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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.
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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed. We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page. We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. We are still seeking men from various lines for this project. Of specific interest are the Alabama branches, Rockingham Co, NC branches, and Kentucky branches. Again, we also welcome Cardwells from across the sea to take part. To contact someone that submitted for testing find the C-# code on the family tree and then scroll to the bottom of this page for their email. NPE = Non-Paternal Event

Cardwell Line I

Thomas Cardwell, b. ca 1683 Virginia, d. 1772 in Henrico Co.VA, m. Martha Perrin

  • John Cardwell, b. 1715 in Henrico Co., VA, d ca 1795 in VA, m. Keziah Lowe
    • Perrin Cardwell - b, 1744 in Goochland County, VA. Moved to Wilkes County, NC then to Adair County, KY - NOT TESTED
    • Thomas L. Cardwell, b 1745 in Charlotte Co.,VA, d 1828 in Stokes Co., NC, m. Mary Joyce - C-23
      • John Cardwell II, b 1777 in VA, d 1862 in Webster Co., MO, m Frances Gaines
        • Dr. Thomas P. Cardwell. b 1803 in Stokes Co.,NC, d.Webster Co.,MO 1882
          • John Hugh Cardwell, b 1830 in Roane Co.,TN, d. >1910 in Taney Co.,MO
            • James Thomas Cardwell, b 1862 in Taney Co.,MO, d. >1920
              • John Robert Cardwell, b 1886 in Taney Co., MO
                • Juriel Lyman Cardwell, b 1915 in Taney Co., MO
    • John Cardwell, Jr. - b. 1748 in Goochland County, VA. Moved to Mercer County, KY. married Cellar Rice - NOT TESTED
    • William M. Cardwell - b. 1752 in Goochland County, VA. Moved to Stokes County, NC. Married an unknown Flippin - NOT TESTED
    • James Cardwell - b. 1761 in Prince Edward County, VA. Moved to Mercer County, KY. Married Sarah Crockett - NOT TESTED
    • Wiltshire Cardwell - b. 1764 in Prince Edward County, VA. Stayed in VA. d. in 1834 in Charlotte County, VA - NOT TESTED
    • George W. Cardwell - b. 1769 in Prince Edward County, VA. Moved to Mercer County, KY. Married Ann Hamilton - NOT TESTED
  • Richard Cardwell, b. 1719 Cumberland Co., VA, d. 1780 Charlotte Co.,VA, m. Susannah LeGrand - NOT TESTED
    • Daniel Cardwell, b. 1741 in Goochland Co.VA, d. 1813 Wilkes Co.NC, m. Obedience LNU - C-04
      • Asa Cardwell, b. 1784-1794 in Wilkes Co, NC, m. Mary ‘Polly” - assumed son of Daniel
        • Daniel Franklin Cardwell, b. 1819 in Wilkes Co NC, m. Margaret Church, d. >1900 in Wilkes Co NC
          • John Henry Cardwell, b. 1844 in Wilkes Co NC, m. Cynthia McGee
            • Franklin Miles Cardwell, b. 1874 in Wilkes Co NC, m. Laura Ashley, d. 1952 North Carolina
              • Bennie Lee Cardwell, b. 1899 in Wilkes Co NC, m. Eula Phillips, d. 1984 Forsyth Co NC
    • George Cardwell, b. 1746 in Goochland Co.VA, d. 1817 Shelby Co,KY, m. Sarah McGehee - NOT TESTED
