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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space
  • John Chadwick b 1601 Rochdale, England d 1680 Malden, MA m Mary Shepard - Henry Chadwick [hdchad AT]
    • John Chadwick b 1651 Malden, MA d 1707 Bradford, MA m Mary Barlow
      • Edmund Chadwick b 1695 Bradford, MA d 1746 Bradford, MA m Mary Kimball
        • James Chadwick b 1724 Bradford, MA d 1755 Bradford, MA m Mary Thurston
          • Edmund Chadwick b 1754 Bradford, MA d 1819 Boscowen, NH m Susanna Atkinson
            • Samuel Chadwick b 1780 Boscowen, NH d 1856 Boscowen, NH m Sarah Morrill
              • Jeremiah Chadwick b 1812 Boscowen, NH d 1879 Boscowen, NH m Eliza Austin
                • Henry Chadwick b 1872 Boscowen, NH d 1989 Waltham, MA m Edith Clark
                  • Maurice Chadwick b 1899 Waltham, MA d 1988 Alexandria, VA m Katherine Barrette 163030
  • John Chadwick b 5 Jan 1783 Oldham, Lancashire, England m Betsey Snow - Roberta [birdeekay AT]
    • John Chadwick b 25 ov 1815 Chadwicks, Oneida Co., NY m Jane Tarpenning
      • John Melvin Chadwick b 13 Mar 1846 Chadwicks, Oneida Co., NY m1 Lavenia Linney m2 Margaret Lillian Shaw
        • John Chadwick b 7 Apr 1868 Chadwicks, Oneida Co., NY m Margaret D. Urtz
          • John M. Chadwick Jr. b 19 Mar 1890 Chadwicks, Oneida Co., NY m Bertha Thomas 243098
  • James Chadwick b 1702 England d 1854 Delaware Co., OH m Catherine Slack - Milton Earl Chadwick [chadwick.m.earl AT]
    • Joseph Chadwick b 1842 Delaware Co., OH d 1913 Wyandot Co., OH m Anna Barbara Binau
      • Milton Harrison Chadwick b 1882 Wyandot Co., OH d 1948 Wyandot Co., OH m Gertrude Altvater
        • Milton Edward Chadwick b 1915 Wyandot Co., OH d 2008 Wyandot Co., OH m Dorothy G. Crist 225454
  • Josiah Trott, b. 1779 Castine, Maine, m. Lydia Chase- Karen Courtenay [KCourtenay AT]
    • Samuel Trott, b. 1801, Perry, Maine, m. Lydia Patterson
      • Solomon T. Trott, b. 1846, Perry, Maine, m. Martha Alice Edwards
        • Gustavus Shepard Bean Trott, b. 1875, Winn, Maine, m. Bertha Newcomb Clark 288070
  • James T. Chadwick b c1834 d 1909 Breathitt Co., KY - gravelgoose [gravelgoose AT] C-1 113710

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • John Chadwick b c1820 England or NC, in GA c1850  m Mary Hodgen (?) - Shadrach [cchadwick AT]
    • John Chadwick b c1854
    • Abraham Chadwick
    • James Chadwick
      • Robert Chadwick b c1881 GA
      • Oliver Chadwick b c1882 GA
  • Peter Franklin Chadwick b 1841 GA m America Caroline Ross - Karen Chadwick Thormalen [kthormalen AT]
    • Frank Chadwick b 9 Oct 1862 Dallas Co., AR d 22 Jun 1943 m Leona Ross
      • David Howard Chadwick b 7 Jul 1893 Dallas Co., AR d 1965 m Edith Velma Meador

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