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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Matthew Cartwright  23 OCT 1634 • Middleborough, England m. Sarah Miller -Connie Paddock [Davidconniepaddock AT]
    • Peter Cartwright  1687 • St Mary's, MD, United States  m. - Judith Esther Slye
      • Matthew Cartwright  1729 • , St Mary's, MD  m.    Teresia Sarah Miller
        • Peter Cartwright Sr   1748 • Amherst, VA  m.  Christiana Garven
          • Robert Newton Cartwright   BEF 1765 • NC  m.  Unknown wife
            • Reddick Cartwright   25 SEP 1793 • Pasquotank, NC  
              • Edmond Cartwright  16 JANUARY 1856 • Hutton, Coles, IL   m.  Mary Elizabeth Shook
                • David Oscar Cartwright    01 MAY 1879 • Hutton, Coles Co., IL  m.   Minnie L Enterline
                  • Francis Maurice Cartwright    30 DEC 1907 • Mattoon, Coles County, IL m.  Laura Gladys Caldwell  484308
  • Thomas James Cartwright I b 1744, Williamsburg VA, m Mary Sophia Cromwell (?) - Phil Roberts [philroberts AT]
    • Thomas James Cartwright II, b c1768, Long Island Bahamas, m Mary Ann Major (?)
      • William Duncan Cartwright, b c1790, Long Is Bah, m Mary Newman
        • Archibald Alexander Cartwright, b c1831, Long Is Bah, m Elizabeth Ann Beckford
          • Archibald Cleghorn Cartwright, b 1869, Long Is Bah, m Mary Jane Eliza Knowles
            • Charles Lockhart Cartwright, b 1894, Long Is Bah, m Rachel Saphira Darville C-1 33458
  • Vincent Cartwright b c1782 Pasquatank Co., NC m Theney Koen - Pat Cartwright Garver [Starpat AT]
    • Nelson Cartwright b 6 May 1804 Davidson Co., Tn m Adeline Cook Stovall
      • Marcus Edna Cartwright b 3 Apr 1838 Elton, Todd Co., KY m Angeline Catherine Page
        • Thomas Farley Cartwright b 2 Apr 1869 Gordonville, Logan Co., KY m Mary Virginia Omer 193080
  • Nelson Cartwright b 1813 Rensselaer Co., NY m Elizabeth Winsor - Carrie Bergquist [cberg625 AT]
    • Philander Cartwright b 1839 Scio, Allegany Co., NY m Sarah E. Carman
      • Wesley H. Cartwright b 1870 Poynette, Columbia Co., WI 378098
  • William A Cartwright,   b 1813 in Warren, Ohio, m to Matilda R Hoover and later to Mary Fry -Lois Cartwright [llcart At]
    • Robert Lincoln Cartwright  b 1865 in Shelby County, Ohio   m to Sarah Clarinda Nichols
      • Hugh E Cartwright   b 1907 in Sidney, Shelby Co., Ohio   m  Mary Margaret Schaub   405241

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Hugh Cartwright b 1485 England m Maude Cove - suzhof11 [suzhof11 AT]
    • Edmond Cartwright b 1512 England m Agnes Cranmer
      • George Cartwright b 1535 England m Dorothy Mollineaux Dabrid
        • William Cartwright b 1560 England m Grace Dabridgecourt
          • John Cartwright b 1602 Engalnd m Janneke Lawrence
            • Matthew Cartwright b 23 Oct 1634 m Sarah D. Miller
              • Peter Cartwright b 1687 m Judith Slye
                • Matthew Cartwright b 1729 m Terresia
                  • Peter Cartwright Sr. b 1748 m Christiana Garvin
                    • Rev. Peter Cartwright Jr. b 1 Sep 1785 m Frances Gaines
    • Abner Cartwright d. Cumberland County, New Jersey-[]
      • Cyrus Cartwright b. abt. 1750 New Jersey
        • David Cartwright B. 1807 Berks County, Pennsylvania
          • George Henry Cartwright b. 1824 Pennsylvania d. 1898 Frankstown, Pa.
            • George Washington Cartwright b. 1856 Hopewell, Pa. died 1917 Limestone, Tennessee
              • Louis Harrison Cartwright b. 1888 Pottstown, Pa. d. 1973 Limestone, Tenn.
  • Hezekiah Cartwright b. 1761 MD d. 1818 TN - Patricia Sullivan Foster [pfparadise AT]
    • Benegah Cartwright b. c1800 Carolinas d c1849 TN
      • Thomas M. Cartwright b 1827 TN d 1895 TN
        • George Henry Cartwright b. 1863 TN d 1932 TN
          • Eula Kate Cartwright b. 1888 TN d 1975 TN
  • Joshua Cartwright b c1770, d aft 1840 Columbuc County - Robert Carterette [rcarteret AT]
    • Thomas Cartwright, b 1793 Brunswick County NC, d aft 1860 Columbus County 
      • John Calvin Cartrette/Cartwright,b 1832 Columbus County NC
        • Haynes Pinckney Cartrette/Cartwright, b 1858 Columbus County NC
          • John Calvin Carterette, b 1898
  • Abner Cartwright d. Cumberland Co., NJ. (this generation not proven yet) - Raymond C. Lantz [rclantz AT]
    • Cyrus Cartwright b. c1750 NJ? d. 1822-24 Centre Co., PA m. Rebecca Jones
      • Samuel Cartwright b. 1789 Berks Co., PA m. Catharine Murritts
        • James Cartwright b. 1838 Huntingdon Co., PA m. Margaret "Bessie" E. Gunnett
          • Bessie May Cartwright b. 1888 Oreminea, PA m. Elbridge Garfield Lantz
            • Clyde Raymond Lantz b. 1904 Pittsburgh, PA.m. Catherine Wilnora Good
  • George Henry Cartwright b 1824 d 1898 - pcartwright [bouquetofcandies AT]
    • George Washington Cartwright b 1856 d 1917
      • Charles Walter Cartwright b 1889 d 1919
        • Charles Francis Cartwright b 1913 d 1962     

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