    • Richard Perrin Cardwell, b. 1751 in Cumberland Co,VA, d. 1790 Rockingham Co.NC, m. Rebecca LNU - NOT TESTED five NPE tested in this line
      • Ann Cardwell, b. 1773 in Charlotte Co.VA, d. 1852 Switzerland County, Indiana, m. unknown
        • Noah Cardwell, b 1796 Rockingham Co., NC, d Aft. 11 Aug 1876, Iowa -.C-20 NPE Cardwell Line IV - See note 3
          • Pleasant Perrin Cardwell, b. 03 Sep 1820 Rockingham Co., NC, d. 23 Feb 1900 Republic Co., Kansas
            • James Pleasant Cardwell, b. 04 Oct 1854 Cedar Rapids, Iowa, m. Minnie Alice Barrett
              • Leslie James Cardwell, b. 11 Sep 1898 Republic Co., Kansas, m. Myrtle Maude Stradley
                • Bruce James Cardwell, b. 15 Mar 1917 Republic Co., Kansas, m. Bertha Wunsch
      • Nathan Cardwell, b. 1775 in Charlotte Co.VA, d. 1820-1830 Cabell Co, West Virginia, m. Nellie McGinnis - NOT TESTED
      • Joseph "Joel" Cardwell, b. 1779 in VA/NC, d. 1847 Rockingham Co,NC, m. Mariah Scales - NOT TESTED
      • Susannah Cardwell, b. 1783 in Charlotte Co,VA, d. 1852 Rockingham Co.NC, m. unknown
        • Gabriel Cardwell, b. 1803 in Rockingham Co.NC. m. Cynthia Humphrey - C-31 NPE Cardwell Line V - See note 4
          • Parker Cardwell, b. 1825 in Rockingham Co.NC. m. Elizabeth Frazier. d. abt 1862
            • James Henry Cardwell, b. 1848 in Rockingham Co.NC. m. Pheney Williams, d. abt 1905 Henry Co.VA
              • John Henry Cardwell, 1880 Henry Co.VA. m. Florence Hylton
    • Peter Cardwell, b. 1764 in Cumberland Co,VA, d. 1800 Charlotte Co.,VA, m. Margaret A Joyce
      • Richard M. Cardwell, b. 1794 in VA, d. 1850 in Rockingham Co, NC, m. Sarah Crowder
        • Caroline Matilda Cardwell, b. 1834 in Grainger Co, TN, d. 1904 in Glaze, Miller Co, Missouri -
          • Richard Ivan Cardwell, b. 1851 in Grainger Co,TN, d. 1924 in Benewah Co, Idaho - C-08 NPE Line VIII -note 6
            • Ernest Jasper Cardwell, b. 1901 in Kootenia Co, Idaho, d. 1971 in Benewah Co. Idaho
          • William Henderson Cardwell, b. 1856 Grainger Co,TN,d. 1902 Miller Co,MO -C-05 NPE Line VII -note 5
            • Caswell Lenore Cardwell, b. 1890 in Miller Co, MO, m. Jane McDowell, d. 1952 San Diego, CA
          • Albert Sidney Cardwell, b. 1863 in Grainger Co,TN, d. 1934 in Grant Co, Oregon - C-07 results pending
            • William Henderson Cardwell, b. 1905 in Grant Co,OR, d.1967 in Grant Co. Oregon
  • George Cardwell, b. 1720 in Cumberland Co., VA, d. ca 1767 in VA. m. Leticia LNU
    • Richard Cardwell - b. 1745 in Cumberland County, VA. Married Elizabeth LNU. D. 1817 in Amelia County, VA - one known son - NOT TESTED
    • Francis Cardwell - b. 1755 in Cumberland County, VA. Married Theodosha Platt. d. 1820 in Nottaway County, VA - NOT TESTED
    • John Cardwell, b. ca 1760 in Cumberland Co., VA, d. 1824 Claiborne Co, TN. m. Mary Royall
