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Welcome to the Cardwell Family DNA Project Website.


Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can be obtained in no other way.


WE'RE LOOKING FOR YOU. This project started with a focus on the Cardwell family in America. We've so far determined six distinct genetic lines and anticipate that others will be found as more people join the project. The results of those tests indicate that the Cardwell family comes from the Yorkshire, England region. There appears to be a branch that is genetically related that immigrated from Ireland as well. With those findings we would like to give an invitation to all Cardwells from across the globe. If you are a male descendent that carries the Cardwell surname you can be part of this project. We are now searching for Cardwell men in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Austraila, and Canada for this project. As always, all branches of the American Cardwell family are welcome. Women are encouraged to find a male in their line to represent their branch for testing.

If your line stems out of ALABAMA please contact me. We are in need of finding someone from the Simon Cardwell branch to participate in the project.

If you are not sure of your specific lineage, that is no problem. I have an extensive collection of materials on the family and involved in an ongoing project to create a Cardwell Family database. As of May 2009, that database has over 12,000 individuals in it. I might not be able to place you in the overall family tree, but there is a pretty good chance that I can. This database is currently focused on the America branch of the family, but will grow over time to include other locations. Members of can view the databases/family trees. The are named Cardwell Line I, Cardwell Line II and Cardwell Line III. If you are interested in the viewing them but are not a member of just email me and I will send you an invitation to view them for free.


Another point is that of the cost of the test kit. If you take part in the Cardwell DNA Project you will you will SAVE between $50 and $80 off the cost of testing individually Just click here to join the project. If you are interested in this project, but do not have the funds available to take part please contact me. Several generous reseachers have donated funds for such cases in the past, but currently the fund is empty.


We highly appreciate your interest and sincerely hope that DNA testing will provide answers in your quest in discovering your specific family history. There are several lines in the Cardwell family that are still in need of finding someone that is willing to participate in the project. If you have any questions concerning the DNA testing please contact me using the email link below. ~ Thanks, Rand Cardwell - Project Admin



The Cardwell Family Project was started to:


1. Help Cardwell researchers work together to find their common heritage  (See the Patriarch Page)


2. Identify the DNA of the ancestor families and compile them and their lost branches into distinct genetic lineages through DNA matches


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