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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Burnham / Burnside
  • Thomas Burnham b 1617 Herefordshire, England - chuckccampbell [campbell AT]
    • Thomas Burnham, Jr. b 16 Apr 1646 Windsor, Poquonock, CT m Naomi Hull
      • Josiah Burnham b 6 Sep 1696 Windsor,  Hartford, CT  m Margaret Wood
        • James Burnham  b 1740 Montague, MA m Dorothy
          • Sylvanus Burnham b 4 Jul 1776 Greenfield, Franklin, MA m Hepzibah Pickett
            • James Madison Burnham b 22 Mar 1811 Greenfield, Franklin, MA m Miranda Owen
              • Captain Collins Abel Burnham b May 1840 West Potsdam, NY m Mary Jane Ellison
                • James Madison Burnham b 1862 West Potsdam, NY m Louella Rohn Ake
                  • Earl Madison Burnham b 15 Nov 1887 Wymore, Gage, NE  m Pearl Mae Spaulding
                    • Elizabeth Mary Burnham b 3 Mar 1909 Wymore, NE m James Martin "Bill" Campbell
  • Thomas Burnham, b 1617, Hatfield Court, Herefordshire, England, m Anna Wright - Charles Burnham [cburnham AT]
    • William Burnham, b 1652, Hartford, CT, m Elizabeth Loomis
      • Nathaniel Burnham, b 3 Jan 1689, Wethersfield, CT, m Mehitable Chester
        • Peter Burnham, b 22Mar 1722/23, Wethersfield, CT, m Elizabeth Ward
          • Samuel Ward Burnham, b 13 Sept 1783, Wethersfield, CT, m Elizabeth Inslee
            • George Ward Burnham, b 25 Nov 1807, Avoca, NY, m Caroline Silsbee
              • James Ward Burnham, b 15 Aug 1836, Hornell, NY, m Isabella Sophia Ward
                • Robert Ward Burnham, b 29 Sept 1868, Hornell, NY, m Mary Blanche Sizeland B-3
  • Thomas Burnham 1619 England, m. Anna Wright - ROBERT WAYNE BURNHAM [yourtexasarchitect AT]
    • Samuel Burnham m. Mary Caldwell b.1650 or 1658 CT d.1728 CT
      • William Burnham  m. Jerusha Clark b.1698 CT d.1763?
        • William Burnham  m. Jerusha Trill b.1737 CT d.1798 VT
          • Thomas Burnham m. Mabel Sexton b. 1767 CT d. 1849 NH
            • Stillman Burnham m Mary Johnson b. 1809 VT d. 1866 NY
              • James Burnham  m. Emma/Emily E. Baker b. 1834 NY d 1893 NY
                • Charles Ellsworth Burnham (Eleanor Louise Knowlton) b 1861 NY d. 1950 NJ
                  • Alonzo Knowlton Burnham m. Eunice Ella Souder b. 1891 NY d.1974 NJ 418080
  • William Burnside b c1777 Ireland d 1854 buried Londonderry, Guernsey Co., OH m Margaret Hogg - Shirley Burnside [jsburnside AT]
    • James b 1812 Co. Tyrone, Ireland d 1846 Washington Co., IA m Mary Wilkin
      • John b 1840 Posey Co., IN d 1910 Garden City, Finney Co., KS m Ellen Frazier Wright
        • John Homer b 1878 Hancock Co., IA d 1910 Garden City, Finney Co., KS m Olive Lovilla Bell
          • John Ralph b 1913 Garden City, KS buried Garden City, KS m Imogene Hill
  • James Burnham b. 1825 Zone Ontario, Canada, m1 Rebecca Brown m2 Margaret Cunningham - James Burnham [jucsb AT]
    • James Nelson Burnham b. 1855 Ontario, Canada. m Ida Scott 1880 Wisconsin
      • Walter Lee Burnham b. 1896 Superior, Wisconsin, m Loretta Mary Hynan 360822
  • John B. Burnham d 19 Nov 1894 m Emily Jane Baker - kebell1958 [kebell1958 AT]
    • Francis Marion Burnham b 23 Apr 1843 d 25 Aug 1906 m Lucinda Dell Foote
      • Marion J. (Nate) Burnham m1 Flora Foster m2 Margaret Isbelle Carter
      • Twin died at birth
      • Fred Burnham m Ann Christopher
      • Clarence John Burnham
      • Gertie May Emily Burnham m1 Harry Nading m2 Charles Gibbs
      • Francis Claude Burnham m Rebecca Carter
        • Francis Bernard Burnham m Estelle Jones
        • Emily Burnham m1 Donald Parkinson m2 Robert J. Druey
      • Kittie Pearl Burnham m William Robert Carter
      • Ray Clyde (R. C.) Burnham m Maud Noland
      • Blanch Ettie Burnham m1 Thomas Christopher m2 Bownam Neil m3 Sam Neil
    • Floyd S. K. Burnham b 4 Sep 1845 or 1853 Oakland, MI d 27 Jul 1923 CA m Francis Eugenia St. John
    • Emily Jane Burnham b May 1845 d 15 Feb 1884 m Herman W. Clark
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

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