      • Perrin Cardwell, b. 1780-1790 in VA, d. aft 1830 Claiborne Co TN - C-17
        • Daniel J. Cardwell , b. ca 1820 TN, d. >1880 in Grainger Co., TN. m. Frances Norris - Click here for information
          • James Calvin Cardwell, b. 1845 Grainger Co., TN, m. Elizabeth J. Dyer
            • Samuel Cardwell, b. 1872 Union Co., TN, d. 1954 in Knox Co.,TN. m. Julia Waggoner
              • William Ludlow Cardwell I, b. 1896 Union Co., TN, d. 1963 in Knox Co.,TN. m. Katie Williams
      • Francis Cardwell, b. 1790-1800 in VA. d. 1844 in Warren Co.,TN. m. Judah Lebo
        • Henry Jefferson Cardwell, b. 1823 in Claiborne Co, TN. d. >1895 Warren Co.,TN. - C-26
          • William J. Cardwell, b. ca 1864 in Warren Co.,TN,. d. >1930 in Warren Co.,TN.
            • James S. Cardwell, b. 1908 in Warren Co.,TN. d. 1983 Sparta, White Co.,TN
        • Thomas W. Cardwell, b. 1837 in Warren Co,TN, d 1922 in Texas, m Milly Douglas - C-21
          • Robert Lee Cardwell, b. 1868 in Warren Co.,TN, d 1950 McLennan Co., TX. m. Bouldin
            • Eclar Moses Cardwell, b. 1897 Warren Co, TN. d. 1975 Collin Co, TX
      • James L. Cardwell, b. 08 Oct 1796 in VA, moved to McNairy Co.TN, then to Franklin Co.IL, m. Leah Sanders C-03
        • Marshall P. Cardwell, b. 28 Sep 1836 in McNairy Co.TN, d. 1856 in Saline Co.IL
          • Oscar P. Cardwell, b. 1884 in Saline Co.IL, d. 1966, m. Viola McGhee
            • Arvil Cardwell, b. 1910 in Hamilton Co.IL, d. 1991 in Grant Co, IN, m. Gladys Moorman
      • William Cardwell. b.1801 in VA, d. 1850/60 in McNairy Co.,TN. m. Celia Harper - C-25
        • Hiram C. Cardwell, b. 1820 in Claiborne or Grainger Co.,TN. d. 1866 in Columbia Co.AR,
          • Albert Pryor Cardwell, b. 1851 in McNairy Co.,TN. d. 1942 in Vernon, Texas,
            • Hiram Dotson Cardwell, b. 1891 in Navarro Co.,TX, d. <1930 Travis Co., TX.
              • Otis Pryor Cardwell, b. 1919 in Wichita Co.,TX, m. Mary Cleo Roberson, d.1989
    • Rev. Perrin Cardwell, b.1764 in Cumberland Co.,VA, d. 1854 Knox Co.,TN, m. Elizabeth Worsham
      • John Cardwell, b. 1790 in Fauqiuier County, VA. d. 1877 in Breathitt Co., KY, m. Arminta Watkins - C-30
        • John Watkins Cardwell, b. 1824 in Jefferson Co,TN, d. 1913, Breathitt Co.,KY, m. Celia South
          • Willam Blackstone Cardwell, b. 1858, Breathitt Co., KY, d. 1937, Breathitt Co.KY, m. Sarah Bowman
            • James Logan Cardwell, b. 1890, Breathitt Co.KY, d. 1979, Santa Clara, CA
      • Thomas George Cardwell, b. 1794 in VA, d. Nov 1863 in Knox Co.,TN, m. Sarah Easley C-01
        • Richard Livingston Cardwell, b. ca1826 in Knox Co.,TN, d. 1896 in Roane Co.,TN, m. Sarah E. Liggitt
          • Richard Henry Cardwell, b. ca1863 in Knox Co.,TN, d. 1945 Knox Co.,TN, m. Delia LNU
            • John Richard Cardwell, b.06 Apr 1912 in Roane Co.,TN
    • Thomas Cardwell - b. ca 1765 in Cumberland Co,VA. m. possibly Mary Freeman. d. after 1830 in Grainger Co,TN - NOT TESTED



