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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.



  • Jehue Burre b c1600 England d c1670 Fairfield, CT - Priscilla Burr Smith [pamsmith AT]
    • Nathaniel Burr b 1640 Springfield, MA d 1711 Fairfield, CT m Sarah Ward
      • John Burr b 1673 Fairfield, CT d 1750 m Deborah Barlow
        • John Burr b 1698 d 1752
          • Justus Burr b 1734 Bridgeport, CT d 1766 Fairfield, CT m Hepsibah Nichols
            • Elijah Burr of Bridgeport, CT m Deborah
              • William Burr of Fairfield, CT m Anna Hubbell
                • George Burr b 1824 d 1858 NY m Marion Foote Scovill
                  • William Hubert Burr b 1851 Waterwon, CT d 1934 New York City m Caroline Kent Seelye
                    • George Lindsey Burr b 1889 Phoenixville, PA d 1971 New York City m Priscilla Munroe Reynolds 134780
  • Simon Burr - Trish [trish.vandoren AT]
    • John Burr b 1659 Hingham, MA m Mary Warren
      • Elisha Burr b 1703 Hingham, MA m Sarah Bates
        • Elisha Burr b 1738  Hingham, MA m Lucretia Bates
          • Laban Burr b 1790  Bellingham, MA m Maria Green
            • Charles Edgar Burr b 1842 Bellingham, MA m Eliza J. Springer
              • Edgar Elustis Burr  b 1880  Bellingham, MA, m Lena Pearl Lewis
  • William M. Burr b c1871 m Mary, William d 1930 Otsego Co., NY - Merrie-Anne Santore [Merrienese AT]
    • William F. Burr  b 1910 m Dawn, William d 1992 Otsego Co., NY  B-1 








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