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The Burtz-Burts project was started in 2009 to explore and compare the Y-DNA results of the members of a Burtz surnamed family in the South-Eastern United States to determine the relationship between branches of that family today.One branch of the original family Anglicized the spelling of the name to Burts, and their descendents today use that spelling.


The purpose of the project was to clarify and confirm the relationships between the various existing branches of this family before seeking DNA testing of males of other known Burtz families in the United States and Germany and Eastern France (Alsace), who may very likely be related .


The project results revealed that two lineages exist among the 5 testers, which was not known previously.Lineage 1, (I2b1) confirms an origin from Lower Saxony in Germany which is consistent with the family’s oral traditions and written accounts. Lineage 2, (I1) confirmed an origin from Scandinavia to Scotland and then to America during the Colonial period.

This finding is further discussed on the Discussion page.

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