  • William Cardwell ,b. 1773 VA - C-13
    • Dennis A. Cardwell, b. 1812 Henry Co., KY, m. Mary W. Tucker
      • Talbot V. Cardwell, b. 1833 Oldham Co., KY, m. Quintilla Curtis Allnutt
        • Argenta B. Cardwell, b. 1875 Amite Co., MS, m. Emma Alice McMichael
          • Clinton C. Cardwell b. 1909 Rapides Parish, LA m. Jewell Marguerite Fugler

NOTE 1: C-17, C-21, C-26 and C-25 appear to all be descendants of John Cardwell of Claiborne County, Tennessee. Cardwell Line I appears to be descendants of Thomas Cardwell and Martha Perrin of Virginia. There is has been no proven documentation on the parents fo C-17, but there is a strong genetic connection to that of John Cardwell of Claiborne County,TN.

NOTE 2: C-13 remains another mystery.It is apparent that there is a strong genetic connection to Line I, but no link has been determined through traditional research.

NOTE 3: Noah Cardwell was the son of Ann Cardwell, daughter of Richard Perrin Cardwell. Noah was born out of wedlock. Hopefully, DNA testing might provide clues to his father. Current results are indicating that this line is strongly connected to the Dalton family of the Rockingham County, NC area. More research is needed.

NOTE 4: C-31 represents a predicted NPE. Paper research indicates that Gabriel Cardwell was the son of Susannah Cardwell, daughter of Richard Perrin Cardwell of Rockingham County, NC, and an unknown father. See C-20 for additional information.

NOTE 5: C-05 represents a predicted NPR. Traditional research indicates that Caroline Matilda Cardwell reverted back to the use of her maiden name by 1870. All of her children continured to use the Cardwell surname. Matilda was married to Alfred Reddick in 1857, but it appears that he never returned from Civil War service. It is suspected that her children born after 1857 are from Alfred Reddick. Coordination with the Reddick DNA Project is ongoing in an attempt to establish a link.

NOTE 6: Richard Ivan, or Ivanson, Cardwell (C-08) was born in 1851 in Grainger County, TN. He is the son of Caroline Matilda Cardwell and an unknown father. DNA results indicate a strong association with the Sharp family of the Rockingham County, NC area. It should be noted that two of Matilda’s sisters married Sharp men while the family livied in Rockingham County, NC. They are listed in the 1850 census of that county. It appears that Richard Ivan Cardwell is the son of a Sharp and Caroline Matilda Cardwell. Additional research is needed concerning the Sharp lines. This is another example of a predicted NPE.

Click here for information on the line of John Cardwell, son of George Cardwell & Leticia.

Cardwell Line II

  • Robert Cardwell, b. 1746/47, Ireland, m. Alice LNU (poss. Dixon), d. 1839 Campbell Co.VA*
    • William Amos Cardwell, b. abt. 1781, Campbell Co. VA, settled in Bulter Co., KY 1830 - C-14
      • Robert Cardwell, b 3 Dec 1813, Campbell Co., VA., m. Nancy J. Moore
        • William Benjamin Cardwell, b. 220 July 1841 Bulter County, KY,, m.Angeline Flener
          • Azro A. Cardwell, b. 30 May 1874 Bulter County, KY, m. Noveline Embry
    • Robert Cardwell, b. abt 1787, Campbell Co. VA, d. 1865 in Grainger Co, TN, m. Elizabeth Copelin - NOT TESTED
    • John Thomas Cardwell, b. abt 1788 in Campbell Co. VA, d. 1872 in Campbell Co, VA, m. Mary Ransberger - NOT TESTED
    • James Dixon Cardwell, 1790 Campbell County, VA, m. Phebe Elvira Cheatham - C-16
      • William J. Cardwell, b. 1820 Campbell County, VA, m. Mary J. Moore *assumed parents of John J.
        • John J. Cardwell, b. 1854 Campbell County, Va, m. Margaret Chapman
          • Thomas Arthur Cardwell, b. 1892 Smyth County, VA, m. Sarah Taylor
    • Anthony Rucker Cardwell, b. 1797 Campbell Co.,VA, settled in Caldwell County, Texas - C-27
      • John Madison Cardwell, b. 1836 Jefferson Co.,TN, d. 1917 Caldwell Co.,TX,
        • Walter Wilcox Cardwell, b. 1892 Caldwell Co.,TX, d. 1960 Lockhart, Caldwell Co. TX
    • Thomas Dixon Cardwell, b. 1806 in Campbell Co. VA, d. 1893 in Campbell Co. VA, m. Edney Neighbors - NOT TESTED

*Note: The Robert Cardwell of Campbell County, VA line has been plauged by poor research by Pendergraft and others. The information listed in the three participate lines above (C-14, C-16 and C-27) is the latest research available on this line.

