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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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  • Nicolas Chesnay dit Lagarenne, b c1599 France, m Catherine LaRingue, France - Ron Chenier [ronchenier AT]
    • Bertrand Chesnay b 1622 St.Brieux D'Yffiniac, Bretagne, France, m Elisabeth Aubert, Quebec, Canada
      • Jean-Baptiste Chesnay b 1682 Chateau-Richer, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada m Elisabeth Boucher, Quebec, Canada
        • Charles Chenay b 1712 St.Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada, m Genevieve Dumats, Quebec, Canada
          • Charles Etienne Chenay b 1737 St.Antoine de Tilly, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada, m Louise Croteau, Quebec, Canada
            • Joseph Chene b 1781 Ile Jesus, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, m Louise Groulx, Quebec, Canada
              • François Chene b 1813 St.Benoit, Lac des Deux Montagnes, Quebec, Canada, m Angelique Lalande, Quebec, Canada
                • Isidore Chenier b 1858 Wendover, Prescott-Russell, Ontario, Canada, m Angeline Coursol, Quebec, Canada
                  • Achille Chenier b 1883 Bouchette,Gatineau, Quebec Canada, m Fidelia Clusiau, Quebec, Canada
                    • Albert Chenier b 1912 Hull, gatineau, Quebec, Canada, m Violet Smith, Ontario, Canada
                      • Ron Chenier b 1943 Timmins, Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, m Linda Vivienne Abbott, Leicester, England C-2
  • Pierre Chenet dit Dubreuil Sr. b 1646 France m Louise (Jeanne) Doucet - Joe Chenette [chenette AT]
    • Pierre Chenet/Chesnet/Chenest/Chienet Dit Dubreuil b 1692 Port Royal, Acadia m Marie-Ann (Jean) Denis
      • Joseph Chenet, b bet. 1706-1724 Pisiquit, Acadia or France, m Isabelle Thibodeau
        • Alexis Chenet/Chenay/Chenais/Chenete, b bet. 1742-1744 Pisiquit, Acadia, m Marguerite Breau/Brau/Bro/Brot/Brault
          • Joseph Chenette/Chenete/Chenet, b April 29, 1778 St. Antoine, QC, m Françoise Gaudet
            • Joseph Chenet, b July 5, 1802 St. Jude, QC, m Marie-Louise-Adelaide Courtemanche
              • Joseph Chenet, b August 23, 1831 St. Jude, QC, m Marceline Coutu
                • Joseph Alfred Zenon Chenet/Chenete/Chenette, b Sept 1, 1871 Lanoraie, QC, m Amanda Pruneau
                  • Joseph Cleophas Chenette, b April 26, 1901 Woonsocket, RI, m Catherine Bernadine Dobis C-1
  • William A. Chesney b 1780 Union Dist., SC m Mourning Hewett - Shirley Chesney Houston [max1942 AT]
    • A. P. Chesney b c1830 Perry Co., AL m Eliza Ann Herring
      • James Henry Chesney b 1858 Lauderdale Co., MS m Martha Catharine Moore 177204


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