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At present, the Burtz-Burts Y-DNA project has identified 2 distinct lineages among the 5 testers. Three testers have the Haplogroup signature of I2b1. Kit  # 173801 and  172434, each descend from twin brothers who were the sons of Michael Burtz  1752-1831, of Newberry County South Carolina. Their ancestors were twin brothers who were born in 1795. Frederick Burtz, 1755- 1824, was the brother of Michael Burtz and his descendent  Kit # 162178 is also a member of the I2b1 group which confirms the very close relationship between he and Michael. Frederick Burtz had only had one son, named for his brother and he and his descendents have used the Burts anglicized form of the original family name. These 3 testers descend from two sisters in the female line. Hannah Inman was the second wife of Michael Burtz, and the mother of  the twins, kits # 173801 and 172434. Rachel Inman was the sister of Hannah and the wife of Frederick Burtz  and the mother of

kit # 162178. Thus, these 3 testers were double first cousins being descended from 2 brothers and 2 sisters.


The 2 testers who belong to Haplogroup  I1 descend from 2 sons of  Levi Francis Burtz Sr. 1787-1850, who was always thought to be the eldest son of Michael Burtz and Hannah Inman based on considerable family records. Testers # 145232 and 171836, are 4th cousins and identical matches at 67 markers, thus confirming that their ancestor, Levi Burtz belonged to Haplogroup I1 as well.It is now known that Levi Burtz was a genetic member of the Gordon Family based on numerous very close matches to members of the Gordon DNA project. A Gordon male was the first husband of Hannah Inman and the father of Levi Burtz and his sister, Elizabeth, and they were adopted and reared under the Burtz surname. re-examination of the family’s records, support this finding. A Gordon family group was present in Newberry County S.C. during the period and the testers belonging to the I1 group match the descendents of this family very closely.


There are other Burtz-Burts surnamed groups today who my be found to be related both here in the U.S. as well as in Europe. It is our hope that other persons will consider becoming  members. The I2b1 haplogroup of the 3 genetic Burtz testers is North Germanic in origin which agrees with the oral tradition that the family came to America in 1756 from Germany.



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