Cardwell Line III

  • Thomas Cardwell, b. Unknown, d. 1782 Dinwiddie County, VA, m. Obedience Thweatt
    • William Cardwell - b. 1767 in Virginia, d. 1837 in Yalobusha Co., MS, m. Elizabeth Hankla - NOT TESTED
      • Henry Cardwell, Sr.- b.1771 in Dinwiddie Co.,VA, m. Mary Hankla, d. 1814 in Halifax Co.,VA - C-12
        • Henry Cardwell, Jr.- b.1793 in Halifax Co.VA, m. Catherine Crews, d. 1850 in Halifax Co.,VA
          • Elisha W. Cardwell - b. 1830 in Halifax Co.,VA, n. Frances W. West, d. 1879 in Stoddard Co., MO
            • Giles W. Cardwell - b. 1859 in Halifax Co.,VA, m. Almeta Butler, d.>1930 Maricopa Co., AZ
      • Giles M. Cardwell - b. 1782 in Dinwiddie Co. VA, m. Frances Moore, d. 1857 in Halifax Co. VA - NOT TESTED
  • Thomas Cardwell - d. 1799 in Granville Co.,NC.
    • Leonard Cardwell - b. ca 1773 in VA, m. Lucy Strum, d. between 1840-1850 in Smith Co. TN - NOT TESTED
    • Thomas Cardwell II - b. ca 1773 in VA, m. Nancy Loyd, d. 1853 in Calloway Co. KY - NOT TESTED
    • William N. Cardwell - b. ca 1780 in VA - d. <1870 Obion Co.,TN C-22
      • Daniel J. Cardwell - b. 25 Apr 1809 in Granville Co.,NC - d. 06 Oct 1892 Weakley Co.TN
        • Richard Lawrence Cardwell - b. July 1847 Smith Co.,TN - d. 1941 Texas
          • Vinnie Scott Cardwell - b. Oct 1880 Lampasas Co., TX - d. Jan 1955 Taylor Co. TX
    • John G. Cardwell - b. ca 1783 in VA, m. Sarah Robinson, d. 1843 in Smith Co. TN - NOT TESTED
    • Caleb W. Cardwell - b. 1784 in VA - d. <1850 Montgomery Co.,IL C-24
      • Caleb Wilson Cardwell - b. ca 1828 in TN - d. 1906 in California
        • James Wilson Cardwell - b. 07 July 1866 in Contra Costa Co., CA - d. 1943 in Sanger, CA
          • Rodney Orville Cardwell - b. 1904 Marion Co. OR - d. 1984 in Lynnwood, WA
    • Richard Wilson Cardwell - b. 1785 in VA, m. Margaret "Peggy" Loyd, d. 1872 in Washington Co. Arkansas - NOT TESTED
    • Anderson Cardwell - b. ca 1786 in VA, m. Elizabeth Robinson, d. between 1850-1860 in Macoupin County, IL - NOT TESTED
    • James Dudley Cardwell - b. 1789 in VA, m. Elizabeth E. Foster, d. 1863 in Tuscaloosa Co. AL - NOT TESTED
    • Nelson Cardwell - b. ca 1798 in Granville Co. NC, d. <1850 Simpson Co. KY *assumed father of Samuel C-29
      • Samuel Richard Cardwell, b. 1842, Simpson Co.KY, d. 1925, Chicago, Cook Co.IL
        • William Solomon Cardwell, b. 1875, Logan Co.KY, d. 1942, Chicago, Cook Co. IL
          • Lannie Earl Cardwell, b. 1904, Chicago, Cook Co, Il, d. 1976, Chicago, Cook Co. IL
  • Thomas Cardwell - b. 1831 in Manchester, England, m. Ann Adamson, d. 1912 in New Castle Co., Delaware C-06
    • Charles Cardwell, b. 1864 in New Castle Co, Delaware, m. Charlotte Davies, d. 1951 in Delaware
      • Thomas Francis Cardwell, b. 1904 in New Castle Co, Delaware, m. Margaret Mills, d. 1989 in Delaware
        • Robert Mills Cardwell, b. 1932 in New Castle Co, Delaware, d. 2005 in Florida

Click here for information on the line of Thomas Cardwell of Granville County, North Carolina.

