wheeler
            • Ephriam Cleveland; b. 2-Apr-1784 MA; m. Anna Hubbard
              • Charles Giles Cleveland; b. 27-Nov-1823 Richmond, NY; m. Lucy Johnson
                • Evert Ostrander Cleveland; b. 19-Dec-1859 NY; m. Ella May Horn
                  • Grover Cleveland; b. 1908 MI; m. Virginia Isabel Minier C-3 N34551
        • Samuel Cleveland b 7 Jun 1730 Canterbury, CT m Ruth Darby - Craig Cleveland [cleve5 AT]
          • Chester Cleveland b 22 Mar 1770 Canterbury, CT m Mary Hibbard
            • Selby Cleveland b 18 Mar 1807 East Bethel, VT m Abigail Clement
              • James Cleveland b 30 Jan 1847 Eagle, WAI m Jennie McIntyre
                • Claude Cleveland b 5 May 1888 Hay Springs, NE m Ruth Fifield 214885
    • Aaron Cleveland b. 10-Jan-1654, Woburn, MA; m Dorcas Wilson - Josephine Donahue [JoDonahue AT]
      • Benjamin Cleveland; b 16-May-1701, Woburn, MA; m. Ann Clark
        • Dea. Benjamin Cleveland; b. 30-Aug-1733, Windham, CT; m Mary Elderkin
          • Enoch Cleveland; b. 14-Sep-1765, Horton, Kings, Nova Scotia, Canada; m. Isabella Little
            • Elisha Cleveland; b. 21-Oct-1804, Cornwallis, Kings, N.S, m Prudence Porter
              • George Cleveland; b. 16-Dec-1833, Horton, Kings, N.S.; m. Parmelia Parker
                • William E. F. Cleveland; b. 29-May-1867, at sea; m. Ellen Theresa Grady
                  • Ellen Theresa Cleveland; b. 27-Nov-1892; Boston, Suffolk, MA; m. Jeremiah Murphy
  • John Cleveland b 1760, South Carolina, American Colonies  spouse Comfort Gilbert - George Cleveland [bcleveland1 AT]
    • Ulysses T Cleveland b1801, Franklin County, Ga.  spouse  Sarah  ?  
      • William Wesley Cleveland b12 May 1825, Mobile, Alabama  spouse Rebecca Bullock    
        • George William Cleveland b 6 May 1855, Mobile, Alabama  spouse  Catherine Terrell
          • George Leo Cleveland b 16 Aug 1888, Mobile, Alabama  spouse Mathilda Ehrhardt
            • George Robert Cleveland b 07 Jun 1929, Chicago, Il  spouse  Barbara Barnes 359156
  • Evan (aka Evans) Cleveland b 1812 TN, m Nancy Jordan 1830 IL, d 1890 IL - Barry Cleveland [carmitimes AT]
    • Lewis Cass Cleveland, b 1850 IN, m Addie Wilson 1878 IL, d 1933 IL
      • Guy Cleveland, b 1890 IL, m Vera Raglin 1912 IL, d 1963 IL C-7 80587

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Alexander Cleveland b. abt 1620 England - Eloise C. Lucckese [lucckese6829 AT]
    • Alexander Cleveland; b. abt 1659; m. Milly Presley
      • John Cleveland; b. abt 1695 VA;  m. Martha Coffee
        • John Cleveland; b. abt 1730; m. Mollie McCan
          • Jeremiah Cleveland; Oconee Co., SC; m. Obedient Callaway
            • Eli Cleveland; b. 3-Mar-1803; m. Mary Reeder
              • Johnathan Reeder Cleveland; b. 9-Sept-1828; m. Sarah Elizabeth Miller
                • Martha Isbell [Mattie] Cleveland; b. 2-Sep-1882; m. Curtis Lee Carter
  • John Lawson b 29 Sep 1857 MS or AL  m Winnie Louise - patsy556 [patsymontalvo AT]
    • William Avery b 9 Jul 1884 or 1885
    • Ethel Pearl b 1889 OK
    • Auther Elijah b 1892 MS or TX
    • Ula N. b 1894 MS or TX
    • Lucius b 1897
    • Luther b 1897

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