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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • John Camden b 30 Jun 1721 - RoannaCamdenCann [roannacann AT]
    • John "Jack" Camden m. Meonie "Oney" Wright
      • William Wyatt Camden b. 1784 d. 1849 m. Rhoda Ann Gill
        • Voltaire Jones Camden b. 1836 d. 26 Dec 1907 m. Mary Morton Hill
          • Sterling Wyatt Camden, Sr. b. 26 Dec 1877 d. 18 Aug 1965 m. Lucy Wade Berger
            • Sterling Wyatt Camden Jr. b. 20 Oct 1913 d. 15 Jun 1953 m. Ada Jean Averilla Jones C-4 108711
  • Benjamin Camden b. c1745 d. c1832/33 m. Elizabeth Wright - SCRay [SylviaCamdenRay AT]
    • George Washington Camden b 15 Oct 1772 d 12 May 1851 m. Nancy Duncan
      • John Duncan Camden b 9 Oct 1810 d 28 July 1854 m. Mary F. Davenport
        • William Sidney Camden b 10 May 1843 d 10 May 1938 m. Letitia Black Hight
          • William Carrington Camden b 13 Sep 1888 d 16 Mar 1973 m. Lena Gray Wright C-2 89232
  • Wm. Camden b c 1750-1760 d 1805 m Eliz. Fitch in Albamarle, VA - Nabagamon [Nabagamon AT]
    • Wm. Camden b c 1784 m Sally Sallyer m Mary Polly Gibson in KY
      • Jacob Camden b c 1826 d after 1861 m Minerva Minton in KY
        • James Camden b Aug 1862 d 1927 m Carrie McAninch C-1 88536
  • Greenville Camden b c1827 d 7/18/1862 m Charity Jane Toler Amherst Co, VA - rickcamden [camdens AT]
    • William J. b 10/26/1851 Am Co., VA d 8/23/1927 m Virginia Rhodes
      • John Pascal b 2/18/1875 Am Co., VA  d 6/7/1942 Columbus, OH m Ellen Agnes Fry
        • Richard James, b 5/18/1908 Columbus, OH  d 1/15/1975 Washington, PA  m Ruth Mary Boss C-3 89721

 Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • John Camden - mims2455 [mims2455 AT]
    • William W. Camden, c1780, m Jane Hight
      • Meriweather Lewis Camden, b 10/21/1823, CO Nelson, VA, m Sarah Elizabeth Wills
        • Jay Hugh Camden, b 8/1/1850, Buchanen, VA, m Nancy Spencer Hale
          • Joseph Hale Camden, b 7/10/1906, Roanoke VA, m Ruth Alice Harris
  • John Scrivener Camden 9/15/1798-5/25/1862 m. Nancy Newlon - mlcamden [cammarly AT]
    • Thomas Bland Camden 8/16/1829-4/7 or 13/1910 m. Susan Eliza Holt
      • Harry Poole Camden 9/8/1858-6/15/1924 m. Julliette Graham Blackford
        • Harry Poole Camden, Jr. 3/10/1900-7/29/1943 m. Helen Rae Trefts
    • John S Camden Jr. b c1850 in VA, m Bettie Kieth Williams b c1846 - tmcamden [tom AT]
      • William D Camden b c1884 in WVA, m Lucy Ann Martin b c1885
  • Marble McPatrick Peter Henry Camden b 1802 Near Richmond VA. m.Sallie Hopkins d: MO - goldenrider [resus3kd AT]
    • Christopher Columbus Camden: b 1833 d 1910 Tennessee m. Elizabeth A. Chapman
      • Mac Henry Camden:b 1860 d 1915 Illinois m. Belle Synder d: KS
        • Lawrence Allen Camden  Sr. b 1900 d 1980 Illinois d: Kansas m. Irene Bartlett

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