NOTE: There is a strong genetic connection between the lines of Thomas (C-12) of Dinwiddie, Thomas (C-22,24,29) of Granville and Thomas (C-06) of New Castle..

Cardwell Line VI

  • William Cardwell - b. 1758 in VA, moved to Bullitt Co.KY in 1796, d. 01 Mar 1838 C-02
    • John Cardwell - b. 1786 in Culpeper Co.VA, m. Margaret Arnold, d. 17 Sep 1879 Franklin Co.KY
      • William Cardwell - b. 1823 in Franklin Co. KY, m. Caroline McQueen
        • William Riley Cardwell - b. 1847 Franklin Co, KY, m. Alice Posgrove
          • Ralston "Rollie" Cardwell - b. 1873 in Franklin Co.KY, m. Carrie Wyatt, d. 1905 Monroe Co.IN


  • John Franklin Cardwell, b.1800 SC/NC, lived in GA prior to AL, d. 1877 Shelby Co., AL C-28
    • Henry C. Cardwell, b. 1846 Talladega Co.,AL, m. Martha Strong, d. >1900 Shelby Co., AL
      • Ralph Cardwell, b. 1882 Alabama, m. Elizabeth Loyed
        • Harlin Cardwell, b. 1906 Shelby Co., AL


  • Untested
  • Hugh Cardwell - b. est. 1790 in Ireland, m. Abigal LNU, d. est 1830+, widow moves family to Dodge Co.WI
    • William Cardwell - b. 1820 in Vermont, m. Eliza LNU, d. ? in Iowa
      • Charles Cardwell - b. 1849 in Dodge Co.WI, m. Ettie LNU
      • Merritt Cardwell - b. 1852 in Vermont or WI
      • Franklin Cardwell - b. 1855 in Dodge Co, WI
      • Harvey/Harry Cardwell - b. 1857 in Dodge Co.WI
      • Myron Cardwell - b. 1859 in Dodge Co. WI
    • Jacob Cardwell - b. Aug 1822 in Vermont, m. Sarah LNU, d. ? Martin Co, MN
      • Walter Cardwell - b. 1854 in Dodge Co. WI
      • Albert Cardwell - b. 1855 in Dodge Co, WI
      • Marcellis Cardwell - b. 1857 in Dodge Co. WI
      • Winfield R. Cardwell - b. 1859 in Dodge Co.WI
    • David Cardwell - b. 1826 in Vermont, lived in MN 1880
    • Chester Cardwell - b. 1827 in Vermont, m. Angaline LNU, lived Rensselaer Co.NY in 1880
      • Joseph Cardwell - b. 1858 in Dodge Co.WI
    • Melvin Cardwell - b. 1830 in Vermont


