[Posted: 9 Aug. 2013]

The Clark PA (Clark-2) Surname Project is primarily aimed at building an understanding of the several lineages of Clarks who settled in Pennsylvania in the 1700s. This project started in 2002 as a private project, with no viewable yDNA results and no viewable paternal line information. At that time, with few members, most of whom would only participate in the project if it was private, this made sense. Dissemination of information was made via reports, which was easy enough at the beginning but has become much harder and less satisfactory with increasing membership and less interest in privacy. Because of this we have now (August 2013) decided to convert the project to public form. Data pertaining to old members will not be added to the public pages without consent, which is currently being sought. New members' data will be added automatically. It is very important to contribute paternal line information, as much as you know, to the project. Otherwise we have no way of making sense of the yDNA test result data. So please contribute. We want 100% participation.

On our y-Results chart you will notice a line at the top marked "Color reference." We have arbitrarily chosen the R1b modal haplotype as our color reference because we expect most members to turn out to belong to haplogroup R1b. And we expect twelve colors to span the full range of test results no matter what haplogroup our members turn out to belong to. This color-coded display of test results makes it very easy to separate our members into distinct lineages.

Right now we are working at persuading old members to let us add their results to our new public pages, and until we build up an appreciable set of test results there is nothing more to discuss. So further discussion is postponed until we become ready.