  • William Cardwell - b. est 1718 in Cornwall County, England, m. Dorcas Horskins(1) and Elizabeth Birch(2), d. ? in New London, CT
    • Andrew Cardwell - b. 1744 in New London, CT
    • Samuel Cardwell - b. 1748 in New London, CT, m. Apphia Hyde, d. 1781 in CT
      • William Samuel Cardwell - b. 1780 in Bozrah, CT, m. Clemntia Rogers
    • William R. Cardwell - b. 1750 in New London, CT, m. Sybial Griswold, served in Rev. War,
      • Uriah Cardwell - b. 1785 in CT, m. Jemina Hough, d. aft 1870 in Tuscola Co,MI
        • Edmund Augustus Cardwell - b. 1811 in Bozrah, CT
        • Jirah Cardwell - b. Aug 1820 in NY, m. Louisa Black, d. > 1900 in Lapeer Co.MI
          • Jersey O. Cardwell - b. 1849 in Lapeer Co.MI
            • George W. Cardwell - b. Jun 1867 in Lapeer Co.,MI, m. Letitia LNU, d. >1930 Lapeer Co.,MI
              • Irwin Luther Cardwell - b. Mar 1891 in Lapeer Co.MI, m. Mabelle LNU
        • George Cardwell - b. 1831 in NY, m. Sarah M., d. <1870 poss. Civil War
          • William Jirah Cardwell - b. Mar 1860 in Lapeer Co.MI, m. Mary Etta LNU,
            • George W. Cardwell - b. Jan 1888 in Lapeer Co.MI, m. Grace E. Havens,
              • Paul Havens Cardwell
              • William Reynolds Cardwell - b. Jul 1913 in Lapeer Co.MI
        • Lebana Winchester Cardwell - b. Sep 1835 in NY, m. Ann Perkins, d. >1910 Tuscola Co,MI
          • Orrie Lebana Cardwell - b. Aug 1862 in MI, m. Ida M. Damon, d. Dec 1945 in Tuscola Co.MI
            • Day Gordon Cardwell - b. Mar 1894 in Tuscola Co, MI, d. 1953 in Los Angeles, CA
    • John Cardwell - b. Dec 1752 in New London Co, CT
    • Nathaniel Cardwell - b. may 1755 in New London Co,CT


  • William Cardwell - b. ?, m. Rebecca b. Landphere
    • William Henry Cardwell - b. 1833 in New London Co.CT, m. Lucy L. Morgan, d. >1910 in New London Co.CT
      • George R. Cardwell - b. 1863 in New London, CT, moved to Denver, CO
      • Harry W. Cardwell - b. Jul 1869 in New London, CT, d. Jun 1967 in New London, CT
    • Winslow G. Cardwell - b. Aug 1835 in New London, CT, m. Sarah A. LNU, d. ?


  • George A. Cardwell - b. 1823 in CT, m. Laura LNU, living in Chicago in 1880
    • George R. Cardwell - b. 1858 in Essex Co.NY
    • Foster M. Cardwell - b. 1865 in NY, living in Chicago in 1880
    • Gilbert R. Cardwell - b. 1875 in Albany Co, NY, living in Chicago in 1880


  •  Lorin N. Cardwell - b. 1834 in CT, m. Ellen LNU, listed in NY,NY 1860
    • George Cardwell - b. 1857 in NY
    • Albert Cardwell - b. 1859 in NY


EMAIL to contact the tested members of the project for research purposes. Use the code of C-# found on the above family tree charts to locate the person you wish to contact. Replace the AT with the @ symbol. The black codes are unfilled and represent the numbering system used when we were still part of the Caldwell Family DNA Project. They will be assigned as new tests are submitted and do not indicate any importance in ranking.

  • C-01 = marshcat AT
  • C-02 = whayne152 AT
  • C-03 = Dhbray AT
  • C-04 = pending
  • C-05 = private (
  • C-06 = private (
  • C-07 = d6ict AT
  • C-08 = private
  • C-09
  • C-10
  • C-11
  • C-12 = no email
  • C-13 = tcard230 AT
  • C-14 = glcardwell AT
  • C-15
  • C-16 = scshirk AT
  • C-17 = wrcardwell AT
  • C-18
  • C-19
  • C-20 = bc AT
  • C-21 = inacar AT
  • C-22 = rcardwell14003 AT
  • C-23 = rfc945 AT
  • C-24 = omar_cardwell AT
  • C-25 = lcardwell AT
  • C-26 = cardwell.jason AT
  • C-27 = jwc48 AT
  • C-28 = dbein AT
  • C-29 = lanniec AT
  • C-30 = cardwela AT

C-31 = Kadrace AT

Each Family will be listed here, by earliest known ancestor - Each listing will include a Line Leader (Researcher)

By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.


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